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Taycan Turbo S

Heidi and Franny Test Drive The Taycan Turbo S

Have you scheduled your drive in the new Porsche Taycan yet? Porsche air-shipped many Taycans to dealerships as demo cars to get customers out driving the car. Here in Colorado one of our Porsche dealerships, Prestige Imports in Lakewood, managed to get a Taycan Turbo S as their demo car. Once we got wind of that, we called down and they were very gracious to grant us time with this very popular car. It really is an amazing machine. So Porsche yet so different. Powerful but smooth and quiet. Now, we just finished a review of the Tesla Model 3 Performance and we own a BMW i8 hybrid, but the Taycan is very different than both those cars. I think one of the aspects of the car that jumped out for me was the build quality and premium feel. Sure it is fast, but it feels built-in and not added on. And quick and fast it is – blindingly fast. Almost too fast? It can exceed the legal limit in a couple of blinks and do it with only a whirl and a bit of wind and road noise. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on this new chapter in Porsche’s storied history.


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2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S Quick Drive Review: Um, Wow

« Do you want in Sport Plus? » The answer is obviously, yes.


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Chris Harris Smokes Tires in the Taycan Turbo S

Though it may weigh a few pounds more than five thousand, it is still a proper Porsche. Compact yet brawny, and imposing, this Taycan Turbo S is a startlingly quick car that performs as, well, a Porsche should. Repeatable launches, muscle-straining acceleration, and a rigid platform that dances like something half its size helps set it apart from the anodyne ‘competitors’ from America.

It’s impressed Leno, someone who’s not as discerning with the dynamics of a car, and it impresses Harris—over and over again. « It’s too much, » he says. « Every time you try and gas it, you almost rear-end the car in front, » he adds dryly. Where this car differs from some of the soulless Teslas this has been put up against is in the less obvious areas that appeal primarily to gearheads. The steering weights, the response of the vehicle, the way it changes direction and controls its body are all hallmarks of a sports car with all its elements working in unison. In this respect, the Taycan is miles ahead of the competition.

Though it moves like a 3,700-pound car, the weight and torque of the vehicle ruins the Goodyear Eagle tires in a few slides.

This attention to the finer points show us where the EV could be capable of. Most importantly, how it corners and its behavior once the limit of grip has been surpassed. In the footage below, Harris notes how the car « isn’t entirely communicative. » It’s similar to the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, and in that sense, it takes a special touch to get it smoking its rear tires (6:10). « You give it full beans and it throws everything to the rear immediately, and then it’ll start to bring the front in, » he informs us. Unfortunately, this prevents the typical pitch-and-plant-the-throttle approach from working. « You have to feather it, get the wheel straight almost, and like a rally car, it’ll begin to slide. »

While I might’ve felt some trepidation at the idea of EVs dominating, the way Harris conveys the potential of this style of vehicle, I now feel hopeful. When a major marque, one famous for so much attention paid to the smallest details, makes sure this supposedly sedate technology can thrill like any, there’s certainly a happy future ahead.


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Jay Leno Gets His Hands on the Taycan Turbo S

With as much as 760 horsepower and 774 lb-ft of torque, the sleek and understated Taycan Turbo S could be called a sleeper.  With four-wheel drive and a clever transmission to make the most out of the two electric motors’ output, the Taycan Turbo S is absurdly fast. In fact, it’s now Porsche’s fastest accelerating road car—and it can seat four comfortably for a long haul.

Though there’s constant, continuous, neck-snapping torque, Porsche built a two-speed to suit the car. They wanted to maximize the instantaneous acceleration without sacrificing highway economy. The first of those two is selected with a dog clutch, while the second uses an automated clutch. This means the transition between the two can be made as brutal or as unnoticeable as needed.

And while this 5,100-pound monster can out-accelerate most cars, the Taycan Turbo S was not intended for straightline speed alone. Due to a strong foundation, getting this heavyweight to handle was merely « a calibration exercise, » according to Calvin Kim, Porsche’s Product Spokesman for the Taycan. The rest of the big EV’s roadholding can be attributed to a balanced, rigid chassis.

Though the electric motors add heft, their shape makes it easier to lower the center of gravity. Additionally, the battery pack is a stressed member of the chassis, thereby improving chassis stiffness. High-strength steel and magnesium reinforcements further improve rigidity.

The footwork plays just as big a role. In the case of the Turbo S, the tire—a Goodyear Eagle tire tailored to the load requirements of the car—helps the machine belie its weight. The model-specific 255-width rubber at the front axle and 305-width tires at the rear ensure crisp turn-in and flawless traction. Plus, though the regenerative braking should handle 90% of everyday braking demands, the Turbo S has massive 16.5″ and 16.1″ rotors, front and rear respectively.

These 21-inch rims and larger PCCB brakes are specific to the Turbo S.

Perhaps the best indication of this behemoth’s performance is its Nurburgring laptime. Recently, a Taycan Turbo S rounded the 16.12-mile in 7 minutes, 42 seconds—the same time a 997 GT3 set a little over a decade ago.

How things have progressed.


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Actualité : Chris Harris et The Stig testent la Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Dans le dernier épisode de l’émission Top Gear diffusé ce dimanche sur la BBC, Chris Harris a pris en main la Porsche Taycan Turbo S pour confirmer…


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