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Watch This 991.2 GT3 RS Challenge a McLaren P1’s Laptime Around Laguna Seca

Under the guidance of Jeffrey Cook, a talented student can threaten a hypercar’s supremacy in a 991.2 GT3 RS. Once a driver is confident in the GT3 RS’ swinging pendulum of a rear and the way it likes to rotate at higher speeds, they can lean on that odd weight distribution and exploit the rear-engine traction in a way that fires them out of faster corners like few cars can.

Before we start off, we should mention that this particular RS was shod in a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Rs, and that while the day was just about ideal, there was a bit of traffic hampering the efforts of our driver, Mr. Yellow. OK—racing excuses are out of the way.

With the sun shining brightly over Laguna Seca, Mr. Yellow achieved an incredible time of 1:31.7—just a second shy of the record Randy Pobst set in a 903-horsepower McLaren P1 back in 2015. Regardless of perfect tires and conditions, snagging a time just shy of McLaren’s flagship is an incredible feat, regardless of rubber or conditions.

After an earlier afternoon with both drivers alternating between shotgun and the driver’s seat (to keep the weight constant) and analyzing the results of their Racelogic data logger, both Cook and Mr. Yellow came to the conclusion that a pretty staggering time would be possible on Cup 2 R rubber. Up until that point, Mr. Yellow’s best around Laguna Seca was a 1:33.4 on the stable and long-lasting Dunlop Sport Maxx tires. With the stickier rubber in place, they chopped that time by nearly two seconds.

To get the most out of the car, « it requires commitment and early throttle application, » advised Mr. Yellow. « Maybe you enter the corner a hair slower than you would in a mid-engine car, but you can—and should—get back to power very early. » Of course, this is all relative; look at how quickly he flies into the Andretti Hairpin (0:28)!

Not only must the driver plant their right foot early to find the lap time, but with the weight transfer present, they must do it quickly to stabilize the rear. « When the rear starts to slide (0:46), it’s critical you don’t lift. You’ve got to be confident, plant your right foot, and launch off the corner,  » instructs Cook. Once a driver is comfortable with the 911’s idiosyncrasies, the communicative car becomes a weapon. Drive it too slow, however, and it sometimes falls on its face.

To nurse the front end into slower corners takes a disciplined approach. « You need to trailbrake all the way to the apex in most corners—Turn 11 being a great example of this. However, once you’re upon the apex, transitioning back to the throttle happens very quickly. Not so quickly that you cause wheelspin, but fast enough to plant the rear and take advantage of the layout, » says Mr. Yellow. In fact, that inherent traction is so immense that they deactivated traction control to allow for a little more slip at corner exit. Rather than hinder the RS’ progression out of the corner, it helps to keep revs in the meat of the powerband.

Once Mr. Yellow gets back to throttle at Turn 11’s apex (1:44), we see a bit of countersteer—but he never lifts.

The Racelogic data suggests that, without the bobble in Turn 11 or any pesky traffic forcing Mr. Yellow off-line, he could’ve rounded the 2.2-mile course in 1:30.9—but that will have to wait for another day. Nevertheless, it’s an indication of how far cars have come in the last few years, and how the GT3 RS can never be underestimated.


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Porsche Destroyed Another Production Car Lap Record, This Time At Road America

Back in 2016 Dodge set the Viper ACR loose on tracks all across the country with the intent of setting track lap records. It was fast and successful in this endeavor, which got people talking about how fast the Viper ACR actually was. With 13 track records owned by the Viper at the time, Dodge had a lot to be proud of. Of course, some of those tracks were small inconsequential tracks like Grattan Raceway in Michigan, or Nelson Ledges in Ohio. They did, however, grab some big names like Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta, and VIR.

Porsche is taking a page out of the Dodge book and taking some of those track lap records away from Dodge, as the GT2 RS now has the Laguna Seca, Willow Springs, and Road Atlanta records. As of today, that car has also set the Road America production car lap record with an incredible lap (shown in the video below) of 2:15.17. Driver David Donohue raced the turbocharged rear-drive uber-911 around the Wisconsin race course to set the record.

While a Dodge Viper owned the previous production car record at Road America previously, it was a fourth-generation car which set the record back in 2011 at 2:20.00 with Dodge racer Kuno Wittmer at the wheel. Interestingly, that record had already been eclipsed by a privately-owned GT2 RS last fall when Steve Dimakos hired pro racer Bryan Sellers to run his car at Road America, where he set a 2:17.04 lap. Porsche’s recent effort simply managed to knock a couple seconds off the lap record it already owned.

Donohue stepped aboard the GT2 RS, and set the record during his second lap of the track. That’s how great the GT2 RS is.

Like the Road Atlanta effort, Porsche also brought along a GT3 RS to set a lap time for the fun of it. While down about 200 horsepower, the GT3 RS was only a tick behind on the clock with a 2:18.57 lap time that would still have been fast enough to beat Dodge’s official lap record time.


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Porsche GT2 RS Claims Road Atlanta Production Car Lap Record

Porsche is flat out obsessed with lap records lately. The company owns the outright record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, as well as the production car record (Technically Manthey Racing, but it’s a Porsche), and has nabbed production car records with the GT2 RS at Laguna Seca and Willow Springs as well. The German sports car maker tapped driving talent Randy Pobst to help them set another lap record at Road Atlanta, just an hour or so from Porsche Cars North America’s Atlanta headquarters. The outing was a success, as Pobst set a blistering 1:24.88 lap.

While Dodge owned the record previously with the 645-horsepower Viper ACR’s 1:26.54 lap in 2015, Mr. Pobst broke that record just last year with Chevrolet’s mega 755-horsepower Corvette ZR1 when he posted a time of 1:26.45, a minuscule improvement. For Porsche to break that standing record by more than 1.5 seconds is mind boggling. To do it with fewer horsepower proves just what a great chassis and grip level the GT2 RS can provide.

Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America:
“We are thrilled to set the production car lap record at this iconic track located just 60 miles from our U.S. headquarters in Atlanta – a track that holds so many great memories for Porsche, such as the overall victory with the 911 RSR at Petit Le Mans in 2015.”

David Donohue:
“It was an incredible experience. The traction coming out of a corner, the tireless brakes, the grip generated by the downforce and the tires, and of course the tremendous power made it possible. The 911 GT2 RS is not just very capable, but also very approachable.

Randy Pobst:
“Even for a professional driver, huge power can be intimidating. But when I drive the GT2 RS, the massive torque feels completely under my control, so useable, because the car is extremely well-balanced. It is very confidence inspiring, a pleasure.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Porsche wanted to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the company can produce a massively competent chassis. The team also sent out a 2019 911 GT3 RS with *just* 520 horsepower, and it also managed to beat the Corvette’s lap time, despite a 235 horsepower disadvantage. The GT3 RS set an impressive 1:26.24 lap. Both cars used Michelin’s brand new Pilot Sport Cup 2 R N0 tires.


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Everything You Need To Know About Porsche’s 919 Hybrid Evo Record Winner

Porsche’s 919 Hybrid Evo blew the world away this summer with brand new world records at Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Porsche owns the word fast with this car, as it simply beat up on everyone, setting laps faster than even Formula 1 could produce. While it is an extension of the 919 Hybrid that ran in the WEC across 2017, winning Le Mans and the championship, the car is really quite different. Instead of being set up for endurance racing and playing to a specific set of rules, Porsche built a car from the same platform that was specifically made for single lap pace. And it worked.

In the video below, the project leader for the 919 Hybrid Evo, as well as the two racing drivers that set world record lap times in the car, are around to give us the full situation when it comes to this wild and super fast car. Fast facts, if you will. In an ongoing continuation of Porsche’s Top Five series, here are the five areas of the now-retired lap record holder that they delve into:

5. The monster Suspension

4. The updated Michelin slick tires

3. The car’s integral hydraulics systems

2. The revised mega-downforce adjustable aerodynamics

1. and the more powerful engine and electric hybrid assist motors

The car has now been sent to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, and indeed it was sitting on a rotating dais near the exit of the museum. It was quite interesting to see sitting still and after having seen it run really fast at Laguna Seca this summer, a little bit sad.


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Porsche Has Set A New Outright Lap Record At The Nordschliefe With Its 919 Hybrid Evo

A record that has stood since 1983, when Stefan Bellof set a 6 minutes 11.13 second lap in the fire-breathing Porsche 956, has been absolutely demolished tonight. Porsche’s team driver Timo Bernhard was at the wheel of the wild and crazy 919 Hybrid Evo early Friday morning to set an Earth-shattering 5 minutes 19.546 second lap of the track known as the Green Hell. Following on from Porsche’s record-setting lap at Spa earlier this spring, the 919 Evo has been to the Nurburgring three times since. First for an exhibition lap honoring that 956 record. Just a few weeks ago, pre-Le Mans, the car was given a few warm up and sighting laps to prepare for this event. Then, this week, Porsche began teasing the idea of an outright lap record run.

Timo Bernhard says he was, himself, a childhood fan of Stefan Bellof and holds the man in high regard. For years, it has been thought impossible that the record would ever fall. For one, because the track is dangerous and difficult to run at those kinds of speeds. For another, because of the greater motorsports world’s deference to Bellof as a legendary character. Bellof, just two years after setting that record, died at the wheel in a crash during the 1000 km race at Spa, involved in a crash with Jacky Ickx’s works Porsche 962C. Bellof’s record stands as the fastest timed lap around the track in competition, as the 919 Hybrid Evo’s lap was run on an otherwise empty track. That said, Bellof’s time was set on a shorter 12.9-mile version of the circuit for Le Mans Group C cars, while Bernhard’s time was set using the full 14.2-mile lap.

While Bernhard’s lap wasn’t quite the sub-5-minute lap we’d predicted, we look forward to seeing the onboard timing to see whether there could have been a faster lap time earned, if anything was left on the table. In any case, that video is going to be incredible to see, just for the sheer speed the 919 Evo is capable of. Congratulations to Timo and to the whole Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo team for breaking down a 35-year-old barrier.

Edit: It didn’t take Porsche long to post the onboard video. Within three hours of breaking the record, Timo Bernhard’s in-car footage was released to the public. Volkswagen still hasn’t released their onboard from Pikes Peak last weekend.


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