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Manthey Tuned Porsche 993 RSR Blitzes Around Nurburgring GP Circuit

One of just forty-five 993 RSRs in existence, this 3.8-liter monster is a rare sight. Despite the small numbers, those curvaceous haunches, massive tires, and snorkels in the rear make you wonder why this model is not as well known.

Perhaps this example deserves some special attention, since it’s Olaf Manthey’s very first racing car. A little over two decades ago, Manthey converted this from a 993 Cup car into an RSR. He elaborates on the version in this article: « The whole rear with fenders, bumpers and the tailgate was built from scratch. At the front, we relocated the oil coolers. We redesigned the air ducts so that the spent air was not routed underneath the car but dissipated on the side. We also designed the underfloor and the rear diffuser.” That last tweak made it particularly effective at the crowned and cambered Nordschleife, which wasn’t as smooth twenty years ago as it is today. This particular car enjoyed a lot of success at the Green Hell, which made Manthey’s reuniting with this car at last week’s AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix all the more special.

Since its retirement from professional racing in 2002, it’s enjoyed a few more tweaks and now produces little more power than a standard 993 RSR. Today, the M64/75 engine sends roughly 380 horsepower through a six-speed manual transmission. Powering a stripped frame weighing just 2,425 pounds, it is strikingly quick for something not too powerful by today’s standards. Just witness the way it sits nicely at corner exits and accrues speed down the Nurburgring GP circuit’s straights. Unfortunately the footage doesn’t capture the incredible bark of the car well, but the link below certainly does.

Those beautiful BBS rims tucked underneath the flared arches, a short wheelbase, and that elaborate rear wing make the 993 RSR a feast for the eyes.

For an onboard experience with the 993 RSR, watch Leh Keen at work in one here.


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Soul Of Porsche – Porsche 911’s Hall of Fame !

Quand la firme de Zuffenhausen décide de réunir toutes les générations de Porsche 911 en Asie, ce n’est pas pour faire un strip poker dans un tripot de Macao. Non, c’est pour tourner des images splendides dans un pays qui ne l’est pas moins et des caisses pas trop mal non plus. Indice : c’est […]


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A Windshield Installation That Costs As Much as a Boxster S: Making Your Own 993 Speedster

The trouble with limited-run Porsche models is there simply aren’t enough to go around, and the 993 Speedster is among the most extreme cases. When Porsche launched a 911-based Speedster in 1989, they initially built 800. When they re-launched the Speedster with the 964 generation in 1994 they made just 936. When the 993 came around, things were even more limited. Porsche built just two- one for Butzi Porsche, and one a few years later for Jerry Seinfeld. If you want a 993 Speedster and don’t have a deep, personal connection to either of those two, you need to make your own.

Headlines get views, but a $50k windscreen undersells the challenges of getting the screen on the car. Making a Speedster from a 993 is far more than buying a hilariously expensive piece of glass and bolting it in. According to owner John Sarkisyan fitting the screen involved more than $10k in fabrication, to say nothing of additional thousands to bring the doors and side windows to Speedster standard. Just converting the glass on this car crossed the $70k mark- or about as much as a new Boxster S.

While widebody Porsches are going to be polarizing by there very nature- especially cars that are less track-oriented, we appreciate John’s commitment to his vision. Each of his creations brings a unique aesthetic, top-notch interior, and a singular vision to the car in question. It doesn’t matter if the car is a 356, a 912, or even an SLK32 AMG-turned Mercedes Gullwing, John gives each car a truly unique flair.

What do you think of this unique Speedster creation?


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Porsche 993 Turbo Gemballa GT2 S…. Ouais, c’est compliqué !

Chez Porsche quand on décidait d’homologuer une caisse de course par un modèle de route, c’était souvent sans véritable compromis… Oui, j’emploie le passé car aujourd’hui, les GT3 et GT2 se pavanent dans le luxe. Mais jusqu’à la 993, quand tu signais pour une GT2, fallait être capable de sacrifier toute notion de confort pour […]


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The Devil Is In The Details Of This Custom 993 Speedster

Porsche officially built just one 993-generation 911 Speedster. On the occasion of Butzi Porsche’s 60th birthday in 1995, the company presented him with a one-off tiptronic Speedster on 17″ wheels. Longtime Porsche customer Jerry Seinfeld commissioned the Sonderwunsch program to build him a silver widebody Speedster as well, starting from a cabriolet base car in 1998. Since then, a handful of home-built and specialist assembled cars have been produced, and this red example, as featured by Petrolicious is perhaps among the most often seen of them. It takes a serious passion to re-make your 911 into a different style of 911, but with the right parts, the right mechanic, and enough money, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Even if the factory didn’t build these in large number, it really should have, because this look works incredibly well. The parts installed on this car are largely factory original, with only as few custom pieces as necessary. The windshield has been sourced from a 964 Speedster, and the bodywork has been expertly crafted from other 993 components. The interior is all carbon fiber, and it was hand-crafted by a guy in Germany who did carbon work for the Porsche factory, which is a cool little note. The 993 badge is actually a factory Porsche component, but Porsche never made a 993 badge, so the owners of the car bought a 968 badge. The 6 has been flipped to become the second 9, and the 8 has been cut just right to become a 3. Pretty slick if you ask me.

The car lives in Las Vegas today, and it feels perfectly in line with the car’s ethos. It’s a little flashy, very visible, and has been custom made and personalized to a degree not often seen. From relatively humble beginnings, this 993 won the jackpot and was transformed into a unique vision of Porsche specialness. If you can dream it, you can build it.


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