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Inside the world’s best Porsche collection

It’s just after midday and we find ourselves waiting outside a plain, nondescript building, its featureless, external monotony a brilliant contrast to the magic of what resides inside. That’s because within these walls you’ll find what is very likely the most astonishing, most unbelievable Porsche collection on the planet which, until very recently, has been kept a complete secret to everybody. You should prepare to be amazed.

It’s a complicated process to get inside the building but, after sharing introductions with the rather secretive owner, we’re lead inside. Greeted by a maze of stairways and corridors at first, our eyes take a little time to adjust to the bleached-out haze of white floors, walls and ceilings, illuminated by brilliantly white lights. The connotations here are almost surgical – for a minute you’d forgive us for thinking we’re about to take a look around a top-secret new hospital that’s soon to open.

Eventually we reach a wide set of windowless double doors, bright light from the other side visible through a minute gap where they meet. Pulling on each handle, the owner swings the doors open and steps back, imploring the three of us in our party to venture inside.

Staggering into the room, three sets of jaws hit the floor as our brains attempt to compute the information we think our eyes are relaying. There are no less than 54 Porsche sports cars impeccably laid out in this huge room which, like the corridors leading to it, is a complete whitewash from floor to ceiling. The cars within this hall, rather predictably, are all finished in varying shades of factory ‘weiß’. Welcome to The White Collection.

What started with a single Matchbox 911 Turbo has grown into what is the most awe-inspiring stockpiling of Porsche on the planet. It’s not just because of the unique colour either. The cars in this room are, almost exclusively, extremely rare and collectible models, and all boast low mileages. Don’t let the colourless hues fool you: each Porsche is extensively, bountifully specced, with most of the modern cars simply dripping in bespoke CXX options – but we’ll come to that later.

The collection is vast and immaculately presented. Walking towards the middle of the room, a row of 911 GT2s from 993 right up to 997 RS sit to our left – the 991 is in transit – all organised in chronological order. To our right there’s a row of air-cooled Porsche Rennsports ordered from first to last, including both M471 Lightweight and M472 Touring versions of the original 2.7 Carrera RS. The water-cooled Rennsports line up opposite, with the holy trinity of Porsche supercars in the 959, Carrera GT and 918 presented, in white, in the middle.

Flanking each end of the Rennsport displays you’ll find an extensive Turbo and Turbo S line-up, plus a long line of rare flatbacks which culminates in a 991 R. There’s a row of Cabriolets in the distance, plus every Porsche Speedster, and some choice Targas. All are meticulously placed in stringently straight lines.

Back to that white Matchbox Turbo. “I was given the car when I was a child and was mesmerised by its flowing lines, and so I cherished it. More than a car, I found art in its design. It continued to inspire me as I grew up,” says the Collection’s bashful owner, who wishes to remain anonymous. His first Porsche was a 993, though not in white. They came later, amassed over a period of years, though there’s an admission that “the collecting only became quite aggressive in the last six years or so. The aim, as you can see, was to have one of everything, in white, in the lowest mileage possible.”

Boasting what is likely the best independent Porsche collection in the world, the owner of The White Collection might also be one of the Exclusive Department’s best contemporary customers. The 918 has north of $100,000 in CXX options, and the R, GT3 RS and GTS Targa aren’t far behind. The total amount of CXX options in the room could be near to $1 million. Even cars such as the 991 Turbo S Exclusive Edition, which came with bespoke Gold metallic paint, was optioned in Carrera White Metallic and, popping the front bonnet, the entire boot is lined in luxury leather with contrast gold stitching, courtesy of the Exclusive Department.

Most 991 interiors are resplendent in CXX Yachting blue leather with white contrast stitching and seat piping, this specification a clear favourite of the meticulous owner. The inspiration for this lies on the far side of the room, among the flank of flatbacks, where a 3.2 Carrera resides with a factory Yachting Blue interior. “I just fell in love with the colour combination when I bought that particular car,” the owner says. “It works so well and complements the white exterior, so from that moment on I decided all the new cars should be finished this way.” That 3.2 Carrera’s legacy now includes a 991 R, 991 GT3 RS and 918, all with Yachting Blue interiors.

For the full exposé on The White Collection, pick up your copy of Total 911 issue 175 in shops now, or get it delivered to your door. Can can also enjoy a special bonus gallery of the Collection via our digital editions for both Apple and Android



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Rare 997s: six special editions

For some, it’s the ultimate generation of the Neunelfer: melding that classic 911 design with modern-day performance and sophistication, the 997 has it covered. While the earlier Gen1 cars brought back equilibrium for the 911’s aesthetics and build quality after six divisive years of 996, the arrival of the Gen2 in 2008 improved on reliability, usability and performance. Gone was the troublesome IMS bearing and bore scoring that had plagued the M96 and M97 engines. The new 9A1 engines had direct fuel injection, which offered better power with economy. Porsche also said goodbye to the Tiptronic gearbox, an archaic transmission by this point, replaced by the swift and intelligent dual-clutch PDK transmission still utilised in 911s with two pedals today.

Revered by enthusiasts and automotive journalists, the 997.2 has forever been thought of fondly, never suffering from the negative press incurred with the 996 or 997.1 (the latter thanks to question marks over its engine’s reliability). Of course, the ultimate barometer of success is to be found in sales figures, which were positive given the global financial meltdown in which the Gen2 cars were born into.

You could argue that Porsche itself looked auspiciously at the 997 era of production. With what was an all-new generation of 911 in the 991 firmly on the horizon, the company sought to celebrate this era with a series of run-out models that would truly leave their mark. Over a period of 730 days between 2010 and 2011, the company released no fewer than six special editions, all a consummate raid of the parts bin at least or, at best, a truly unique car, courtesy of the Exclusive department. Not since the 964 or 993 generation had the throng of special-edition 911s rolling off Porsche’s production line been so rich.

Just seven short years later, Total 911 has gathered this stellar sextet with Hexagon Classics in a world first. Most are worth far more than list price – incredible for a Neunelfer less than ten years old – and all are now appreciating. This is their story and brilliance, and why they were sure to be deep-rooted to the Porsche 911 hall of fame from the moment they rolled off the production line…

To read the full story, het your copy of Total 911 issue 162 in stores now. You can also order your copy direct to your door here, or download to any Apple or Android device. 


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Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series : 500 exemplaires seulement… pour amateur du genre

Comment donner un petit coup de pouce à un modèle ? En lui dédiant une série limitée… exclusive. C’est la recette appliquée par Porsche pour sa 911 Turbo S, avec cette version Exclusive Series limitée à 500 exemplaires. Au menu, un kit moteur pour dépasser les 600 ch, une peinture spécifique agrémentée de quelques pièces […]

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Exclusive: first Porsche 992 Turbo mule spotted

Testing of the next-generation Porsche 992 has been well underway for the Carrera and Carrera S programme for months now, yet Total 911 spies have today for the first time captured the 992 Turbo in early test guise.

The mule in our pictures looks much like the current 991.2-generation Turbo, however tacked-on arches show Porsche is experimenting with making the next Turbo’s track width even wider. We can also expect upgrades to the car’s engine and suspension, with the 992 Turbo S set to break the 600hp mark. “The arches evoke memories of the great 934,” our spies told us after spotting the test car in the metal.

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EXCLUSIVE: New 911 Sport Classic and Speedster “in the pipeline”

As revealed in the latest issue of Total 911, Porsche could be set to unveil 991.2 versions of the Sport Classic and the Speedster next year, according to a source close to Zuffenhausen.

Rumours of the cars, which are said to be “in the pipeline” at this stage, could set the scene for an incredible year of 911 launches, with the Exclusive-built 911s potentially joining the expected 991.2 Carrera GTS and GT3 in showrooms during 2017.

Our sources have also learned that Porsche will reveal both a GT2 and a GT2 RS version of the current 911 platform next year, further corroborating the rumours that Weissach’s next GTE class race car will feature a new turbocharged flat six.


There has been no official word from Porsche on the new additions and, as such, numbers are yet to be confirmed however, as with the 997, the two models are expected to be among the rarest 911s on offer (just 356 997 Speedsters and 250 997 Sport Classics were built by Porsche in 2010).

Like the last generation Sport Classic and Speedster, any 991 variants would likely use the wider-than-standard Carrera 4 bodyshell with the Gen2 Carrera S’s rear-wheel drive running gear, as can be seen in our artist’s impression commissioned by Total 911.


Unlike recent offerings from the Exclusive Department – such as the Targa 4S Design Edition – both cars would likely feature fairly extensive reworking, with the Sport Classic predicted to get the GT3 RS’s sculpted roof.

We anticipate both cars will feature a number of retro touches too, including Anniversary-style alloy wheels and, on the Sport Classic, chromed trim around the decklid. With Porsche’s current penchant for classic fabrics, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘Pepita’ fabric make a return to the interior either.

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