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Porsche 356 & 912 : Restomod ou… Steampunk ?!

Elles jouent aux soeurs jumelles même si elles n’en sont pas. Pourtant, le traitement qu’a voulu apporter le proprio de ces Porsche 356 et Porsche 912 est identique. Alors au premier abord, on pourrait croire à un restomod dans les règles de l’art. Mais quand on commence à se pencher sur certains points et sur […]


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RWB made in Indonesia – Une 911 nommée Kizuna

En Indonésie, ils en sont à six… Six Porsche 911 à être sorties des ateliers de chez Terror Garage et porter la griffe d’Akira Nakai, à grands coups d’extensions XXL rivetées à la tôle. Bon la recette, j’vais pas vous la redonner pour la 20ème fois, elle est connue maintenant. Par contre, entre la couleur, […]


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Makellos-Built 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo Impresses In One Take

Dark skies cloud over 911 Turbo viewed from the rear

There is a case for driving your classic Porsches, and Makellos is certainly leading by example. This Porsche has been on a number of road trips and stacked on a few miles since they took ownership of it. Unlike a lot of classic cars, these old 911s can handle 6-figure odometer rollovers as long as they are properly maintained. And, if they’re set up right, are actually really easy to drive quickly. After all, Porsche designed this chassis so well in 1964 that it was only slightly modified over the next twenty-five years. The 911 Turbo has a reputation for being unruly and difficult to drive, but Makellos has made this one a whole lot more rad and a whole lot more forgiving to the driver’s inputs.

Near Perfection

With some suspension tuning, a set of nice big sticky modern tires with progressive breakaway, and a larger turbo that is lazier to spool up, this Porsche is near perfection. When we drove it this spring, we loved almost everything about it, and Zack (who has taken over the task of One Take videos from Matt Farah) seems to like many of the same things about it that we did. While Matt had gotten pretty good at the « One Take » series after doing it for a couple years, it’s nice to see Zack step into that seat and take over quickly and communicate the driving experience effectively. You should definitely give it a watch.

Take Zack’s advice. If you’re sitting on a Porsche for the purposes of « investment », go drive it right now. Rack up a bunch of miles. Have fun in the driver’s seat. « You’re gonna die one day. Are you going to be laying there saying ‘I’m so glad I made ten grand on that M2 I didn’t drive’? No, enjoy it. That’s what the experience is about. »


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Lee’s 996 Carrera diary: Outlaw 001s fitted to the C4 in a world first

Wheels. They make or break the entire look of a car, don’t they. Fortunately, Porsche has provided us with a glittering array of beautiful wheel designs sitting beneath its 911 sports cars for decades now. My favourites all hail from the 997 generation (‘RS Spyder’ centre-locks, ‘Lobster Claws’ and ‘Carrera Sports’) but undoubtedly the most iconic of all time is the famous Fuchsfelge.

As a result, many aftermarket replicas have been made to varying degrees of quality, and even Porsche itself has had a go at modern evocations: the wheels fitted to the 50-Jahre Anniversary car are an obvious case in point, but look closely on the centre-locking wheels on the 991.1 GT3, RS and R and you’ll notice remnants of that renowned five leaf design. Many have tried and failed then, but nobody has arguably come up with a more refreshing twist to the iconic Fuchs wheel design than Fifteen52 with its stunning Outlaw 001.

The product of a collaboration between Fifteen52 and friend of Total 911, Magnus Walker, is a new twist to a familiar wheel design for Porsche aficionados. Made in Los Angeles from forged 6061 aluminium, the Outlaw 001 is available in two-piece and three-piece form in anything from 15-22-inch diameter and, as the three-piece wheels are custom built to order, the world is your oyster in terms of offsets.

I first read the information I’ve just relayed to you just over a year ago, when the two-piece wheels were launched. The concept – and visuals – excited me greatly, and I had more than a pressing inkling the wheel would look great on a 996: the design held great appeal in that it provided a subtle nod to the famous Fuchs, presented in a modern way that would suit the soft lines of the 996 Carrera. Curious, I photoshopped a set on to my own car, and was chuffed to find, objectively speaking, they looked great.

While it wasn’t long before I began seeing sets of Outlaw 001s appearing on various air-cooled Neunelfers on the internet, water-cooled cars were conspicuous by their absence (some 997s had opted for the monoblock 001s, finding favour with its sharper design). So, was it even possible to order a set of Outlaw 001s for my 996?

I spoke with Fifteen52 co-founders, Matt and Mark, and got my answer. None had yet been made to fit a 996, however they were enthusiastic about exploring the possibilities. We began talking offsets and sizes, and I ended up changing from my factory-spec BBS wheels of 8×18-inch ET50 (front) and 10×18-inch ET65 (rear) to 8.5×18-inch ET35 (front) and 9.5×18-inch ET30 (rears), as I preferred the stance this setup would offer. I also opted for a matte black face with matte silver spokes to best evoke the Fuchsfelge homage, with 6061 billet alloy centre caps to complete the look of my three-piece Outlaw 001s.

Around six weeks later, four boxes from Los Angeles arrived at my Bournemouth office, and inside were the first Outlaw 001s in the world to be fitted to a Porsche 996. Removing the wheels from their packaging, I was suitably impressed by what I saw and touched. The finish on the wheels is superb, the sort any established European manufacturer would be proud of. The three-piece wheels are naturally heavier to pick up than my factory BBS wheels, so those with a hankering for motorsports in their 911 should consider the monoblocks instead, but I bought my wheels to look good – and boy do they! I had the Outlaw 001s wrapped in Falken FK453 tyres (more on those next issue) and slotted the wheels straight on to the hubs using factory bolts. Perfect.

As you can see, the result speaks for itself. The fitment of the wheels is exquisite, their design suiting the 996 as impeccably as I’d imagined. I now revel in the fact I’m rocking something different that still provides a subtle nod to the car’s lineage. I’ve since decided it’s time to sell my 996 C4, but I’ll be keeping the wheels for my next Neunelfer project. For further details on the wheels and to create your spec, visit 52outlaw.com.


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RWB Atlanta : 911 Clermont by Akira Nakaï (Vidéo)

Je vous propose un voyage chez MotorCarStudio, un des représentants officiels Rauh Welt aus States, basé sur la côte est à Atlanta. Au programme, une 911 qui va recevoir son habit de lumière des mains expertes du maitre himself, Akira Nakaï.  La caisse a été préparée pour se présenter au Automotive Addicts Cars and Coffee d’Atlanta. … Continuer la lecture de RWB Atlanta : 911 Clermont by Akira Nakaï (Vidéo)


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