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Sales Spotlight: Porsche 991.1 Turbo

In the current Porsche 911 market, what would £93,900 buy you? Well, among a number of options, it would likely get you a very nice 911T (of either 2.2 or 2.4-litre persuasion) or, perhaps, a widebody 993 Carrera 4S.

Alternatively, for your sub-£100,000 budget, one of the most technologically advanced Porsche 911s ever made – the 991 Turbo – is now within reach, as this Approved Used example from Porsche Centre Hatfield proves.

As a first generation example it comes with ‘just’ 520hp (the current 991.2 Turbo enjoys 540hp) but that is still enough to propel from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and onto a top speed of 195mph should a clear stretch of derestricted autobahn present itself in front of you.


While outright speed has always been one of the 911 Turbo’s signature traits, Porsche’s flagship sports car has also heralded in a number of technological developments over the years and the 991.1 was no different.

Introducing a much-improved version of the PDK semi-automatic gearbox, the Gen1 991 Turbo also saw the debut of Porsche’s ingenious rear-wheel steering system, bestowing the portly Turbo with unrivalled agility.

911 Turbo have traditionally also been bestowed with a number of options and OPC Hatfield’s 2013 example is no different, coming with the Sport Chrono package, front and rear parking assist (including a reversing camera), a sliding glass sunroof, heated seats and rear wipers.


As the cheapest 991 Turbo currently available through Porsche Approved Used, the £93,900 price tag’s trade-off is the Carrara White car’s relatively high odometer reading of 45,060 miles.

However, thanks to the Approved Used scheme’s stringent quality assurance checks, and a two-year Porsche warranty for the new owner, you can be sure that this excellent everyday 911 will continue to thrill you every day.

For more information on this Porsche 991 Turbo, or to search the myriad 911’s available through Approved Used scheme, check out Porsche’s car locator now.



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North Cascades Highway, Washington State, USA

Let’s be honest here: when it comes to all out, take-your-breath-away roads and scenery, few places on earth can compare to the western United States.

While many areas, such as Yosemite and Yellowstone, are overrun with visitors and congested roads, there are some areas that are less travelled but equally spectacular.

The North Cascades Highway, or State Route 20, is a breathtaking road that runs for 75 uninterrupted miles from Mazama to Marblemount in Washington State. Departing Mazama and heading west, the road climbs out of the Methow Valley and starts to wind uphill through mature Douglas fir and ponderosa pine.


After ten miles, the highway enters an enormous cirque surrounded by glaciated peaks that climb to nearly 9,000 feet, and then does a sweeping hairpin as it makes its way up to the base of Liberty Bell Mountain.

It’s an imposing peak that rises more than 5,000 vertical feet from the road (and it’s impossible to not stop and take in the view – it’s spectacular). The highway then crosses the 5,500-foot Washington Pass and then Rainy Pass.

From that point on, the road is 50 plus miles of beautifully smooth tarmac that winds its way through the dramatic Cascade Mountains. Snow covered peaks rise on either side of the road, and the drive – on a weekday – can be surprisingly free of slow-moving campers.


As roads go, this is as good as it gets: a well maintained, relatively modern highway (completed in 1972) with predictable curves, clear signs, no potholes, and several long straights.

Expect to see many waterfalls, several lakes and miles of streams and rivers. The road is closed in winter (late November to April) as the Cascades own the world record for snowfall at 1,100 inches in one season.

Few roads in the world can compete with this 75-mile long stretch for sheer beauty and uninterrupted views. With the exception of a few campsites, lookouts and hiking trails, it’s just you, your 911 and a big stretch of stunning wilderness.



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Sales Spotlight: Porsche 993 Turbo

If you’ve got your copy of Total 911 issue 147, you’ll notice that we’ve dedicated a number of pages to one of the ultimate air-cooled Porsche 911s: the 993 Turbo.

Not only have we driven what is believed to be the last factory prototype in existence, we’ve also taken a thorough look at the 993 Turbo market in the latest issue thanks to our new ‘Porsche Index’ feature.

Should the first in our new series of in-depth market analyses have whetted your appetite for the last air-cooled Turbo, our weekly Sales Spotlight may have just found the car for you at independent specialist, Northway Porsche.


With 80,000 miles on the clock, this 1997 model year example – finished in desirable Arctic Silver with a black leather interior – is perhaps a touch more leggy than some other cars currently on the market. However, this is reflected in the more than favourable price.

While some 993 Turbos are trading hands north of £150,000, Northway Porsche’s car is up for sale at £104,995, a figure guaranteed to keep the smile on your bank manager’s face. It’s a lot of Neunelfer for the money.

This particular 993 Turbo isn’t short of spec either, coming with an electric sunroof, Turbo S front brake ducts and tailpipes, the carbon interior package and optional white dial faces.


There are a couple of aftermarket touches too, including a Cargraphic strut brace and larger K24 turbochargers (as fitted to the 993 GT2), making the already potent 993 Turbo package even more formidable.

Known to Northway Porsche for the last ten years (the car was sold to its last owner and maintained by the independent specialist), this 993 Turbo comes with a full service history and appears in pretty fine fettle.

For more information on this Porsche 993 Turbo, or any of the other Porsche 911s currently in their stock, check out Northway Porsche’s website now.



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2016 Total 911 Photo of the Year Award: the shortlist

After our busiest week of voting ever, you have whittled down our 20-strong long list to six super shots that will now vie for the title of 2016 Total 911 Photo of the Year.

While our shortlist of contenders is now locked in, your work isn’t done yet though. The scoreboard has been wiped clean and we need you to decide which photo will win our coveted prize.

Over the next seven days, your single vote could decide the Total 911 Photo of the Year Award’s destination, so choose carefully before picking your favourite.

Which of our photographers will you give an early Christmas present to? We’ll find out when voting closes next Thursday – 15 December – at 09:30 GMT. Choose your winner now:


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Sales Spotlight: Porsche 996 CSR Retro

Last month, we shone our Sales Spotlight on a Porsche 997 Sport Classic, up for sale at Porsche Centre Leeds an eye-watering £385,000 price tag. This week though, we’ve found something that should give similar thrills for a fraction of the cost.

Not content with simply selling Porsche 911s, renowned independent specialist, RPM Technik has become famous for its ‘CSR’ brands of Clubsport-style conversions for 996 and 997 generation Neunelfers.

The car on offer here is a Porsche 996 CSR Retro that has completed a scant 150 miles since the build was finished, all for the modest price of £39,995 (or just over a tenth of the price of that Sport Classic).

996 CSR Retro interior

We’ve had first-hand experience of how thrilling RPM Technik’s CSR package can be on numerous occasions and, fitted with a full compliment of upgrades, we’re sure that this particular finished build will be no different.

There is hardly an area of the donor car (chosen for its impeccable service history and unusual Vesuvio Metallic paint finish) left untouched, with RPM fitting new adjustable coilover dampers, top mounts, anti-roll bars and lower arms, all adjusted to RPM’s secret CSR setup.

A CSR limited slip differential has been added to the package too, along with a RPM’s proprietary lightweight flywheel and clutch, exhaust system and brake package, ensuring that this 996 provides a driving experience akin to a GT3, with the usability of a 997 GTS (without incurring the costs of either).

996 CSR Retro rear

Of course, the CSR Retro is all about its classic touches and, on that front, this example gains genuine 18-inch Fuchs alloys and the signature carbon fibre ducktail (along with the rest of the CSR body kit).

Inside, the retro touches are continued with colour-coded hardback sports seats, while the rest of the interior is a little more subtle, retrimmed in Alcantara to provide a sporting environment from which you can blast across your favourite roads.

To find out more about this Porsche 996 CSR Retro, or other impeccable Porsche 911s currently in their stock, visit RPM Technik’s website now.

996 CSR Retro seats


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