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Porsche Celebrates 50 Winning Years Of 917 History With A Special Museum Exhibition

Starting in mid May, and running through September, the Porsche Museum will host an exhibit to honor the 50th anniversary of the 917. The exhibit will be named « Colours of Speed — 50 Years of the 917 ». As part of that exhibit, Porsche will be rolling out a never-before-seen 917 concept study (above) to commemorate the history of the Le Mans champ.

The red and white show car was obviously made as an homage to the Salzberg livery, which won Le Mans overall in 1970. This is specifically a piece of art, and does not have a drivetrain or interior, but it’s quite clearly based on 918 Spyder cues, like the center-lock wheels. It’s a great combination of old and new, and would be absolutely awesome to see in person to go over those smooth lines. With the FIA WEC converting to a « supercar » standard next year, it would be totally cool to see this thing revived as a race car, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

The Porsche museum had some seriously cool 917s on display when we were there in December, but they will have a total of ten models on display for the anniversary exhibit, which is more than I’ve ever seen in one place before. The museum claims that the ten Porsches together combine for nearly 7800 horsepower of output, which is seriously awesome.

If you’re a big 917 fan, maybe you should plan a trip to Germany for the exhibit. It runs from From 14 May to 15 September 2019 in Stuttgart. Get there.



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Pictures and Video From Porsche’s Involvement at The Goodwood Festival of Speed

Everything from the very first Porsche—The 356 « No. 1 » Roadster—to the most advanced Porsche race car of all time—The 919 Hybrid Evo—was at Goodwood for the Festival of Speed this year. Porsche, in their 70th year, went all out in their display, bringing dozens of historically significant street and race cars to Lord March’s driveway to play. And play they did.

Significant Porsches from the past were featured in Goodwood’s central sculpture, as they were the featured marque. On each point of the sky-high mounted star you’ll find a 911R, a 918 Spyder, a 919 Hybrid Le Mans Prototype, a very early production 356 coupe, a Gulf-liveried John Wyer 917, and one of the Dakar-entered 959s. It’s a breathtaking piece of the show, and helps to show how monolithic the Porsche brand has become.

As with everything Porsche does, there is a keen eye aimed toward the future, while not forgetting their past. Porsche brought a very serious array of their hybrid and electric vehicle display.

In keeping with that theme, Porsche hauled their recent Nurburgring lap record winner to the hill for a few exhibition runs. Call me a cynic, but Porsche didn’t have the car make an attack at the hill because Volkswagen’s full electric I.D.-R Pikes Peak winner to set the fastest time of the weekend. Perhaps Volkswagen didn’t want to get showed up by their little brother Porsche?

Throwing things back a bit, Porsche brought their Dan Gurney-driven Porsche 804 Grand Prix car. It was a very advanced racing car in its day, and provided Porsche’s only Grand Prix victory. Of course this car is a significant piece of Porsche’s history, and no celebration of the brand’s history would be complete without it.

Speaking of racing, it’s difficult to deny Porsche’s historic Le Mans-winning Pink Pig throwback livery 911 RSR. Le Mans was just a month ago, and it’s still wearing its Le Mans bug splatters. The scars of war.

Here’s to another 70 years of the greatest sports car on the planet.

Special thanks to @southerngermanation and@michelinusa for some of the pics and videos


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Book Review: Hurley – From The Beginning

Hurley - From the Beginning

There is no more appropriate time for our review of Hurley – From the Beginning to publish than the birthday week of the man himself. Hurley, now seventy years old, held a fifty-year racing career, and shows no signs of slowing down, even today. He’s still a super quick driver, he’s involved in motorsport to a level higher than anyone would ever expect of him, and he’s an ambassador for Porsche, the brand he spent most of his racing years driving. He’s lived an incredibly interesting life, though he’s traditionally kept mostly to himself and a lot of people don’t know his life’s story. Writer Sean Cridland met Haywood in 2011, and was instantly inspired to tell the man’s story. After years of working to get the complete tale out of Hurley, the resulting effort is this incredible book, Hurley – From the Beginning.

I met up with Haywood and Cridland during Luft 5, and the duo had planned the Porsche-centric event as a stop on their lengthy book tour. I’d have certainly ordered a copy myself, after leafing through this giant tome and seeing all of the incredible pictures. It’s not inexpensive, with a price tag of $95.59 (get it?), but just that brief glance told me it was worth the price of admission. In a surprise move, the giant-esque Cridland offered me a copy to take home with a wide smile and a shake of the hand. I am not a small man myself, but the author towers over me as though I were a small child. The juxtaposition of the diminutive ex-racer, and the Brobdingnaggian man who committed his life’s story to book is as hilarious as it is heartwarming. At 6’1″, I stand about the middle ground between the two.

With well over 400 pages of incredible anecdotes, this book is packed with things you’d never know about Hurley otherwise. There are over 650 photographs onboard, from all stages of Haywood’s life, as well as written commentary from Patrick Long, Manfred Jantke, Brumos owner Dan Davis, and Kerry Morse. Consider the number of Porsche folks who have been involved throughout Hurley’s incredible and expansive career, and you’ve got a full community effort leading up to the production of this book. It’s a story that deserves to be told, and the way its been done is engaging and easy to read.

Every bit of the talented driver’s career is analyzed from his own perspective. This is Hurley telling his own story, with the added research, photographic evidence, and anecdotals added in to give it all a bit more gravitas. The narrative is quite engaging from beginning to end. Hurley was just a kid from Illinois with a Corvette when he was discovered, mentored, and hired by Brumos Racing. Peter Gregg would test his race cars in local autocrosses, and when Hurley beat his immaculately prepared 911 with that Corvette, he was offered a racing job. When the team showed up to race at Watkins Glen with a twenty-year-old Hurley at the wheel, he didn’t even have so much as a regional racing license. Gregg’s say-so was apparently all he needed to get approval to enter.

I’d never really thought out the fact that Hurley was shipped off to Vietnam shortly after getting his start in racing. It’s an interesting part of the man’s life, and it often goes without so much as a mention. You can read all about that tour where he was stationed just south of Hanoi, and I suggest you do.

Being that I wasn’t born at the time, let alone old enough to watch and understand motorsport, I was completely unaware of Hurley’s major leg injury and the ramifications until I read this book. Following a bad wreck in a 935 at Mosport in the summer of 1983. After a six month hiatus, he returned to motorsport for the start of the 1984 season. Because he was forced to wear a leg cast or brace of some sort while his leg healed, he was not allowed to race anything with a clutch, which included Porsche’s entire lineup at the time. He jumped at the chance to drive Bob Tullius’ Group 44 Jaguar XJR-7 which featured a new Hewland clutchless gearbox, because it was the fastest car he could race with his injury.

Further than the major parts of Hurley’s life that you may not have known, Hurley – From the Beginning is also filled with incredible anecdotes from the ancillary bits of his racing career. The story about the 1990 Jacksonville demolition derby is among my favorites. I won’t spoil the whole story for you, but it involves Bob Snodgrass and the masterful theft of a priceless original piece of Frank Stella artwork!

Hurley’s history with Porsche has been discussed for years, but this is the final word on the history of that relationship. If you’ve ever thought of Hurley as an icon of motorsport, this book will only work to exacerbate that feeling. In the process, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the man, and probably more. You can get your copy by visiting HurleyBook.com, or find one of the upcoming locations where Hurley and Sean will be selling/signing books this year. Either way, you’ll definitely want to add this book to your Porsche collection shelves. It’s found a happy home in mine.


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Learn The Entire History Of The Porsche 911 In Just 13 Minutes

Porsche is selling more cars than ever, and enthusiasm for their old cars is more widespread than we ever would have imagined. We love the 911, and we seriously enjoy when < href= »http://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/t/0/0/flatsixes/~flatsixes.com/porsche-culture/porsche-car-shows/petersen-museums-porsche-effect-educationa/ »>people who don’t necessarily know the history of the brand learn a bit more. The more you know about Porsche, the harder it is to remain apathetic about the 911. If you’ve always wanted to know the history of the car, here is a rundown, a primer, an introductory course. The 911 is among the greatest and most iconic cars ever produced, and its story deserves to be spread far and wide.

This new video from Donut Media isn’t perfect. They leave out large swathes of Porsche history, they don’t really talk about the many times Porsche tried to kill off the 911. They don’t mention how the 911’s past is interwoven with the history of the world. They don’t really mention how Porsche innovated in response to the larger scope of the changing landscape of motorsport and the competitive sales environment. That being said, this video is a great way to teach your friends (or yourself) about some of it. It isn’t comprehensive, by any means, but it’s entertaining and easy to follow.

If you want a serious take on the history of Porsche, we could definitely recommend a library full of books to do the trick, but if you’re looking for a fun way to spend the next dozen minutes or so, click the play button on this YouTube video. Donut has been putting these « Everything You Need To Know » clip-show style videos for a few months, and this is already our favorite, for obvious reasons. Sit back and have a laugh, as Donut gives you the rundown.


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This Rally-Raid Macan Wins The Award For Best Use Of A Macan

The singular tenet of my passion for the Porsche brand is rooted in the fact that, traditionally, enthusiasts have truly used their Porsches. While there are some who would hide them away as private jewels in a vault, many prefer to get out and flog their Porsches as often as humanly possible. The Macan, since its inception, has been truly built to be used. It is a tool, a means to an end, but a damn fun one. LP Racing, apparently based in Hungary, has prepared this Macan for serious off-road racing, and that is just A-okay with us.

Below you can check out a handful of videos that the team have produced showing the Porsche’s capabilities.

It’s quite obvious that there is very little original Macan remaining in this wild two-door beast with serious off-road suspension and a mostly custom body. The tail lights, front fascia, and overall silhouette remain, but not much else. Even in spirit, this quasi-Macan is living up to the car’s ultimate desires. It’s been too long since Porsche was properly involved in Rally Raid style events, and something like this with factory backing could be seriously awesome to run Baja or Dakar events.

Porsche’s factory efforts at Dakar in the 1980s are the stuff of legend, winning on the world stage with a jacked-up 959-based racer. If they were to produce a result like that with their run-of-the-mill SUV design, we’d stand up and applaud. Being that the Macan is Porsche’s most popular model in the brand’s history, it seems like a no-brainer to us to give the model even more worldwide visibility with a motorsport program. Just check out these videos if you don’t believe us.

[Source: Jalopnik]



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