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French Porsche tuner

Delavilla Creates Sensation at Top Marques in Monaco

Delavilla Top Marques

As with last year with the Cayman R1 and 911 VRS “Speedroad” Delavilla marked the spirit of the occasion by presenting two new models and a stunning concept car at the latest Top Marques Show held in Monaco in April.

delavilla 991 speedster

991 “HardBack”

Transform your 991 cabriolet into a “speedster” in less than a minute…it had to be done, and the French Porsche tuner did it, thanks to a very clever accessory: the “Delavilla HardBack”. PORSCHE does not currently offer this model, so the vehicle shown on the Delavilla stand generated much curiosity. Very easy to install, the “HardBack” allows you to close the electric roof or free the back seats easily. By adding the “Hard Top” to this configuration, one can have the choice of driving a coupe, cabriolet or “speedster”, depending on the weather, your needs or simply your mood


Delavilla Top Marques 1

The “VINTECH” Concept car

The Vintech did not escape the eyes of Prince Albert II of Monaco! Connoisseur of exceptional cars, his Highness visited the Delavilla stand, particularly interested in the “Vintech” concept car. Inspired by the PORSCHE 550 of the 1950s, this handmade prototype with a carbon fibre body and engine was exhibited to demonstrate the design and manufacturing skills of the D3 group, the industrial partner of Delavilla. Seduced by the originality of the automobile, the Prince asked whether this car would be mass produced soon. The project is under review. Maybe we will one day see this amazing French automobile driving through the streets of Monaco with a member of the royal family on board. Knowing the Principalities attachment to French craftsmen, we say that it is quite possible…

delavilla cayman

The DELAVILLA Cayman R1 3.8

At the show the Porsche tuner Delavilla offered test drives with a superb pearly red 3.8L Cayman R1. Delavilla continues to work with the Swiss based engine tuner, SPORTEC, to improve the performance of its models. With an engine capacity that now reaches 3800cc, the 3.8 R1 produces 390bhp, and with its modified chassis is capable of exceptional performance. All the lucky ones who participated in the test drive of this car are unanimous; with the 3.8 R1, Delavilla now offers a version of PORSCHE Cayman with totally unique abilities.

delavilla crossroad

The DELAVILLA “CrossRoad”

This is a first for the French Porsche tuner who have never worked on the PORSCHE Cayenne before, but the result is there: the design is both simple and distinctive; the bite of the huge mouth gives the Cayenne an entirely new face. Add the spoiler, the rear bumper and four exhaust outlets and, the dressing is complete. The “CrossRoad” reaffirms the powerful and dynamic nature of the PORSCHE off-roader. “By changing a little has made a complete change!” The gamble has paid off!


Source: Delavilla


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