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Here Is What a Lap of the Nurburgring Looks Like in a Porsche-Powered VW Van!

While its dimensions and weight might dissuade from turning their VW T1 Bus into a track toy, some love the shock value and the surprising potential the aging van holds. In this particular case, swapping a 1989 G50 gearbox and a Porsche flat-six in the rear of the Leichtbau van, then dousing it in a very thin (because thick paint is heavy) coat of powder blue turns many heads.

It’s a lightweight van that the owner, Nic, has spent years developing for quick laps at the Nordschleife. Despite it size and weight distribution, he’s managed to make it quite capable. It also enjoys a set of Porsche brakes and an altered VW 1303 rack and pinion. By adding this steering setup it lost 1.5 turn lock-to-lock, which made it much easier on the track but, as we can see, increased the physical effort required. Fortunately, Nic is in pretty good shape and has little difficulty adding the right amount of steering lock.

Peering out the split window at cars half as tall must be reassuring.

Direct steering is a real asset when the bus can reach almost 136 miles an hour through Schwedenkreutz (3:52), and even pull 115 miles per hour through the slaloming and compression of Fuchsröhre (4:20). To manage those speed while sitting five feet from the surface of the road requires real confidence in the car—err, bus.


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Watch the new Porsche GT2 RS Lap the Nurburgring Faster Than Any Production Car Before It.


Six minutes and forty seven point three seconds (6:47.3). That’s the record crushing time Porsche’s new GT2 RS recorded as it lapped the Nurburing Nordschleife. For those counting, that’s nearly five (5) full seconds faster than the previous record held by Lamborghini’s Huracán Performante (not to mention more than 5-seconds faster than the 918). In fact, as production cars get faster and faster, they are quickly encroaching on the Group C cars of the early 1980s. 1983, the only year Group C ran the Nordschleife layout used for production cars, saw Stefan Bellof set the overall track record in qualifying. The 6:11.15 set that day is unlikely to be broken any time soon. At the actual race that followed, Bellof set the best time of the day as well, a 6:25.91. Today, a street legal 911 is able to post a lap time within 22 seconds of a 956 over the same 12.8 mile lap. Let that sink in while you watch this monster in action.

The record attempt was undertaken by a combination of Nick Tandy and Lars Kern, with the actual record ultimately claimed by Lars. Prior to setting the record lap, the two first broke the current record, a 6:52, with five consecutive 6:50 laps. According to Andreas Preuninger, Director of the GT model line, “It’s not just the record time achieved by the GT2 RS that demonstrates the vehicle’s caliber, but also the consistency of performance in every lap. We’re particularly proud of the fact that this was achieved with two different vehicles and two different drivers, as it underscores the ability of the GT2 RS to reproduce the record over and over again.

GT2 RS is Fastest Porsche 911 Ever With Production Car Record Crushing Ring Time

The Porsche GT2 RS used for the record was fitted with standard N-Spec Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires (265/35 ZR 20 front and 325/30 ZR 21 rear), and a fixed back bucket seat with full harnesses for improved safety. Kern, the record setter, competes in the Carrera Cup Australia, as well as the Nurburgring-based VLN endurance racing championship. Over the 12.8 mile lap Kern averaged 114.4 miles per hour.

Speaking after setting the lap time, Lars Kern said: ‘The pure performance of the new GT2 RS can hardly be expressed in words. However, without the perfect harmony and balance between the chassis and the tires, such a fast time would not have been possible.

The 700 horsepower GT2 RS tips the scales at just 3,241 pounds, and is capable of a track speed of 211 miles per hour (though it appears they achieved just under 190MPH on the less-than-flat main straight at the ‘Ring).

Congratulations to Porsche, this is truly a triumph. Not only is the GT2 RS the current fastest production car at the ‘Ring, it also sits near the top of the non-production car list, and well ahead of Group A cars running the same track configuration. A stunning achievement.

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