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Porsche’s Most Significant Moments Of 2017

2017 was an interesting year for Porsche and fans of the brand. We had a great year of bringing you the most important Porsche news stories and entertainment, and thanks for reading along. Over the last twelve months, the Porsche community has grown in a big way with Porsche setting sales records seemingly every month, we’ve seen a big jump in enthusiast-backed events and social gatherings, and there were quite a few significant motorsport victories. Here’s our breakdown of 2017 from the perspective of a Porsche enthusiast.

1. Porsche Wins Le Mans

For the third year in a row, Porsche can call themselves Le Mans victors. This was a hard fought race that wasn’t without tumultuous times. Basically both of the Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1s suffered failures, but the three Toyota TS050s suffered worse failures. Porsche’s final margin of victory over the leading LMP2 was only one lap. It was certainly an exciting finish, and one that won’t soon be forgotten. Sadly it was also the 919 Hybrid’s final season this year, so there definitely will not be a repeat win for 2018. You can read more about it here.

2. All The New Car Launches

This year was seriously busy for Porsche new car launches. In addition to a brand new Cayenne, Porsche debuted the wild GT2 RS, the now-available-in-manual GT3, wagon and hyper hybrid versions of the Panamera, GTS variants of the 718 range, the minimalist Carrera T, and the extra special 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series.

3. Patrick Long Wins Pirelli World Challenge Championship

We can’t help but feel this flew just a little bit under the Porsche community radar. Patrick Long, now in his 15th year of competition as a Porsche factory driver, won the Pirelli World Challenge GT championship with Wright Motorsports. After missing out on the championship last year thanks to a last-lap punt from an elderly Cadillac driver (typical), he came back in 2017 with a vengeance, winning four of 19 rounds, and taking the championship by 27 points over Cadillac’s Michael Cooper. Well done, Patrick.

4. Porsche Announces Rennsport Reunion 6

logo for Porsche's Rennsport Reunion VI

We absolutely loved Rennsport Reunion V, and can’t wait until the next one. Announced for late September of 2018, you’d better get your plans settled now, because this is going to be a huge Porsche show that you don’t want to miss.

5. New Mid-engine 911 RSR Launches 

Porsche finally submitted to competitive pressure and unveiled their mid-engine 911 RSR racer for the 2017 racing season. This car was responsible for factory-backed efforts in IMSA’s GTLM class and the FIA WEC’s GTE Pro category. Unlike 2016, the car proved competitive in both series, taking wins both in the US and overseas. While they didn’t win either championship (largely due to poor luck), they had a great showing this year, and we look forward to seeing how competitive they can be in 2018 (did you see there will be four factory cars at Le Mans in 2018? Awesome!).

6. Emory Porsche Campout Returns

What can be said about Emory Porsche Campout that hasn’t already been said? It was a three day event up in Oregon that we are so happy to have been a part of. The entire Emory family played host to hundreds of Porsche fans from all over the country, and it was a ton of fun. With a car show, a film festival, and a bit of diving for parts, we were in awe of this event. Sadly it’s no longer annual, so we’ll have to wait a few years to see such an event again. If you get the chance to go, absolutely go! Read more about the event here.

7. The Millionth 911 Built

It’s hard to believe that as popular as Porsche’s famed 911 is, it took over 50 years for them to sell one million units. This gorgeous green car is the one-millionth example to roll off Porsche’s 911 assembly line, and it pays homage to many different cues from those first 901 models. It’s a truly special car, and it deserves its place in Porsche’s museum. It’s just so vintage cool.

8. Luftgekuhlt Continues Growth In 4th Year

Despite the overcast day and early morning rain, Patrick Long and Howie Idelson managed to kick off Luftgekühlt 4 without any issues, attracting a huge crowd of aircooled Porsches and spectators alike. The venue wasn’t quite as visually stunning as Luft 3, but the cars were laid out in a coherent and attractive way by event organizers. They worked hard on this one and deserved the huge attendance they received. We now know the date for Luftgekühlt 5 and will bring you more details as we get them.

9. Porsche 911 GT2 RS Sets Nürburgring Lap Record

For the most part, we don’t hold much esteem for street car lap times. There are so many factors at play here that can give one car a faster time than another, and that’s particularly the case at the Nürburgring. Then again, Porsche’s most powerful 911 in history beat up on a wildly powerful mid-engine V10 Lamborghini, so the bragging rights are deserved. The fact that a 911 variant is faster even than Porsche’s recent hybrid hypercar really puts the development of speed into perspective. Well done, Porsche.

10. Porsche Sells More Cars Than Ever Before

With more models and variants than ever before, Porsche is selling more cars than ever before. While SUVs are now the majority of Porsche’s sales numbers, they’re still selling quite a few sports cars that we enthusiasts are happy to drive. With big sales numbers comes more investment in these super fast and super fun sports cars. Without the four-cylinder Macan, we might not have had the GT2 RS. Keep it up Porsche, here’s to an even stronger 2018 sales year! Here are the latest sales numbers.

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2017 at Porsche

The Porsche Newsroom editorial team is reflecting on an eventful year with many highlights.


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2020 Porsche Mission E to Get 670hp and RWD Version with 430hp

It’s been a while now since Porsche unveiled their jaw-dropping Mission E concept. Ever since, the competition has lifted the veil of their to the electric car scene, namely the Tesla Roadster. Porsche has been spotted testing the Mission e recently, and information about what could be the most exciting electric car since Tesla’s model […]

2020 Porsche Mission E to Get 670hp and RWD Version with 430hp



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Porsche confirme développer une 911 hybride rechargeable

Oliver Blume, grand patron de la firme de Stuttgart, a confirmé à nos confrères d’Automotive News l’arrivée d’une 911 hybride rechargeable dans les années à venir. Certains diront qu’il s’agira de la fin d’un mythe et d’autres seront ravis de voir que la 911 vit avec son temps… Cela est à l’origine d’un grand débat entre les passionnés de la marque allemande…

« Ce sera très important que la 911 se décline en une version hybride rechargeable » confiait Oliver Blume à nos confrères d’Automotive News lors du salon de Los Angeles.

Les rumeurs parlent déjà d’une motorisation hybride permettant de rouler 70 km au maximum en tout électrique grâce à de nouvelles technologies. L’auto devrait être présentée au public en 2023. Comme vous le savez, Porsche s’implique déjà dans l’aire électrique avec ses modèles hybrides rechargeables Panamera et Cayenne E-Hybrid.

De plus, la marque allemande avait dévoilée le fameux concept car « Mission E » 100 % électrique au salon de Francfort en 2015. Ce dernier revendiquait une fiche technique très impressionnante avec 500 km d’autonomie, seulement quelques minutes pour recharger l’intégralité de la batterie et comme toute Porsche, de la performance : pas moins de 440 kW (600 ch) animent le concept électrique !

Porsche avait d’ailleurs annoncé sortir une berline 100 % électrique basée sur la Mission E dès l’horizon 2020. Nous vous communiquerons prochainement de nouvelles informations concernant cette future berline électrique.

En outre, Porsche s’illustrera en Formule E dès 2019 ! L’énergie électrique n’est donc pas une technologie inconnue de la firme de Stuttgart !

La 911 hybride rechargeable devrait être dévoilée en 2023 soit 4 ans après la sortie de la prochaine génération de la 911 (type 992)…


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Porsche Opens its 100th Sales Site in China

Per Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, « (i)n recent years, China has become Porsche’s largest single market. Our four-door sports cars are especially popular in Asia but demand for our two-seater models is also increasing rapidly.” While it isn’t surprising, considering the population and rapid economic growth, seeing China surpass the United States as Porsche’s largest market is still remarkable. Porsche recently opened its 100th sales location in China, this time in Guangzhou.

An Expanding Market For A Large Population

In addition to being the world’s most populous nation, Chinese cities are among the largest in the world. Guangzhou, site of the latest Porsche center, has a population of nearly 14 million in the city’s administrative zone. That does not tell the whole story however, as Guangzhou is not situated by itself. Traditionally known to Westerners as Canton, Guangzhou is part of the Pearl River Megacity. The neighboring cities of Foshan, Dongguan and Fenshen give the greater metropolitan area a population of more than 44 million. This mega-city has a population more than double New York State, and the populace is very interested in Porsches.

In addition to enthusiastically consuming 4-door Porsche models, the Chinese market is very keen on Boxsters and Caymans. More than 5,100 718s were delivered in China in the first three quarters of 2017. 911 sales are also on the rise in China, and increased showroom space is key to facilitating this growth. To serve the Guangzhou market the new Porsche sales center covers approximately 460 square meters (roughly 5,000 square feet).

The new sales center will work in conjunction with an existing Porsche Center in the area, run by the Jebsen Group. The new facility includes a car configuration center, where Porsche models can be ordered to a customer’s desired specification using an iPad. Porsches can be purchased directly on-site, either to-order or from existing stocks. The new facility is built on several levels, and appears fiercely modern.

It combines the traditional Porsche spirit with the power of new technology. In China’s increasingly volatile and dynamic business environment, we believe that such futuristic digital offerings will strengthen the brand, encourage creative customer experiences and attract new partners,’ said Mr. Franz Jung, President and CEO of Porsche China, of the new facility.

Other Developments in China

In addition to this new Sales Center, Porsche has also opened an Experience Centre in Shanghai. The Shanghai Center began construction in 2012, and opened last year. The Shanghai Centre is the sixth Experience Centre worldwide, and the first in China. It features both road-course modules, and an off-road course. “Although we live in a digital age, the ability to offer a true driving experience has not lost any of its significance for Porsche – quite the opposite in fact”, adds Detlev von Platen. « Our experience centers in Europe and America are an important part of our sales landscape. Opening another site in Asia is a logical step given the increasing importance of this market region.

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