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Yousef Fittiani—A Man Completely Dedicated to Porsche

Yousef Fittiani is one of the founding members of the Porsche Club in Kuwait and owns a collection that would make any Porschephile tense with jealousy. Truly, this collection looks like an entire page of duPont Registry listings put in the same air-conditioned showroom.

It was thirty years ago, when Fittiani was studying in the United States, that his obsession with Porsche began. Enticed by a friend’s 944 Turbo S, he asked his father for a loan. This served as the foundation for a business education that would lead his to owning his own dream car at the tender age of nineteen. Few things will drive a young man to achieve like a prized car will.

Fittani’s Carrera GT, one he’s put over 20,000 kilometers on, is the pinnacle of his envy-inspiring collection.

After learning the second-hand market, then trading up and reselling used cars for a profit, he’d accumulated enough to pick up his own 944. Fast forward a few years, and Fittiani was an involved member of the Porsche Club of America, and the owner of another toy: a 1992 Coral Red Carrera 2.

Over the following twenty-seven years, Fittiani amassed quite the collection back home in Kuwait. Two GT3s, a Carrera or two, and even a Carrera GT draw the eye and drop the jaw. All this eye candy is, of course, kept in pristine conditions. The fastidious collector goes to great lengths to keep his cars in top shape; keeping them inside an air-condition garage safe from the regular sandstorms outside. An abundance of memorabilia—coffee cups, posters, apparel, model cars, and even Porsche-themed calendars adorn this shrine to his favorite marque.

Highlights of his collection: a silver 996 Turbo Cabriolet, a white 911 GT3 and a yellow 911 GT3 RS, both from 2007. In addition, a 997 GT2 in Speed Yellow, and a black 911 Cabriolet from 1989.

His fastidious nature shows in the way each car is as comprehensively clean as if they had just rolled off the showroom floor. In fact, upon the Carrera GT’s first maintenance work, he had to get personally involved. “During the initial maintenance work, I went to the Porsche Center Kuwait several times and actually cleaned many of the car’s parts with a toothbrush before they were reinstalled,” he says with a sheepish grin. Turns out, even for a committed collector, calling him obsessed with the smallest detail would be a masterpiece of understatement—this man is possessed by his passion.


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Adam Carolla on His Love for Porsche

The former host of the Man Show and Loveline lives and breathes automobiles. Though his racing exploits have been documented well here, he’s expanded his gearhead following with his current podcast, CarCast, which delves further into his obsession with cars—particularly his affinity for Porsches of a certain vintage.

That dedication to the marque comes, at least in part, from his reverence for Paul Newman, the late acting legend and racing driver. Like Newman, Carolla’s enjoyed success in both show business and motorsports, despite getting into racing rather late in life. Now the owner of Newman’s class-winning 935, Carolla is a regular competitor at high-profile vintage racing events in the U.S.

The famously critical comedian finds few flaws with the « timeless » Porsche 911.

However, his obsession goes beyond just driving. He’s a dedicated student of the sport who appreciates its history; directing two films in the last few years: The 24 Hour War and Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman.

In a recent interview with Porsche, the acerbic comedian opens about his irks and his loves, a simple recdipe for happiness, and the one thing he wouldn’t dare do inside one of his beloved 911s. It’s reassuring to see someone so famously picky, so concerned with minutiae, and so perpetually irritated find few flaws with the Porsche 911—a car he describes as « timeless. »

Porsche’s Christophorous Magazine asked Adam twenty questions, and these were his answers:

1. What is love?
When you love something more than you love yourself.

2. How are you?
I’m doing well.

3. How would you describe a Porsche 911 in a nutshell?
I think it’s the most beautiful car ever made; its design is timeless.

4. Which very simple things can make you very happy?
Taking my dog for a walk.

5. What would you never do in a 911?
Eat chili fries.

6. What’s your favorite road?
The Laguna Seca raceway in northern California.

7. What can distract you?
Certain forms of cancer—that’s about it.

8. Three things you would take to a deserted island?
Two of the things would have to be my twins. And after that a good Amazon account.

9. Whom or what do you admire?
My friend Jimmy Kimmel. I met him when he was working at a local radio station. Now he’s a big star hosting the Oscars. And he’s still the same guy, very gracious and friendly to everyone.

10. What on a 911 could you do without?
The clock.

11. And what couldn’t you?
The tachometer.

12. What music did you wake up to this morning?
Classical music.

13. Your favorite film?
My two documentaries: Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman and The 24 Hour War.

14. Your favorite book?
I like audiobooks. I was recently into one called Freakonomics.

15. Your latest social media post?
I just responded to a fan on Twitter who sent me a photo of a ticket he had bought to a show I’m doing, and I invited him to come after the show and take a photo with me.

16. Your most treasured possession?
My 1979 Porsche 935 race car.

17. Coffee or tea?

18. The 911 moment of your life?
Driving in a race at Laguna Seca. That was the most excitement I had in that car ever.

19. Your best advice?
If it doesn’t make you money or make you happy, don’t do it.

20. What would no one expect of you?


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Connecting Through Immersion: How Porsche Experience Centers Work

The Porsche Centers in Los Angeles and Atlanta aren’t just big, they’re the brand’s largest facility investments outside of Germany. Two hundred and fifty thousand people have visited the two centers, and are proving that immersive retail works. The Porsche Centers include fine dining, racetracks, off-road courses, and a lot more, giving the fullest Porsche experience. Getting hands-on with the product doesn’t just encourage already interested consumers, it helps demonstrate that Porsche ownership is just that; an experience.

Per Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Inc. “Porsche stands for superb design and engineering, but also for a superb experience. Getting people behind the wheel in a place where they can really test the performance is the best way to connect them with the Porsche brand.” For younger consumers, showing that the Porsche brand is about a lifestyle and not just a product is a major attraction which brings them into the fold.

A visit to the center includes, at minimum, a 90 minute driving experience on or off-road, coached by professional drivers. Visitors can sample all major models from the 911 to the Cayenne and Panamera, and those too young to drive can experience the cars in a simulator lab. The latter part is key, because the average Porsche Experience Center visitor is seven years younger than the average Porsche buyer.

In addition to the driving experience, the Centers include Porsche retail stores, striking architecture, classic sports cars on display, and fine dining. As younger people tend to prefer experiences to products, this sort of access to the Porsche brand helps to expose the company’s products to a new generation in a natural way.

Of course, if you’re the sort of person who has a producer, you can torture them at a Porsche Experience Center as well.

The centers also feature fine dining, Porsche retail stores, classic sports cars on display, and striking architecture, but that only scratches the surface. At both the Atlanta and Los Angeles locations visitors can also order and take delivery of custom-specification models. The Atlanta location also includes a Porsche Classic workshop, where Porsche Classic technicians and experts can work with owners to service classic Porsche models.

The Atlanta Experience Center is located ten minutes from the Atlanta airport, the world’s busiest. The facility offers a module-based, 1.6-mile driver development track, racing simulator lab, Heritage Gallery, Porsche retail store, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Studio, Business Center and Restaurant 356.  LA’s Experience Center is accessible from three major LA-area airports. The facility features a 4-mile driver development track, events and meeting room space, simulator lab, retail store, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Studio, New Vehicle Delivery lounge, Speedster café and Restaurant 917.


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Seven Wonders Of The World: Porsche Announces A New Experience Center At Hockenheim


what the Porsche experience center at Hockenheim will look like

Atlanta, Le Mans, Leipzig, Los Angeles, Silverstone, and Shanghai are all the current cities in which you can find a Porsche Experience Center. The Le Mans, Silverstone, Shanghai facilities are built on the premises of famous international racing circuits, while the Atlanta, Leipzig, and LA facilities are built on Porsche-owned properties with their own unique driving circuits available to experience. Within the next two years, Porsche will build their seventh PEC facility, a 176,000 square meter area within the heart of the historic German circuit, Hockenheim. Each of the state-of-the-art automotive test facilities contain features to test the abilities of Porsche and driver alike: A complex handling course, several tests of driving dynamics, and an off-road course for Cayenne and Macan owners.

Like other PECs, the new construction at Hockenheim will feature a modern building with Porsche’s now-standard futuristic design language. That 48,000 square foot building will house event spaces, conference rooms, a Porsche swag shop, a Porsche Classic Lounge, as well as a themed restaurant and cafe. Exhibition areas for legendary Porsches of the past will also feature heavily in the design of the building, as well as service bays and workshops for various racing and classic Porsche automobiles.

track layout at Porsche's experience center in Hockenheim

“The Porsche Experience Centers allow our customers and fans to experience the performance of our vehicles as well as the fascination of the brand at first hand”, says Porsche’s Detlev von Platen. “We are extending this unique offering by constructing this new site near our main plant in Zuffenhausen.”

Hockenheim ring Porsche Experience Center

Thomas Reister, CEO of emodrom-group spearheading this venture, followed up by saying: “I am delighted that we have been able to attract Porsche, our preferred candidate, as a long-term tenant for the redesigned Hockenheimring. The manufacturer’s decision to construct another Porsche Experience Center here, so close to the corporate headquarters, demonstrates the great potential of our concept, and sends a strong message to other companies and universities that they should get involved with our agile mobility showcase. At emodrom-group, we are investing purely private funds in the double-digit millions, which, in the medium to long term, will also benefit the city, the metropolitan area and Baden-Württemberg within the automotive utopia of Germany.”

Construction is due to start toward the middle of 2018, with the experience center expected to be operational by the end of 2019.


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Magnus Walker Takes a Tour of Porsche Leipzig

Of all the modern celebrities associated with Porsche, there are few non-race drivers with the same sort of relationship with the marque as Magnus Walker. Even Mark Webber struggles to drum up the same sort of fanfare as the bearded outlaw who, among other things, has made a name for himself thanks to a big personality and his stunning cars—which any honest Porschephile can’t help but be envious of. As a testament to his popularity, more than 250 fans were on hand to greet him when he visited Porsche Leipzig last week.

Magnus walker standing next to a Porsche 930 at Leipzig

Walker lives and breathes the brand, and with garages full of 911s and a very open affection for all things Porsche, it was only a matter of time before the man was given the grand tour of the Leipzig factory. The fashion designer, author, real estate investor, collector and hobbyist stopped by the pit lane before being given the production tour, where he was shown some of the 650 cars—Panameras and Macans are produced at this plant—made there every day.

Walker’s appreciation of detail borders on obsessive, which is why his cars are so gorgeous—and why he absorbed every bit of information thrown at him.

As a man who’s built an incredible number of hot-rodded Porsches, there are few who appreciate the quality of production as Walker does. Especially in the final step of the assembly, where the body and underbody are brought into mechanical matrimony. “This process step reminds me of a poster from my childhood. It showed a dismantled 911 930 Turbo. I loved it,” he recalled.

Walker’s fans gathered as he answered questions about his autobiography, « Dirt Don’t Slow You Down. »

Towards the end of the day, each visitor had the opportunity to test the Porsche Leipzig race track in their own vehicle before Walker regaled them with stories about his own hard-scrabble upbringing in Sheffield, his rise to success in Los Angeles, and the closely-knit relationship he’s kept with Porsche throughout his colorful life. From dreaming of sports cars as a boy, to owning a small armada of Porsches, to becoming an admired ambassador for the brand, there are few success stories like Walker. He’s a motivator, an iconoclast, and an inspiration to any Porsche fan.


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