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New Porsche Speedster takes to the ‘Ring

Porsche may have revealed its new Speedster concept ahead of its likely public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but this week the car has taken to the Nürburgring Nordschleife to complete some fast laps. As you can see from our pictures, Porsche has been taking these laps very seriously indeed, the concept car appearing to be stripped and caged with a Nomex bucket seat fitted too.

Our pictures also provide an opportunity to see the Speedster’s roof up for the first time, which takes a similar appearance to that found on the current Boxster Spyder.

Porsche’s 991 Speedster concept features a 500hp, 4.0-litre engine taken from its GT3 sibling, with a compulsory six-speed manual transmission. Its likely unveiling as a fully-fledged production version will take place at Rennsport Reunion in September.

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Porsche to ditch 911’s iconic five dials for 992 generation

The cabin of Porsche’s next-generation 911, the 992, has been uncovered for the first time after Total 911’s spies were able to get up close to a test mule. As you can see, the inside of the 992, set for launch at the Paris motor show in October, has been completely reworked with what could be argued as an even greater shift towards comfortable GT driving over focused sports car driving.

The screen in the centre of the dashboard is now much bigger, in line with the 911’s Panamera cousin, while the centre console beneath it appears to be wider than the current 991, too. PASM and PSM buttons have been relocated up from the centre console onto a small panel beneath the dashboard screen, though the biggest and most radical changes have taken place in front of the driver’s seat. Here, the 911’s iconic five dials, in existence since the first 911 of 1963, have been disbanded in favour of a digital screen either side of a centrally-placed analogue tachometer. In front of the new ‘dials’ layout sits a three-spoke, multi-function wheel that’s been redesigned despite retaining the ‘Mode’ wheel introduced for the 991.2 generation. Despite a scrapping of the 911’s five dials, traditionalists will be enthused by the presence of a manual shifter as the centerpiece of the 992’s interior.

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Porsche 992 Turbo breaks cover

Total 911’s spies have captured a 992 Turbo prototype in testing, showing for the first time its key visual cues over the rest of the incoming 992 range. Regular readers will note previous mules seen in public have been based on the current 991 car with tacked-on fenders, however this latest signing heralds a major development in pre-production of the car.

As you can see, the prototype in our pictures features a slightly different front end, with the rear end featuring a full-width light as seen on the rest of the 992 prototype range. The car sports even wider fenders, taking the car to nearly two meters in width for the first time, squared-off quad exhausts and, for the first time, a fixed rear wing. Side air-intakes feeding air to the intercoolers remain, though their shape has been disguised under a camouflage wrap deployed by Porsche. Power will once again come form a twin turbocharged flat six with an expected maximum power output of around 600hp.

The new-generation Porsche 992 Carrera is set to be formally revealed at the Paris motorshow in October, with its bigger Turbo brother due for launch in the first quarter of 2019.


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New Porsche 718 Boxster Spied In Stuttgart

I love the Boxster Spyder in all its iterations. The 987 Spyder was a very focused and lovely lightweight machine with very few compromises. The 981 Spyder we drove back in 2015 was sublime, certainly ranked among the best Porsche road-going sports cars ever made. Thanks to this series of photographs taken near the Porsche factory gates in Stuttgart, we’ve now seen that Porsche is working on what appears to be a new 718-generation Boxster Spyder. We couldn’t be more excited. The old Spyder model made use of a 911 Carrera S 3.8-liter flat six and produced 375 horsepower. The fact is, the only naturally aspirated flat-six engine Porsche still makes is the 4-liter found in the current GT3. Is it possible that the new Boxster Spyder will get this high-revving gem of an engine? AutoExpress seem to think so. I’m not so sure.

We know that Porsche’s GT department probably wouldn’t consider a turbocharged engine for the GT3 (or the next generation GT4 they’re allegedly working on), because  Andreas Preuninger, head of GT car development at Porsche has been quoted as saying “Natural aspiration is one of our main USPs. At Motorsport, we think we can achieve throttle response and immediacy a little bit better with an atmospheric high-revving engine than any kind of turbo.” Porsche has made it clear in the past that the Boxster Spyder wasn’t explicitly a GT program car, but because it shared development with the GT4, it certainly had that lineage. Is it possible that for the 718-generation the Boxster Spyder and GT4 will take a divergent tack? If these photographs had been a short video, we’d have audio evidence. I have a hard time believing that Porsche would equip their compliant roadster with a rip-roaring 4-liter.

This is all just speculation, but I’m not convinced that Porsche will give the Boxster Spyder more than the 420 horsepower found in the current Carrera S. If this new Spyder is anything like the outgoing model, priced under $100K, the 4-liter doesn’t make a lot of sense. That engine makes 500 horsepower. I can’t see a sub-$100K super Boxster maiking 500 horsepower, and a 500 horsepower super Boxster would surely cost more than $100K. I’m more inclined to believe that the potential new 718 Cayman GT4 would get the 4-liter and a huge price bump, while the Boxster Spyder could possibly get a larger displacement version of the turbocharged flat-four with a healthy power bump over the current 718 Boxster GTS, which makes 365 horses as is.

We won’t know for certain until this Porsche is officially unveiled. Based on the photographs, it appears to be nearly showroom ready, and should be launching soon. We don’t think Porsche would launch this at the LA Auto Show next week, instead saving that show for something perhaps more important to the brand’s trajectory (watch this space), but it wouldn’t be out of character to have two big unveils at the same show. Perhaps the Detroit show in January? In any case, we look forward to seeing what Porsche’s new Uber Boxster is going to be.

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Total 911 issue 152 on sale now

As we all know, there are many great models of 911 making up the fabric of the Neunelfer’s rich tapestry. However, some get more exposure than others, and when it comes to eras of 911 Turbo in particular, enthusiasts are quick to mention the recent good fortunes – in terms of values – of both the inexorable 993 and value-for-money 996. Meanwhile, the 997 Turbo, including both Gen1 and Gen2 cars, is largely forgotten about. Until now.

That’s because in the new issue 152 of Total 911, out now, we’ve taken a close-up look at why the 997 Turbo’s stock is set to rise, with ownership secrets and a Gen2 buyer’s guide to help you get into a good example of arguably the best-ever era of 911 Turbo. We also sample the modifying potential of the Gen1 997, pitting a 550hp car against Porsche’s current 991.2 Turbo S.

Elsewhere in issue 152, we’ve a double dose of Martini magic for you, first testing an incredible, road-legal version of the Le Mans Turbo RSR 2.1, before embarking on a road trip in a gorgeous SC complete with optional factory Martini decals as we sample the generation that saved the 911 from extinction.

We also delve behind the restricted gates at Weissach to bring you a definitive history of Porsche’s secretive research and development centre, plus there’s a mouth-watering twin test as the Turbo takes on the C4S in the battle of the 996 wide bodies.

To read all of this and much, much more, pick up Total 911 issue 152 in stores today. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it straight to your digital device now.


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