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Drag Battle of the Titans: Ruf CTR3 Vs. GT2 RS

It’s interesting to see how far the game has progressed in the last decade. Back in 2008, the small batch of Ruf CTR3s was regarded as having of the wildest makeups in the world of supercars. Shoehorn a custom flat-six engine in the back of a hybrid chassis utilizing 997 Turbo and 987 Cayman bits, stick in a sequential gearbox for good measure, and crank up the boost pressure to the point that most would be terrified of getting anywhere near the throttle pedal. It was a recipe for success, and at the very least, the wild imagination of Alois Ruf shown through with this singular creation which wowed many. Like many Rufs, however, it shied away from major tests and we only knew so much of this mid-engined marvel.

Putting it against a modern GT2 RS in picturesque surroundings might be the best way to showcase the real performance of this elusive supercar. Both make 700 horsepower, though the CTR3 has an additional 103 lb-ft of torque, although that figure is reached 2,000 rpm later in the CTR3’s powerband. Additionally, the 3,086-pounds CTR3 is a good 150 pounds lighter than the GT2 RS. So how does the modern car streak ahead down this runway?

Despite the CTR3 using a sequential gearbox, it’s the PDK in the 991 GT2 RS which shifts far faster. Though selecting a gear in the CTR3 only requires a pull of the gear lever, the owner still depresses the clutch and thus extends the shift time. Manually launching the car takes more guesswork, too; the GT2 RS leaves the line without any fiddling of the clutch or wheelspin.

Additionally, the GT2 RS has its motor sitting over the driven wheels, while the CTR3‘s spaceframe sets its 3.8-liter motor in the middle of the car. While this spaceframe, made from billet aluminum and called « The Birdcage, » is stiff and directs the power to the pavement with minimal fuss, it still cannot turn the power into propulsion as efficiently.

Combine those qualities with the near-electric torque of the GT2 RS, and it’s easy to understand why the modern car is so much quicker in a straight line. There’s a driver variable at play which accounts for some of the disparity in straightline speed, but even with a professional drag racer at the wheel of the CTR3, it’s likely the GT2 RS would still be the first at the horizon.


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Manthey-Modified GT2 RS Sets Hockenheim Lap Record

Watching the footage of the Manthey GT2 RS MR through the Hockenheim GP track makes you realize just how far cars have come in the last twenty years. Whereas its forebear, the 996 GT2, was a snappy car which didn’t suffer the sort of abuse some throw at their cars gently, this latest offering is much more a pussycat. A really fast one. Despite its outrageous power output, the Manthey GT2 RS handles itself with composure, grace, and reassurance. No wonder it’s constantly rewriting records.

While it is a modified car, it’s been altered in a way few road-going cars are. Rather than fettle with the powerplant to drag another hundred horsepower, Manthey focused on the qualities that allow for repeatable, hard, consistent lapping. A sharpened front end courtesy of canards, a bigger rear wing for more stability at speed, lighter wheels for better composure over bumps, and tailored coilovers to handle the undulations of the real world are all part of the package.

In fact, the powerplant wasn’t altered to produce more overall power, but the addition of a secondary water tank for the intercooler sprayer system was added to ensure the driver is given the full 700 horsepower until the gas tank empties.

Even without a bigger power output number, it fires forward with savage acceleration that the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires help ensure. Propulsion out of corners is so wild you have to wonder how components aren’t constantly snapping, and the power is relentless. Still, watching the onboard, the MR’s other qualities seem to stand out more somehow.

Few road cars can brake quite like the MR with Christian Gebhardt behind the wheel. At the end of the straight, he stands on the brakes and sheds 120 miles per hour in just a few seconds (1:02). Thanks big aero for some of that grip.  A different underbody floor, and aero curtains in the front wheel arches, gurney flap on the engine lid, different wing endplates, a larger wing at a steeper angle, taller wing supports, and a bigger diffuser all help it look so at-ease when carrying these wild speeds. Most will balk at the $103,000 price, but the level of support and stability this car has is beyond the realm of most street cars.

The way it absorbs bumps differentiates it from just about any other road-going car out there. The body control and support is on another level.

Perhaps the greatest demonstration of its assets in one area is through the fast Mobil 1 corner (2:10) and then into the technical stadium section. It’s equally impressive in fast and slow sections, and the way which it allows Gebhardt to nibble every curb without setbacks is just incredible. Unfazed in any type of corner or situation, the GT2 RS MR rounds the Hockenheim GP circuit in just 01:43.47.

It might be the best all-rounded streetable track car on sale today. Though the cost of upgrades alone could buy a house in some places, watching this footage will make you think renting isn’t so bad.


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Record du tour de la Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR de Manthey Racing à Hockenheim

Après le Nürburgring et Portimao, le préparateur allemand et écurie de course Manthey Racing vient de battre le record du tour du circuit de Grand-Prix d’Hockenheim avec la Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR en 1:43,5 minutes. Ce nouveau record du tour sur le Hockenheimring a été réalisé par Christian Gebhardt, le pilote d’essai pour …


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Rassemblement de 44 Porsche 911 GT2 RS sur le circuit de The Bend en Australie

Quand Porsche Cars Australia prend soin de ses clients, les choses ne sont pas faites à moitié. Des propriétaires de Porsche 911 GT2 RS ont été conviés avec leurs montures quasi neuves par l’importateur Porsche australien sur le spectaculaire circuit australien appelé «The Bend». Après des mois de préparation, Porsche a lancé cette journée thématique, …


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The gathering of the chosen

They came from all over Australia, driving or trucking their near-new 911s to the spectacular Australian circuit known simply as “The Bend”. These weren’t just any owners, nor just any 911s. These were the select few who have secured examples of the ultimate road-going 911, the latest GT2 RS.


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