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Porsche 962

An Australian Racing Ace Reunites with a Special Porsche 962

Though not well known to American racing fans, Tomas Mezera is a celebrated name in Australian motorsports who’s raced most major styles of car over his long and storied career. After starting in Formula Fords, he quickly moved into touring cars, V8 Supercars, and even took a stab at sportscars/prototypes. Perhaps the two greatest accolades in his career were victory at the 1988 Bathurst 1000 and a shot at Le Mans 1990 in a Porsche 962C.

Now the chief driving instructor at the Porsche Sport Driving School on the Gold Coast, Mezera gets invited to plenty of high-profile Porsche events. At one of these events, some 21 years after driving the 962 at Le Mans, one kind soul at Porsche lent Mezera the production car-style key to one of the model’s most famous examples.

The Le Mans winner from 1987, this Rothmans-liveried 962 is one of the most iconic racing cars ever. It’s also a great memory jogger. Listen as Mezera—constantly grinning—regales us with stories from racing the 962; a car which left him « absolutely knackered » and bruised. Such was the speed of this car that, after moving from this monster to a V8-powered Holden Commodore, he felt as if he was driving in « slow motion. »

Considering the vast array of cars he’s tested, that’s high praise. Perhaps more than any other feature of the 962, it’s the power which stands out most to Mezera. The relentless, unrivaled acceleration of the 962 is something that leaves even the most seasoned veteran struggling for words. « I remember the car never stops accelerating, » he recounts with his heavy Czech-Australian accent—but his eyes, smile, and mannerisms say much more than that.

It’s a good video. Give it a watch.

It’s obvious the 962 leaves an indelible mark on those who experience its magic.


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Enjoy: Canepa Puts Coke-Liveried IMSA 962 up for Sale


Though not quite shaped like a Coca-Cola bottle, this 962 has the right curvature and color to get anyone’s attention.

Devotees of IMSA GTP: get your checkbooks open. Bruce Canepa has recently announced the sale of a classic 962—one which helped pave the way for the model in mid-eighties American road racing.

As the second 962 sold to privateers, 962-102 brings plenty of history along with it. Formerly raced by Bob Akin and Hans Stuck Jr., in their hands this two beauty to pole position and track record at the 1985 12 Hours of Sebring, as well as an admirable 4th overall at the 1985 24 Hours of Daytona.

After its racing career finished in 1985, Roger Penske toured it as a show car. However, for Penske’s purposes, he wrapped it in Miller livery, replacing one beverage sponsor for another. When Penske’s focus shifted to IndyCar, 962-102 sat under a tarp in a climate-controlled garage until 2005, when its formal restoration began.

With its greatest finish coming at the 1985 24 Hours of Daytona, the car cemented itself as an iconic member of IMSA GTP.

Between Jim Torres, Gunnar Racing, and its most recent owner, the Coca-Cola liveried car has been a centerpiece at Rennsport Reunion over the last decade. In recent years, it’s benefited from the fastidious care of the skilled folks at Canepa.

Maintained regularly and supported by Canepa during vintage racing for more than half a decade, this Porsche 962 is an excellent addition to any motorsport collection. Driven by motorsport champions, recognized worldwide and restored to drive and impress, this 1984 Porsche 962-102 represents a special time for Porsche in their motorsport history.



May 20th – 500KM Charlotte – 44th
May 28th – 1 Hour Lime Rock – 12th
July 8th – 6 Hour Watkins Glen – 15th
July 29th – 3 Hour Portland – 11th
August 26th – 500 mile Road America – 6th
September 9th – 500KM Pocono – 6th
September 16th – 500KM Michigan – 30th
September 30th – 500KM Watkins Glen – 18th
November 25th – 3 Hour Daytona Finale – 51st


February 3rd – 24 Hours of Daytona – 4th
February 24th – 3 Hour Miami – 18th
March 23rd – 12 Hour Sebring – 53rd
April 14th – 500KM Road Atlanta – 17th
April 28th – 600KM Riverside – 4th
May 19th – 500KM Charlotte

A striking shade of red and a seat once occupied by champions makes this 962 special.


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Inside the Rennsport VI Family Photo

Thirty-eight historic Porsches graced the straight at Laguna Seca for the Rennsport VI family photo. Thirty-six cars, and two Porsche tractors. The presence of any one of these cars at a normal event would be noteworthy. If any one row of the included cars arrived at most events, it’d be the talk of the show. Perhaps that speaks to just how special Rennsport really is. The collection of Porsche racing cars on hand simply boggles the mind. Just watching the cars get into position is a feast for the eyes; some circle the track to join the queue, some are towed into place, and all are positioned to perfection by event staff.

Of course, the action at this year’s Rennsport is not all about Porsche racing cars. Porsche tractors are also getting a race at Rennsport VI, and two are featured in the family photo. In the absence of the legendary 917 « Pink Pig » one of the Porsche Diesels wears an adjustable aluminum rear wing and Pink Pig livery. The scheme is extremely appropriate, as the tractor is likely more intimately familiar with das schweine than the racecar ever was.

With 38 vehicles on hand, there is likely something in the photo for every Porsche fan. Which absent cars would you like to see in the lineup?


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Jay Leno Drives A Unique Schuppan 962CR For The First Time

« It’s a 962 that you can put a license plate on, » says owner Matthew Ivanhoe of his Schuppan, which was ostensibly created as a homologation special for a Le Mans effort that never transpired. We saw this car at Luftgekühlt 5 earlier this year, and the car certainly gathered a crowd. The car, at that time and as I recall it, had an odometer reading in the low single digits, making this effectively a brand new 25-year-old car. The fact that Matthew allowed Leno to step aboard, fire it up, and take this easily 7-figure masterpiece out for a drive is a special treat. Even if the driving was done on a closed course, and not the road, as is Jay Leno’s normal video fodder, it’s a special opportunity for both of them, and we’re glad we were able to ride along in video form.

Back in the early 1990s, the ACO and the FIA made some change ups to the Le Mans rules as the World Sportscar Championship was disbanded due to waning manufacturer support. A plan was put in place to allow existing tail-end Group C cars to compete for 1993 and 1994, but a new GT class was created, which got rid of the engine regulations of that class and instead simply required a 50-car run of street-going homologation specials for eligibility in the GT class. This is the loophole that allowed the Dauer 962 to win at Le Mans again well after the car and its class had officially been retired. Dauer managed to get their cars to race, while similar efforts from Schuppan and the Derek Bell signature edition 962 were sidelined due to a lack of funds.

In this video, you can see that Mr. Ivanhoe is an enthusiastic owner of the car, and is more than happy to make it available for enthusiasts to see and hear. He mentioned, even, that the car may make a second appearance on Leno’s show when it comes time to sell the thing. We look forward to seeing that video as much as we were excited about this one. Press that play button and you just might learn something (as Leno did).


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24h du Mans 2K18 – Piqûre de rappel Made in Porsche !

C’est tendance… mais beaucoup de constructeurs puisent continuellement dans leur passé pour surfer sur la nostalgie des aficionados. Et plus le passé est riche en compétition, plus les engins appuient sur ce capital sympathie pour faire le buzz… Porsche, bien entendu, use et abuse de cette stratégie de comm’ que ce soit pour la route […]


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