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Porsche jette les bases d’une croissance continue à Leipzig

Porsche investit plus de 600 millions d’euros dans le cinquième agrandissement de son usine de Leipzig, ce qui lui permettra de poser les bases importantes pour l’avenir de son site en Saxe et la production de ses futurs modèles. Le projet d’expansion globale a été lancé le mardi 12 mars 2019 en présence du ministre …


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Next Generation Macan to be All-Electric

It seems as though the current-generation Macan only just arrived. Though the new model has been in production for just a few months, Porsche is already looking to the future with an eye towards sustainability.  Following updates to the Leipzig plant, Macan will follow both the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo into the electric vehicle marketplace. The move to electric power allows Porsche to keep their best-selling crossover at the forefront of both performance and efficiency. Per Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche AG;

“Electromobility and Porsche go together perfectly; not just because they share a high-efficiency approach, but especially because of their sporty character. By 2022 we will be investing more than six billion euros in electric mobility, and by 2025 50% of all new Porsche vehicles could have an electric drive system. Nevertheless, over the next ten years we will focus on a drive mix consisting of even further optimized petrol engines, plug-in hybrid models, and purely electrically operated sports cars. Our aim is to take a pioneering role in technology, and for this reason we will continue to consistently align the company with the mobility of the future.”

Updating the Leipzig Plant

The Leipzig site, which opened in 2002 with the introduction of the Cayenne, has grown over the last 17 years to become an industry leader in advanced technology and sustainability. Introduction of Macan in 2011 signaled the expansion of the Leipzig plant to a full plant with on site body and paint shops. Currently Panamera, Cayenne, and Macan are produced at Leipzig. Transitioning to an electric Macan at the Leipzig site eases the transition to production of other electric models in the future.

Like Taycan, the electric Macan is based on Porsche’s PPE architecture (Premium Platform, Electric) developed jointly with Audi AG. Also like Taycan, Macan will feature an 800-volt electric architecture, increasing flexibility and manufacturing efficiency. No pricing or additional specifications on the upcoming electric Macan have yet been announced.



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Production d’Audi et Porsche impactée par une grève en Hongrie

Si la grève des salariés d’Audi à Györ, en Hongrie, a pris fin, les conséquences du mouvement social prennent de l’ampleur. Après avoir impacté l’usine d’Audi à Ingolstadt, la grève impacte désormais le site de Neckarsulm, lequel a été contraint d’interrompre sa production, faute d’approvisionnements en moteurs. Sites de Porsche et Audi à l’arrêt La […]


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Taking Cues from the World’s Greatest Tracks: Porsche’s Leipzig

Taking the best from some of the most challenging racetracks in the world, Leipzig is an FIA-certified fantasy land for road racers of all stripes. Designed by Hermann Tilke, a former racer best known for his creation of numerous circuits on the F1 calendar, Leipzig mimics some of the world’s most famous corners for a uniquely challenging experience.

The first of which is the high-speed Sunset Bend, as borrowed from Sebring. This bend requires commitment and accuracy. The next is modeled after the famous Loews Hairpin from Monte Carlo. Famously slow and tight, this bend is deceptively difficult and requires perfect braking—both in application and release.

The stunning layout is complemented by the lush surroundings.

Next comes the Victoria Turn, as based on a now-replaced corner at Rio de Janeiro. Tilke notes, « As you pass through the dip of the bend, you move from oversteering to understeering, which is what makes this bend so exciting. » Before the bend, Tilke recommends braking smoothly, reducing the vehicle speed and then moving into the turn with precision but without understeering.

The high-speed Mobil 1 S, as borrowed from the Nurburgring, follows. Careful usage of the curbs and a courage pay dividends here. The challenging Lesmo bend, as found originally at Monza, is long and difficult to plan; luring drivers to carry too much speed and run out of road come exit.

To master the Bus Stop, as borrowed from the original Spa-Francorchamps, drivers must brake assertively, change direction over the curbing, and try not to overcook it while the car is subjected to loading from every direction.

The rollercoaster descent of the Corkscrew comes next. With a 12% gradient, this corner mimics the Laguna Seca original and gives drivers the sensation that their stomach is coming up through their esophagus. Quite a sensation when approaching a blind corner with such a steep drop.

The Parabolica challenges drivers and car; it seems never-ending and rewards bravery and high entry speeds. The subsequent esses, as taken from Suzuka, require constant attitude changes and an incredibly precise application of the throttle to keep on-line. Impetuous, greedy driving will yield poor speeds.

These are only some of the great bends that make up Leipzig. With unique characters and specific challenges, these corners keep the driver constantly on their toes; supreme confidence is needed to master this involving track.

Hop onboard for a lap of the circuit in a 4.0-liter 997 RS.


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Découverte des onze virages du circuit Porsche à Leipzig

A côté de son usine à Leipzig où sont notamment assemblés les Macan et les Panamera, Porsche a construit une circuit à la fois très technique et plaisant à piloter. C’est aussi une piste de course extraordinaire : Porsche a recrée onze virages mondialement connus dans le monde du sport automobile. Présentation! Un voyage autour …


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