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Gunther Werks

Gunther Werks Unveils Their Newest 993-Based Creation at Rennsport 2018

The creations from Gunther Werks are truly something special. Their appeal should grow with another model—which is somewhat more accommodating than their hardcore 400R. That said, the new 430-horsepower Sport Touring is still quite quick.

Doused in Solar Red, the new Sport Touring is undeniably slick.

This particular car, unveiled at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering this past weekend, enjoys several options specific to the Sport Touring. Included are new carbon fiber seats as well as a revised intake plenum for the 4.0-liter Rothsport Racing engine. In the interest of saving weight and sharpening focus, Gunther Werks removed the rear seats, added some decorative carbon panels to spruce up the vacant area, and fitted a fire extinguisher. Though it is a touring model, it still screams track toy.

The comparatively subdued exterior makes the car less of a bold statement than its bewinged brother, but takes inspiration from some of the understated icons like the 2.7 RS with its distinctive ducktail. That said, the a carbon widebody still commands some attention—it’s three inches wider at each corner!

A refreshing mix: modern lettering combined with the classic ducktail.

The bespoke motor and carbon bodywork certify the Sport Touring as something special, but there’s even more to make the aficionado salivate. Massive Brembo brakes are somehow squeezed underneath the Fuchs-style wheels, and JRZ shocks provide the sort of deceleration and roadholding a track scalpel—albeit a slightly comfier version of one—should enjoy.

Massive carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes are squeezed underneath the timeless Fuchs-style wheels.

“The response we received after debuting the first Sport Touring model at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering this year was incredible,” said Peter Nam, CEO of Gunther Werks. “We thought Rennsport Reunion would be the perfect event to showcase the next Gunther Werks conversion because the event has become synonymous with some of the greatest Porsches ever made.”

Though the cabin is all business, the tasteful accents and enveloping seats make it something to behold.

Like the 400R, Gunther Werks will only be releasing 25 Sport Tourings, and despite the estimated ~$500,000 price, it’s likely these will all be snatched up in a short time. This brand already has some real head-turning power, and with a little more exposure, it might become the one other boutique operation which truly challenges Singer.


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Pirelli fournit les pneus pour les projets de Porsche 911 Type 993 de Gunther Werks

Suite à la présentation à The Quail de la dernière réalisation du préparateur américain Gunther Werks sur la base d’une Porsche 911 Type 993 – la 400R Sport Touring, Pirelli a annoncé avoir être choisi comme fournisseur exclusif de pneus pour les projets Gunther Werks. Gunther Werks est une société en pleine croissance qui a …


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Gunther Werks 400R Sport Touring – Backdating d’une Porsche 911 Type 993 limité à 25 exemplaires

Connaissez-vous Gunther Werks? Ce préparateur américain arrivé en 2017 dans l’univers du backdating Porsche s’impose sur ce marché de plus en plus populaire rendu médiatique par Singer Vehicle Design. Sa dernière réalisation – la Gunther Werks 400R Sport Touring – basée sur la Porsche 911 Type 993, adopte une carrosserie en carbone ainsi qu’un moteur …


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Gunther Werks 400R driven: best ever 993?

“I said they were out of their minds. Bespoke bodywork, running gear and everything else that goes along with building a custom car in that short a time. ‘We’re not a TV show, we’ll not do it in a week’”. That was owner of Rothsport Racing, Jeff Gamroth’s response when the call came from Peter Nam at Gunther Werks. They didn’t do it in a week, as Gamroth said, this was not a TV show, but the sheer persistence of Peter Nam and his team saw the 400R to go from concept to the car I’m sitting in today in just six months.

I stumbled across the project mid-summer, Gunther Werks drip-feeding a Facebook group some details of what would become the 400R. If you’ve never heard of the firm before that’s no surprise – I hadn’t. Gunther Werks is a new company, but it’s not come from nowhere. Nam owns Vorsteiner, which specialises in aftermarket wheels and carbon fibre styling for premium manufacturers, Gunther Werks is a natural progression of that. With it Nam has been extremely clever, assembling a team of highly respected names in the air-cooled Porsche community to create the 400R. The a-list roster includes Jeff from Rothsport Racing, Joey Seely from E-Motion Engineering and Carey Eisenloher.

The idea itself, is a simple one. Take a 993 and develop it as if Porsche hadn’t replaced the 993 with the 996 twenty years ago. Not as a mere Carrera though, but as a GT3. Different to the usual backdates, then, this is more of a continuation, bringing the car forward rather than modernising mechanically with a reverential stylistic nod backwards. The 400R is a 993 for today, the past blast forwarded into the present, using modern technology to enhance and improve, all without denying it of its original appeal and driver appeal. Building on it. That was a key goal, Nam determined to create the very best 993 as it could be now, focussed on driving, Gunther Werks demanding that its customers don’t buy it as a trinket, but as a car to be used. And used as intended – hard.

If the concept sounds easy the execution is anything but. It is genuinely difficult to comprehend that the 400R was a standard, pre-Varioram Carrera 2 back in May 2017. To create it Gunther Werks tasked its team…


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Everything You Want to Know about the Gunther Werks 400R and More.

The Gunther Werks 400R has been around for a while now. However, it’s only recently made the rounds to various automotive journalists and YouTubers. As a result, we know know a whole lot more about this über 993 and wanted to share with you what we’ve learned. Each video below has a slightly different feel and provides different info. Between them you’ll learn all there is to know about the GT3 RS like 993 people are saying Porsche should have built themselves.

With a Rothsport Racing engine producing 430 horsepower, this flat-six produces as much naturally aspirated power as the 993 GT2 made with forced induction. Not only that, but the engine revs to the moon, and it’s stuck in a mostly carbon-fiber body weighing just 2671 pounds. Gunther Werks, then, has gone above and beyond anything Porsche ever did for a road-going car of the same era. This is like a 993 RS 3.8 that’s been kicked up a notch, or twelve.

Gunther Werks claim that they start with a 993 and then strip it down to bare bones. Nothing is left behind from the original car, except the base chassis and the doors. Everything else has either been replaced with brand new components, or replicated in carbon fiber. Even the roof panel is crafted of bonded-in pre-preg carbon fiber reinforced plastics. This allows the 993 chassis, fully dressed, to weigh something like four-hundred pounds less than it would have in the late 1990s – A 1997 993 Carrera 2 is quoted at with a curb weight of 3075.5 pounds.

The parent company of Gunther Werks, Vorsteiner, is traditionally known for making body components and wheels, but this is their first real foray into building a full car. The 400R is limited to just 25 units, each one bearing unique paint work, choice of wheels, decklid, interior, and more. Sadly, all of these cars have already been spoken for, but if you are one of the lucky few to have purchased this carbon wonder for a mega $600,000 price tag, you now have an exceptional modified Porsche.

In the above video, you can check out Matt Farah driving the 400R in his « One Take » series. It’s pretty easy to tell from the smile on his face, and the blatant « this is awesome » vibe, that Matt really likes the Gunther Werks 400R.

The above video from /Drive shows the Gunther Werks 400R in all its glory. While Will Sabel Courtney gets the opportunity to drive the 400R for a bit, the folks from Vorsteiner explain how the Porsche was changed from its stock form, including much wider and stickier rubber set up in a much more square stance. The front arches have been seriously pushed out to help the new 60-inch track do its thing in providing a more neutral handling balance. There isn’t really any new information about the car in /Drive’s video, as compared to Matt’s, but it’s a higher level of production quality, and shows a bit of the production facility where they are made.

And, since you’ve seen Matt’s « One Take » on this modified Porsche, here’s a video where you can just listen to him drive it for a while. That flat-six engine really likes the higher revs, and it sounds like music to our ears.

What’s your take on the Gunther Werks 400R? Would you pay the $600,000 price for a unique 993, or would you rather spend that money on something like a Singer?


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