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An Honest Take on the New Cayenne Turbo

Covered in a mysterious shade of purple, this 2019 Cayenne Turbo is quite a looker. Broad hips, a tasteful (and cabin-controlled) rear spoiler, and some muscular bodywork give the SUV a truly athletic appearance. Though modern tires and gearboxes make many sportier SUVs of today capable of handling an undulating backroad with grace, not many look as capable as the new Cayenne Turbo.

Massive, ten-piston brake calipers up front, finished in a complementary shade of white, further contribute to that athletic image. The choice of white is a not-so-subtle boast; these new anchors are designed to give off minimal brake dust, hence the revealing color. Rear-wheel steering and optional bolstered sport seats help with the aforementioned agility that something with 541 horsepower ought to have.

Maybe the attention to performance kept some of the engineers from noticing some of the flaws in the infotainment system—namely its interface and several minor features. This is the same system found in the Panamera and new 992 911, so expect many of the same small issues in all future Porsche models. As this car will be used to haul the kids to and from practice, go on trips to the slopes, and arrive at the soirée in comfort, these play a serious role in the overall appeal of the car. Call me crazy, but a car with this level of cachet and technological sophistication ought to look a little futuristic.

For these two YouTubers, the newest Cayenne Turbo’s interior isn’t « analog » enough.

Anyone who’s willing to shell out the additional money over the standard Cayenne is interested in the way this SUV accelerates. At the rate of a supercar from a decade ago, with modern gearbox and lag-free turbochargers, haul the Cayenne Turbo to 60 in just 3.7 seconds. In comparison to the 700-horsepower Jeep Trackhawk, these two describe the engine as being just as exploitable, if not more so.

The only shortcoming one could make of the engine—if only going by this footage—might be the exhaust note, since whatever microphones they used in this video sound a bit like mechanical flatulence. The 4-liter turbo doesn’t sound particularly good in anything, but hopefully this is just an exacerbation of this particular mic and doesn’t sound quite this bad in person.


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