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Porsche Track Experience

Thrashing the Cayman S With Porsche Driving Experience

What better way to get a feel for the 981 Cayman S than by thrashing it at Leipzig under the tutelage of a Porsche instructor? Travel and fashion blogger Steve Booker is one fortunate soul who, in attending the Porsche Track Experience, gets to learn the Cayman S with the assistance of a sodden skidpad, some of the world’s best corners, and a talented coach.

Sliding on a skidpad will rapidly sharpen one’s countersteering skills.

It’s not often that novices get to push their cars to the limit on a typical track day, but the Porsche Track Experience is designed to have customers familiar with the complete character of their Porsche; to make them comfortable at the edge of adhesion. As Booker puts it, rather poetically, « By the end of it—it sounds silly—but you’re, like, dancing with it. »

Learning lines, breakaway characteristics, braking distances, and weight transfer are all in a day’s work there. For those considering a performance-oriented Porsche, want to improve their own skills, or are just interested seeing in the potential of one of these cars demonstrated by a trained professional, the Porsche Track Experience is an exhilarating way to spend a weekend.


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