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Porsche Type 64 : cette rareté ultime est à vendre

La première Porsche de l’histoire est en vente. Aussi simplement écrit, cela ne paraît pas si exceptionnel mais, quand on sait que la Porsche Type 64 a été assemblée à seulement trois exemplaires, cela prend un sens beaucoup plus intéressant. Sachant qu’il n’en reste qu’une, cette automobile devient ainsi l’ultime objet à acquérir pour les […]


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A Special 964 for a Porsche Matriarch

Though it might not look like anything other than a strangely pristine 964, this silver Carrera holds a special place in Porsche history. As the last birthday present gifted to Louise Piëch née Porsche, daughter of Ferdinand and sister of Ferry, it is the last car of a matriarch with a unique flair for life.

This special Porsche now belongs to Clemens Frigge, a dedicated Porschephile. Unfortunately, the previous owners simply didn’t realized the true value of Ferry’s last gift to Louise. In fact, the 964 stood around for a whole year at a dealership!

Massively understated, simple, and elegant; Louise’s last Porsche blends in effortlessly into the Westphalian landscape.

The history of this Porsche is remarkable. During her final years, she dedicated plenty of time to touring through the picturesque surroundings of Lake Zell, where the gifted artist parked this silver 964 when inspired by a particularly beautiful vista, sketched the scenery, and returned to her jaunt. These artworks later became much sought-after collector’s items among the Porsche workforce. Louise liked to use these miniature paintings as Christmas cards for the company’s employees. What an incredible way to spend one’s twilight years after a fruitful life.

From 1952 onwards, the mother of four acted as the managing director of Porsche Holding in Austria. “Resolutely straightforward and not afraid of causing offence” according to her former colleagues, she was known for her inimitable motivation and leadership skills, extreme prudence, and business know-how.

Custom Tailored

Custom tailored to Louise’s liking, this understated 964’s seats are upholstered in an unusual fabric that’s both bizarre and beautiful. Instead of all-leather seats, a mottled mother-of-pearl fabric was chosen—highly reminiscent of a 1970’s office curtain—and was indeed employed as such in the office rooms used by members of the Piëch and Porsche families.

An odd choice of fabrics inside is divisive, but appealing in its own way.

While the subtle purple shimmer to the paint, and the white leather accents inside might turn some stomachs, they are an intriguing set of design choices from an appropriately intriguing woman.

Louise in 1987.


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Porsche 356 « Nr.1 » Roadster de 1948 – La première voiture Porsche

Le 8 juin 2018, Porsche fêtera ses 70 ans. Cet anniversaire sera également celui de la première Porsche a voir été construite et immatriculée, celle par qui la légende Porsche est née grâce à Ferdinand Porsche et à Ferry Porsche : la Porsche 356 N°1 Roadster de 1948 (Type 356/1). Ferry Porsche s’était fixé l’objectif …


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Porsche Creates the Ferry Porsche Foundation

For Porsche, economic success and social responsibility are inextricably linked”, says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. This is clearly evidenced in the brand’s push towards hybridization and electrification in its product line. Porsche’s latest effort, the Ferry Porsche Foundation, is intended to support projects in connection with education and social issues. The foundation will primarily focus on projects in and around the company’s plants in Stuttgart, Weissach and Leipzig, and will play an active role in youth development.

The foundation supports projects relating to science, research and education, as well as training and development, promoting cultural and environmental initiatives and assisting young people affected by social hardship. As the foundation grows its reach will expand to projects around the world. In addition to providing support to other projects, the foundation seeks to establish and expand on initiatives from within the foundation.

Long Term Stability

Through the Ferry Porsche Foundation, we aim to strengthen our existing social and civic activities in a sustainable way, independent of our day-to-day commercial operations,” says Mr. Blume. Porsche will provide funds to the foundation annually from the company’s profits. In previous years the company has invested up to five million Euro annually in civil, cultural and social institutions. The new foundation is receiving an initial investment of ten million Euro, with an additional ten million to come later on.

Porsche’s growth and social initiatives are indicative of the company’s approach to social integration.  “Foundations have a particular importance at times of great change: They are as solid as a rock in turbulent waters, the constant factor. They call for thoughts and actions which encompass longer periods”, says Wolfgang Reimer, President of the Administrative District of Stuttgart. The foundation’s far reaching nature is intended to be a stabilizing factor for the initiatives it supports.

The Board of Trustees and Executive Board

The Foundation will be overseen by a Board of Trustees, primarily drawn from within Porsche. The trustees will provide guidance in the selection of projects and oversight to ensure correct use of foundation funds. Dr Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Porsche AG and son of Ferry Porsche, is the Honorary Chairman of the Board. Oliver Blume is the Chairman. Other board members include Uwe Hück, Andreas Haffner and Lutz Meschke.

The operational side of the foundation will be handled by a separate Executive Board. Dr. Josef Arweck, Vice President of Porsche Communications, will chair the Executive Board. The Vice Chairs are Kai Bliesener and Dr. Carment Self, respectively the Secretary General of the Porsche AG General Works Council and Vice President of Accounting and Taxation at Porsche AG.


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Porsche Type 360 Cisitalia de 1947 – Une voiture de course étonnante

En 1947, l’entrepreneur italien et pilote Piero Dusio a fait appel aux services de Porsche Konstruktionbüro GmbH pour sa nouvelle marque Cisitalia. Son ambition était de s’engager en courses de Grand Prix avec une voiture performante. C’est avec cette idée que naquit la Cisitalia Type 360 conçue par Ferry Porsche en 1947. Origines du projet …


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