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Patrick Long

Patrick Long Hustles an 800-Horsepower 935-84 Around Laguna Seca!

Though these three laps were supposed to calm, Patrick Long didn’t get the memo. Either that, or his natural talent was enough to carry him to ~1:31 laps around Laguna Seca during last year’s Rennsport Reunion VI. The unspoken rule at events like these is to take things a little calmer—these cars aren’t cheap—than one might in an IMSA race. Some more cynical observers might call them a high-speed procession. Long had different ideas.

Long, sporting a retro-styled helmet for the event, gets to grips quickly with the 935 after one relatively slow lap. Even when his first flyer begins, traffic hinders his progress and makes his time all the more impressive. After threading through a pack of 935s, he demonstrates his disapproval of the other driver with a telling shake of the head (2:37). For a driver who’s always so diplomatic and measured in his speech, it’s nice to see some real emotion brought out by the heat of battle.

After getting held up through Turn 6, Long shoots this driver an irritated glare.

Still, like a icy cool professional, he proceeds unfazed. Despite the traffic an relatively cold tires, he loses minimal time, puts the 800 horsepower down cleanly,and rows the slightly notchy four-speed so smoothly. Without any major errors, he snags a 1:34 and makes it look simple.

The second lap is even faster. Free from as much traffic, he can ring out the 3.2-liter motor over Laguna’s Turn 1 and give us a great idea of the small nuclear explosion he’s riding on top of. The power delivery is quite abrupt, but the car still puts it down without much any histrionics; only a bit of wheelspin in slower corners like Turn 2 and The Corkscrew. In fact, the most oversteer appears at turn-in—watch how he has to mildly countersteer as he but Long’s quick hands keep the car pointed in the right direction. Only a consummate professional like him can make it look easy.


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Patrick Long Teases Upcoming Luftgekühlt Germany

This morning the Luftgekühlt Media YouTube channel dropped a new video with some awesome footage recapping the most recent LuftGB event. It was a wet and interesting day at Bicester Heritage with the one and only tall-wing 550 Spyder, 904-045 (which we featured in a Paris auction preview back in 2013), and a bright red Porsche tractor, among many many others. The video is short at under 2-minutes, but it’s worth watching for some cool shots of old air-cooled Porsches and a bit of insight into the event from Patrick Long. It’s the final fifteen seconds of the video that are the most interesting to us, however, as Patrick lets slip some information that certain readers may be intensely interested to hear.

« Uh, we’re gonna head down the road and make a stop or two before 2019, and, um, Germany beckons »

That appears to be Patrick’s coy way of saying that you should look forward to a German iteration of Luft, bringing the whole experience full circle. German cars influenced a Southern California boy to start a Southern California show featuring German cars. Now that car show has spread internationally, and has brought that enthusiasm back to Germany!

Obviously we’re excited to hear about further expansion of the Luftgekühlt brand of shows, and we can only imagine that some extremely rare Porsches will make their way out to a German edition of the show, simply by dint of proximity to the origin point. Perhaps Porsche will bring out a few of their museum cars, as well. Will you be hopping on a trans-Atlantic flight to visit LuftDE? Keep checking back here for more information as it becomes available. As soon as the date and location are announced, we’ll make sure you have that info.


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The Rain Came, But the Porsches of #LUFTGB Didn’t Care

2018 will go down as the hottest summer on record here in the UK, so trust it to rain for the inaugural Luftgekühlt Porsche fest outside of the US.

The Porsche aficionado lifestyle brand Luftgekühlt brought the Cali Porsche vibe to Bicester Heritage in England. A working motor heritage museum and local airport, based in the heart of the motorsport central (Silverstone is only a few miles away). Bicester’s pre-war setting was the perfect backdrop for Porsches dating from 1948 up to 1998. Singers, 356’s, RUF stock, all here. The now ubiquitous Paul Smith Design was there as well for good measure.

To be fair the rain, and the fact that summer holidays have started, probably held attendance numbers back, but there were still enough folks taking on the drizzle and wind to view some special cars from 70 years of Porsche engineering. The curation was spot on. Valuable classics were staged meticulously around this pretty venue. Pop your head round one corner a RUF, stroll across the now sodden grass verges Singer recreations, a stunning sight really.

Massive congrats to #luftGB. The rain came down but these Porsches didn’t care. Hopefully, they will have the good sense to revisit and make this a yearly event. It would easily become a must do on the Car Chasing calendar.

Pictures from Luftgekühlt Great Britain

Click on any image to enlarge it. Hit the « x » in the top corner to come back.

About the author: Stacy Guiney, owner of Suberashi photo, is a motorsport and automotive photographer based in Worcestershire. Stacey is a lover of anything fast on four wheels, preferably European but can love anything interesting. Be sure to check out more of his work on Instagram.


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Christina Nielsen and Pat Long Battle on the Skidpad at the Porsche Experience Center

Long puts his GT3 sideways on the traction-handling circuit.

Bringing the thrill of motorsport to the residents of Los Angeles, the Porsche Experience Center in LA offers a variety of sights, sounds, and thrills for those who savor motorsport or simply have a few drops of motor oil in their veins.

Guiding us through the staggering facilities of the Porsche Experience Center are two drivers who need no introduction: Christina Nielsen and Patrick Long. For these new teammates, the Experience Center offers them a chance to relax, enjoy the in-house restaurant, and tour the motorsport museum—in other words, to get away from the pressure of racing. However, racing drivers are competitive and single-minded creatures, and they can’t sit long when there’s a challenge present.

In reality, the LA Porsche Experience Center offers these two the chance to compete in a slightly more relaxed environment. Whether it be sampling the simulators or demonstrating car control on the sodden skidpad, there are a variety of ways they—as well as the curious enthusiast—can test their own abilities and measure themselves against another talent.

Despite the smiles, the folded arms suggest a hint of tension between these two.

Partnering with such an impressive figure as Patrick Long must be intimidating. The young, talented, and ambitious Nielsen has her work cut out for her, but is clearly reveling in the challenge, as any successful racer ought to. Despite the respect they clearly hold for one another, the friendly—if not slightly laconic—conversation seems to belie a competitive tension between these two. I wonder what the future partnership of these two racing titans holds?


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Luftgekühlt Teams with Mobil1 to Protect History

Protecting history is challenging. There’s no need to be ambiguous, virtually every museum, historical society and living history group struggles. I crewed a working museum ship, and though we sailed thousands of miles and hosted thousands of visitors, funding was always a question. Money doesn’t necessarily follow people’s interests in any appreciable quantity, and worth and the worthy aren’t often close bedfellows. The groundswell of support for Patrick Long’s Luftgekühlt, and the pocket of history it represents is heartening. Seeing people united by interest and a very pure form of enthusiasm, well, it gives you hope. Luftgekühlt isn’t just « weaponized FOMO » (Bradley Brownell’s words, not mine), it’s a great uniter. Alongside events like Rennsport Reunion, this is indicative of all that’s right in Porsche enthusiasm.


At Luft 5, we partnered with Mobil 1 and as part of the global buildup to Rennsport Reunion, they are offering a chance to win a VIP trip to Monterey, artworks and other giveaways. Check out the film to see our perspective on #protectinghistory and we’ll see you at Laguna Seca in September.

#SportscarTogether #Luftgekuhlt #Mobil1

Posted by Luftgekühlt on Thursday, June 7, 2018

For Patrick Long, Luft was about reverse engineering his Porsche enthusiasm. He arrived at the deep-end of the Porsche world as a professional racing driver. From there he’s slowly worked backwards to figuring out what the rest of us love about the brand. From my perspective on the other side of the country, Luft seems to be equal parts world’s-greatest-cars-and-coffee and living museum. Where else are you going to see Vic Elford climb out of his 1968 1000km of Spa 908 in 2018? How often will you even see Mr. Elford alongside Patrick Long and Jeff Zwart?

While I’ve always viewed the world of air-cooled fanaticism as a somewhat pretentious one, Luft has every appearance of being the opposite. The cars aren’t guarded by velvet ropes and stancheons. There are no signboards telling the viewer why to care. The love of Porsches is a myth agreed upon, as much as an appreciation of quantifiable success.

Continuing the theme of making history accessible Luftgekühlt is offering a chance for a VIP trip to Rennsport Reunion in partnership. Details for this trip can be found at Protecting History’s website.


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