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Sales Spotlight: Porsche 991.1 Turbo

In the current Porsche 911 market, what would £93,900 buy you? Well, among a number of options, it would likely get you a very nice 911T (of either 2.2 or 2.4-litre persuasion) or, perhaps, a widebody 993 Carrera 4S.

Alternatively, for your sub-£100,000 budget, one of the most technologically advanced Porsche 911s ever made – the 991 Turbo – is now within reach, as this Approved Used example from Porsche Centre Hatfield proves.

As a first generation example it comes with ‘just’ 520hp (the current 991.2 Turbo enjoys 540hp) but that is still enough to propel from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and onto a top speed of 195mph should a clear stretch of derestricted autobahn present itself in front of you.


While outright speed has always been one of the 911 Turbo’s signature traits, Porsche’s flagship sports car has also heralded in a number of technological developments over the years and the 991.1 was no different.

Introducing a much-improved version of the PDK semi-automatic gearbox, the Gen1 991 Turbo also saw the debut of Porsche’s ingenious rear-wheel steering system, bestowing the portly Turbo with unrivalled agility.

911 Turbo have traditionally also been bestowed with a number of options and OPC Hatfield’s 2013 example is no different, coming with the Sport Chrono package, front and rear parking assist (including a reversing camera), a sliding glass sunroof, heated seats and rear wipers.


As the cheapest 991 Turbo currently available through Porsche Approved Used, the £93,900 price tag’s trade-off is the Carrara White car’s relatively high odometer reading of 45,060 miles.

However, thanks to the Approved Used scheme’s stringent quality assurance checks, and a two-year Porsche warranty for the new owner, you can be sure that this excellent everyday 911 will continue to thrill you every day.

For more information on this Porsche 991 Turbo, or to search the myriad 911’s available through Approved Used scheme, check out Porsche’s car locator now.



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Sales Spotlight: Porsche 997 Sport Classic

Over the last year, Porsche Exclusive’s bespoke builds have seemingly amounted to little more than a few stickers and a specially embossed armrest fitted to a near-standard production model.

However, with the department celebrating their 30th birthday this year, there has been a renewed focus on Exclusive’s limited edition back catalogue, including on Total 911’s latest front cover.

In recent memory, the Porsche 997 Sport Classic is perhaps the department’s most accomplished build and now you could add one to your collection, if you pay Porsche Centre Leeds a visit with £385,000 in your wallet.


Yes, that’s right. £385,000. Despite the propensity for anniversaries to add significant premiums on the Porsche 911 market, the best part of £400,000 seems more than mildly ridiculous for a water-cooled Neunelfer.

Even so, there is a case to justify the enormous price tag at OPC Leeds. Just 250 examples of the Porsche 997 Sport Classic were ever made, making it more than six times rarer than the iconic 911 Carrera 2.7 RS (good examples of which can sell for more than £500,000).

Of course, the 997 Sport Classic doesn’t have the original Rennsport’s racing pedigree but, it isn’t without its dynamic delights thanks to the 410hp, Powerkit-equipped engine and six-speed manual gearbox – complete with short shift kit.


What’s more, for many, the Sport Classic is one of the best looking modern 911s ever built, thanks to its combination of Sport Classic Grey paintwork, double bubble roof, ducktail and genuine 19-inch Fuchs alloys.

Porsche Leeds’ example, no. 228 of 250, has covered just 8,060 miles since new too, leaving the Espresso Brown leather interior almost completely unblemished. And, with a new 991 Sport Classic potentially on the way, interest in the 997 original is only going to make prices head one way.

So, is £385,000 too much for 997 Sport Classic? Well, like any collector’s car, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay. But, if the right buyer comes along…



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Video highlights from Total 911’s Neunelfer cars & coffee


Maybe you missed our inaugural Neunelfer Porsche 911 meet, or maybe you just can’t wait until the next Total 911 cars and coffee event. Either way this film perfectly captures the atmosphere from last weekend’s event at Porsche Centre Portsmouth.

Held in the glorious weather, everything from a classic 911T daily driver to three Porsche 991 GT3 RSs (all in different electric hues) made the trip to the south coast OPC, with one particular couple travelling down with their newly collected Porsche 991.2 C4.

In total, more than 50 Porsche 911s of all ages filled OPC Portsmouth’s car park for a fantastic morning of all things Zuffenhausen, as Silor Media’s video attests.

To see more from our inaugural Neunelfer cars and coffee event, check out our highlights gallery now.

Neunelfer 991 GT3 RS


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Sales Debate: Is ‘Brexit’ likely to affect the Porsche 911 market?

‘Brexit’. You were probably hoping that Total 911 would provide you with some respite from news of the UK’s decision – via public referendum – to leave the European Union.

However, as a car designed and made inside the EU, the result had left us wondering if the Porsche 911 (on both new and used markets) would feel the effects of the UK’s decision. “There’s an element of uncertainty but it feels, on the ground, like it’s business as usual,” explains Karl Meyer, Business Manager of Porsche Bournemouth.

It’s a viewpoint shared by RPM Technik’s Commercial Director, Darren Anderson: “Our general feeling is that it shouldn’t have a dramatic impact on the pricing,” he says, explaining that in the short to medium term, values shouldn’t fall as “the cars, on the whole, are worth what they were worth pre-decision.”

EU flag

Meyer is quick to reassure us that it is unlikely that the political decision will adversely impact upon on new 911 prices either, despite the value of the Pound relative to the Euro dropping.

“Porsche will always fix prices in a way where each market can only be comfortable buying through its local sector. If anything, they will be thinking, ‘How do we make it easy for the UK market to continue to buy?’” he continues.

On the used market, Anderson feels that “the rate of turnover of cars will slow down” until a proper exit strategy is put in place. However, at Porsche Bournemouth Meyer didn’t see business dip in the run up to the referendum.

“It hasn’t stopped customers walking through the door and placing orders,” the Business Manager explains, “and I suspect, if there was any uncertainty, we’d have seen it in the run-up to this decision. I think that now people know, it’s almost taken the pressure off.”


In the short-term, the Pound’s lack of strength means buying cars from the continent has been made more expensive but Anderson points out that such currency fluctuations have become par for the course in the Porsche world:

“When the Pound is strong, we go and buy a load of LHD cars; when the Euro is strong, they buy them all back again.” If anything, he feels that the market for UK-based LHD cars could flourish in the short term as continental buyers cash in on the exchange rate.

Meyer adds too that the lack of LHD 911s coming into the UK could help the classic market, as the good RHD examples are no longer diluted by continental cars. As both experts are at pains to point out, the worst thing to do is panic, especially when there seems to be no reason to do so.

For market advice on any generation or style of Porsche 911, check out our full selection of sales debates, where we ask the 911 experts the pertinent market questions so you don’t have to.


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Porsche announces new N-rated tyres for classic 911s

With summer fast approaching, Porsche has announced a raft of new N-rated tyres specifically for its range of classic sports cars, from short-wheelbase 911s right through to the early water-cooled 996s.

As one of the only rear-engined cars still on the market, the Porsche 911 places a unique load on its tyres. That is why Zuffenhausen insists that all Neunelfers are fitted with N-rated rubber at all times.

More than just a marketing ploy to extract more money from your wallet though, the N-rating process ensures that each approved tyre features a construction tough enough to withstand the Porsche 911’s unique forces, with each specific 911 model coming with its own list of N-rated boots.

993 N rated tyre

Therefore, N-rated tyres do not just improve your Porsche 911’s safety, they also allow you to enjoy your Neunelfer’s handling as Stuttgart intended (after all, the tyres are your car’s only connection to the road).

Approved tyres are not just for the latest line of Zuffenhausen sports car however. Every year, after extensive testing, Porsche announces new N-rated rubber for its multitude of classic sports cars too, with 32 new tyre recommendations making the recently released 2016 summer list.

These new tyres are more than simple reissues of historic models though. Porsche has worked closely with the tyre manufacturers – especially Pirelli – to create tyres that combine the look of original OEM rubber with the improved properties of modern offerings.

Walter Röhrl tyre testing

This has resulted in a new range of approved tyres with classic tread patterns, contact patch widths and cross-section ratios that can perform better than the originals, meeting all of the EU’s stringent tyre regulations.

Among the standout additions to the list is a new series of Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres, originally fitted as standard to Porsche 993s and a track-specific version of the P Zero Trofeo R, designed for classic Porsches with 16 to 18-inch wheel diameters.

All the tyres have undergone extensive wet and dry testing on their respective Porsche 911 variants at the Weissach proving grounds, with Walter Röhrl on hand to provide his historical knowledge. All the new N-rated tyres can be order through Porsche Classic Centres now.

To read more about Porsche’s 911 tyre technology, download your copy of Total 911 issue 115 now.

N rated tyres


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