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Porsche 993 RS Clubsport Tribute

1995 Porsche 993 RS Clubsport Tribute Build

We are back on track with more build-specific content, and what we have here today is a 1995 Porsche 993 RS Clubsport tribute build by Tune RS Motorsports in Florida. It’s difficult to limit the amount of Porsche builds that we feature here, especially when the outcome is as factory correctly done as this example. Since we in the United States never received the 993 RS model, the shop took it upon themselves to recreate it but as the even more rare factory Clubsport lightweight version using all factory parts gathered for years before the build. They then took it to the next level with a few upgrades too that the originals did not benefit from, which we will cover on the next page. So hop in, let’s take this one for a virtual spin… Starting with a stock 1995 993, Tune RS stripped it to the bone and then started it’s rebuild. They installed the roll cage, then repainted it in Riviera Blue before all of factory correct RS Clubsport parts we put on. Tune RS bored and stroked the 993’s 3.6 liter air cooled engine out to 3.8, same as the original limited edition factory cars, and same […]



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