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Kevin Estre Flogs the 991.2 GT3 RS Around the Nurburgring

While the GT2 RS might officially rule the roost, its normally aspirated sibling is still the favorite among some. A slightly better balance, stiffer suspension, less weight, and a more tractable engine makes the GT3 RS the favored hardcore track car in some people’s eyes—including a certain YouTuber by the name of
Sebastian Vittel
. Famous BP Driver using a alias, probably not, but still fun to watch.

Mr. Vittel driver owns a GT2 RS himself and is a bonafide petrolhead who drives his RS as it ought to be driven; posting some very impressive times at the Nurburgring. Yet, even a driver of his caliber has a few things to improve upon, so when offered a ride around the ‘Ring in a 991.2 GT3 RS, driven by none other than Kevin Estre, he accepted.

Interestingly, Estre chooses to leave the traction control on, as mentioned here, since it helps preserve the rear tires —a fresh set of Michelin Sport Cup2 N2 in this case. This is sensible, since this is just one of many demonstration laps he took eager passengers on throughout the day. Plus, with Estre’s hyper-aggressive style, the RS’ rear is constantly dancing.

This lively style of driving—bordering on manhandling at times —might take some by surprise. Contrary to common thought on braking in a 911, Estre trailbrakes most everywhere, and in some corners, he makes a double apex. Sometimes it looks like he turns in too early, but he gets so much mid-corner rotation from the car, he’s actually shortening the course through the bend and taking advantage of that traction come exit. Even with traction control enabled and that world-class grip, his style invites a lot of counter-steering, plenty of wheelspin, and those wonderful spikes in the flat-six soundtrack.

The educational lap cost €450 and looks to be worth every single euro. While Estre’s throttle technique might not be applicable to the torquier GT2 RS, this scintillating lap is, at the very least, a serious motivator for an eager driver. Estre demonstrates how committed one can be in a sorted RS, notably at 1:38 and 4:54, and how to push the tires just beyond the limit with precision, conviction, and style.

Braking late and abruptly into the downhill Aremberg (1:38), Estre dials in a delicious bit of oversteer.


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