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Porsche Accidents

Watch This Singer Have An Incredibly Close Call

CODE BROWN! I’m going to need a change of shorts over here, please.

When navigating the infamous Tail of the Dragon, one must exercise a little caution. Blind bends and off-camber turns dot the eleven-mile stretch of country road in Deals Gap, North Carolina, and too much gusto can lead to a very costly incident.

Even more the case if the car one’s driving is the pinnacle of Porsche customization. Fortunately, this Singer driver’s bit of lockup only leads to a trip onto the shoulder, but you can imagine his nerves as the plumes of grey smoke spat from the wheel wells and that hillside approached. Had it been worse, he would’ve been kicking himself in a best-case scenario, especially since the typical cost of a Singer is around the $500,000-mark.

Locking the brakes so near the shoulder on a tightening bend, this man’s day could’ve ended far worse than this.

Despite the brief excursion into the gravel,the man continues boldly on his jaunt. Clearly, these cars stir something primal in a driver and get them to charge in a way that a sober man wouldn’t—especially one not interested in parking a half-million dollars in a ravine.


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Near-Priceless 962 Hit Hard from Behind At Goodwood

Thanks to a few social media shares recently, it’s come to light that one of Porsche’s Le Mans prototypes was shunted at Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend. Young Carrera Cup GB driver Daniel Harper was alledgedly at the wheel of a new-generation GT3 Cup race car on his timed drive up the hill when he crashed into the back of the #17 Porsche 962-resplendent in its familiar Rothmans colors. It’s a bit of a surprise that Goodwood has a history of publishing their dramatic crashes and incidents on YouTube, but has thus far not published the video of this incident, and a cursory view of their live-stream doesn’t seem to turn up the incident either. Perhaps because Porsche was the featured marque of the event, they were asked not to publicize this incident.


It’s difficult to lay the blame completely on Daniel’s shoulders as his goal for the run was to set an impressive time, and as such was running 10/10ths. The 962 was running a much slower pace up the hill on an exhibition run, according to the entry list driven by either Jochen Mass or Derek Bell, both legendary drivers. The incident shown in the video below happened after the checkered flag, which is at the top of a blind crest. Presumably, Daniel did not see the 962 running slowly ahead of him and crested the hill to a slow running Porsche that surprised him. By the time he hopped on the binders to slow down, it was already too late, the rear bump was inevitable. It’s unlikely that the flagging stations could have done anything to prevent the crash, either.



Images from the 2018 Goodwood Festival Of Speed by Dan Bathie/Porsche.

Posted by Daniel Harper Racing on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Here are some photos in an album from Daniel Harper’s motorsport-oriented Facebook fan page showing his weekend at Goodwood, including stints in the new GT3 Cup and the new GT2 RS Weissach. The young kid is a talented sports car racer, having placed well in Ginetta’s Junior program the last two years and joining Porsche Carrera Cup GB this year, also adding a few international rounds to his repertoire. He’s just under a month away from his 18th birthday, and this is a heck of a heavy thing to possibly have on his conscience at that age. Luckily, things are just things and can be repaired. Thus far there are no reports indicating that anyone was injured, and the incident appears to have been relatively minor.


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Australian Valet Driver Accidentally Parks Porsche 911 Underneath Subaru

Sydney, Australia’s central business district was abuzz with safety crews in the aftermath of this bizarre crash on Thursday morning just after 8AM. A valet at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sydney ran into some trouble moving this 997 Carrera 2 Cabriolet around the lot, and slammed it into the back of a Subaru XV crossover. The rear bumper of the Subaru sits a bit taller than the front end of the 911, of course, so the black sports car submarined underneath the Subie. The valet driver was trapped inside the Porsche until rescue workers arrived. Thankfully the car features a soft top, so they were able to cut a hole in it to get the driver out.

Based on the car’s later tail lights, this Porsche appears to be a 2009-2012 911. Here in the US, you could probably find a decent example of such a car for under $50,000. According to the report of the incident in the Sydney Morning Herald, this Porsche cost over $300,000 Australian when it was new, and is still worth around $150,000AU, well over double what we would pay here.

« Hyatt Regency Sydney places the utmost importance on the safety of our staff and guests, » a hotel spokeswoman said in a statement. « A full investigation is being conducted by hotel management over the next few days. » The valet is said to be safe and in good spirits. His boss offered him the rest of the day off. Perhaps the rest of time?


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Porsche 991 GT3 RS Taken Out By Weaving Proton Driver

Dashcam footage out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday shows a careless driver in a Malaysian-built Proton weaving through traffic at breakneck speeds ultimately ending with the passing car smashing into the race-inspired Porsche and both cars ending up in the barrier. It’s clear to see what the driver of the Proton was attempting to do here, but it was an utter failure in the long run. From the perspective of the camera car, they’d come up from the left hand lane behind the GT3 RS, and attempted to pass the Porsche (in the slow lane) by shifting over to the right one lane, directly in front of the camera car. At the same time, a fourth car was entering that lane from further right, closing down two lanes in short order.


While I don’t really know Malaysian traffic laws, I’m forced to assume the Proton driver will be the one charged at fault. According to Carscoops.com, the driver of the Proton does not have a driver’s license or insurance for their car. Even if they are to be charged for the repairs of the Porsche, is there anything here that would indicate they could afford to pay it? The GT3 RS doesn’t appear to be horribly damaged, in fact it looks to still be capable of driving. With purely cosmetic damage, limited to the rear quarter, the front fender, front bumper, and possibly both wheels, plus paint, this still won’t be an inexpensive fix. Further, the devaluation of the car following the re-paint won’t be insignificant.

Things certainly could have been worse, but they sure as heck could have been better. In case you were wondering, this is precisely why people aren’t supposed to pass in the slow lane.


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This is Why you Never Use Launch Control on a Curve

I’m not 100% sure this guy was using launch control or just reached down to put the 911 in idiot sport mode and disengage PSM (Please Save Me would have helped in this case). For that matter, other than knowing for sure if he was in launch mode, I’m not sure if sound would make this video better or worse? There’s part of me that wants to see and hear the idiot behind the exhaust getting pelted with stones, but then the compassionate side of me kicks back in and I don’t think I could bear to hear this Porsche punching that guardrail.

Launch control in a Porsche has many practical daily uses, but this isn’t one of them. Seriously, isn’t this what Mustangs are for? At least in today’s world of always on media, this kind of idiocy is recorded and distributed for all others to learn from. Yeah, right.

UPDATE: So, I found this video and it has sound! Sounds like it was definitely a launch control failure. Please be forewarned. There is definitely some NSFW language in the video below.

As a parting thought, don’t you just love how the kid on the right continues to video well after the guardrail gets the better of the Porsche?


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