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911 Carrera Cabriolet 3.4 – 350 ch

Porsche 991 Carrera Cabriolet: the best everyday 911?

Think of the Porsche 911 and two unique selling points immediately spring to mind. First is the sportscar’s unrivalled (and ongoing) 52-year production life that’s the envy of the entire automotive industry, and the second is the marque’s sheer availability through a variety of different iterations and body styles. Particularly with the latter in mind, there really is a 911 out there for anybody who’s willing to part with the necessary funds.

I’d previously decided that a 991 Anniversary would be my perfect everyday new 911 purchase, where ‘everyday’ is defined as not being a track-focused GT or fuel-slurping Turbo. You can’t order a 991 Anniversary now, of course, and though the majority of my prerequisites for a new 911 remain the same (wide body, 3.8-litre ‘S’ powerplant, Big Red brakes) I have now decided that any 991 purchase would have to start with a change in body style to a Cabriolet.

front three quarter

That statement may well grate with a few, but after a weekend at the wheel of this exquisitely-specced Guards red 991 C4S from Porsche Centre Bournemouth, I’m certain the Cabriolet takes my vote as the best everyday Porsche 911. Here’s four reasons why:

1. As we’ve discovered in Total 911 magazine, the roof on a 991 Cabriolet is has been heavily revised to ensure that, for the first time, the Porsche 911’s iconic Coupe silhouette has been upheld – a crucial development in boosting the Cabriolet’s appeal to purists. The timeless, uninterrupted silhouette is achieved thanks to the new, highly sophisticated roof system featuring four solid panels (one of which houses the heated rear screen) that electro-hydraulically lifts out at the push of the button – be it from inside the car or remotely via the key. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the better build quality of the roof also means there’s a reduction in rolling tyre noise filtering through into the cabin when on the move with the roof up, so much so that the Cabriolet is now no worse than a Coupe in the real world.

rear 3-quarter 2 copy

2. Let’s face it, there’s no better way to savour the aural delights of Zuffenhausen’s ubiquitous flat six being worked hard than when it’s sitting in the back of a 911 Cabriolet with the roof down. The soundtrack is gloriously loud and unfiltered, something a sound symposer in a 991 Coupe just can’t touch.

side 1

3. The 991 Cabriolet is a better open-topped experience than the 991 Targa. After piloting examples of both on numerous road trips, I am unequivocal that the Cabriolet deals with airflow into the cabin much better than the over-engineered Targa. Thanks to the standard-specification wind deflector available in the Cabriolet, a sedate conversation can be had with your passenger even at motorway speeds with the roof down, whereas reasonably civilised conversation in the Targa is soon drowned out by buffeting wind past 40mph.

4. The roof of the Porsche 991 Cabriolet can be deployed while you’re on the move (up to 30mph), which proves immeasurably useful when residing in a country such as the UK, where the weather is temperamental at best. This is a luxury not extended to the Targa, as its entire rear panel extends over the rear lights when removing or replacing the canvas roof top.

driving copy

Sure, there are one or two gripes to be had with the Cabriolet, not least that when pushing on you’ll soon realise its chassis is slightly compromised in terms of performance over a Coupe, and those who regularly like to pedal quickly will undoubtedly prefer the litheness of the tin-topped 991. The Coupe also boasts much better rear vision for the driver than a Cabriolet with the roof up, but these are only small blotches on the 991 Carrera Cabriolet’s copy paper in what is an otherwise supremely capable 911 as both an ideal boulevard cruiser and an assertive sportscar. Porsche Bournemouth, I need that 991 C4S Cabriolet in my stable.

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11 photos that capture Total 911’s Welsh road trip

Issue 118 is full of incredible features, but the 991 supertest that saw us take all three 991 Carrera body styles to Wales for two days of driving nirvana stands out photographically thanks to snapper, Ali Cusick’s stunning shots.

Organised with military precision by editor, Lee, the entire trip ran like clockwork, with a trio of Sapphire Blue beauties accompanied by perfect weather.

Hopefully these 11 awesome shots whet your appetite to read the full feature, available in store and online now. Alternatively, you can download issue 118 straight to your digital device for an instant Porsche hit.

Even on monotonous dual carriageway, the latest 911 Carreras still prove captivating,

An eye for detail never goes amiss, even at speed.

Once into North Wales, the fun really began on some beguiling stretches of road.

The 991 Carrera 4S's composure is stunning.

Though the Targa doesn't fall too far behind in the dynamics stakes.

Our shoot went well into the evening on the first day, as dusk set over the hills of Snowdonia.

The next morning, there were more tests to carry out, and more tarmac to explore.

The Welsh weather proved conducive to plenty of open-top driving.

Deep in conversation, the Total 911 team discusses our opinions ahead of some much needed lunch.

Our backdrops always proved stunning.


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Porsche 991 supertest

What’s your idea of the perfect road trip? Be it a quiet, Sunday morning blast in that revered air-cooled 911, or a cross-continental epic in a modern supercar, we all harbour a vivid dream – some perhaps executed – of that idyllic drive.

My own utopian road trip can be aptly personified across the next 11 pages: consisting of a deserted mountain pass on a hot summer’s day with a mouth-watering flat-six ensemble to complement.

As well as Ali Cusick and his camera, I’m joined by my staff writer, Josh, and owner of this fine publication, Damian, for this extraordinary road trip, organised with one titillating mission in mind: to test the 911 Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa models in our possession.


Now, our three new sports cars chewing up the blacktop among the idyllic setting of north Wales may share the same gorgeous shade of Sapphire blue and a flat-six boxer engine, but this is where most of the similarities end.

Instead, the three of us are piloting a tasty treble of 991s, each representing a delectable iteration of new 911 Carrera. The differences between the Zuffenhausen trio before us make for fascinating cross-examination: two are open-topped; a different two have all-wheel drive; another two have manual gearboxes, and all have diverse power outputs.

This, then, is the supertest of the entire 991 Carrera range, as we dissect each engine and chassis and delve into the options list to discover the very embodiment of the current 911 outside of its Turbo or GT lineage.


Our earlier journey from Porsche GB’s headquarters in Reading was fairly nondescript, the convoy of Carreras settling into an amicable pace as we entered Wales via the Severn bridge.

45 minutes later and north of Abergavenny, the roads begin to take on some character: boring duel carriageways make way for exciting B-roads that dart through glorious, sweeping valleys. Rising to the occasion, the three of us elect to push on.

To read more of our incredible 991 supertest, including analysis of all the major option choices on the latest generation of Porsche 911, pick up a copy of Total 911 in store on online now. Alternatively, download it for an immediate Zuffenhausen fix.



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