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What It’s Like When A 996 Turbo Goes Under the Knife for New Coolant Pipes

Yes, removing the Mezger is that daunting.

The one chink in the Mezger’s armor is its flimsy coolant pipes. For such a bulletproof motor, it seems strange that Porsche just glued the coolant pipes on. Though press-fitted, these coolant lines are known to pop off under high RPM load. Hoovie’s lousy luck meant his first trip to Heartland Motorsports Park was interrupted by his own lines popping off. Fortunately, this did not prompt a spin down the front straight, nor did it cook the motor. It was embarrassing though, and as it turned out, quite pricey to mend.

The Mezger motors that see the track will sustain higher temperatures and loads which are prone to make these lines disengage from the coolant console, and ensuring they stay in place during hard cornering and high revs requires a costly fix. While the cheaper band-aid fix would only set him back a few hundred dollars, the sensible approach costs ten times that. After dropping the engine, the hoses need to be pinned or welded in place, and the especially prudent drivers will replace the problematic OEM plastic elbows with stainless steel units.

The process of removing the engine is more labor intensive than dropping an M96. Turbos, intercoolers, head shields, and all the other forced induction ancillaries take a bit more time and effort. The starter and turbo inlets need to come out too, since they won’t clear the CV axles. With a few minor wiring hurdles cleared, the Mezger can be freed from its cramped confines. However, the process takes Hoovie and Wizard nearly two whole days to complete—which is why he was quoted nearly three large.

If there’s one piece of uplifting news here, it’s that BBi Autosport decided to help by offering to fix the busted water pipe situation. BBi, as well as a host of other Porsche-centric shops, can weld the coolant pipes in place for what should be a permanent fix. If you have any Mezger-powered Porsche, be it a Turbo or a GT3, you can preemptively have this work done, so it doesn’t come apart and leave you stranded without coolant. If you can remove your motor to get the « coolant console » out, as Mr. Hoover has, it’ll help save you a ton of labor.

Now you know. Let his misfortune save you a ton of time and money!


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Watch This Singer Have An Incredibly Close Call

CODE BROWN! I’m going to need a change of shorts over here, please.

When navigating the infamous Tail of the Dragon, one must exercise a little caution. Blind bends and off-camber turns dot the eleven-mile stretch of country road in Deals Gap, North Carolina, and too much gusto can lead to a very costly incident.

Even more the case if the car one’s driving is the pinnacle of Porsche customization. Fortunately, this Singer driver’s bit of lockup only leads to a trip onto the shoulder, but you can imagine his nerves as the plumes of grey smoke spat from the wheel wells and that hillside approached. Had it been worse, he would’ve been kicking himself in a best-case scenario, especially since the typical cost of a Singer is around the $500,000-mark.

Locking the brakes so near the shoulder on a tightening bend, this man’s day could’ve ended far worse than this.

Despite the brief excursion into the gravel,the man continues boldly on his jaunt. Clearly, these cars stir something primal in a driver and get them to charge in a way that a sober man wouldn’t—especially one not interested in parking a half-million dollars in a ravine.


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Chris Harris Crashes Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Into A Pickup Truck

Luckily, nobody was injured in the collision, but the Porsche 911 GT3 Touring was badly damaged.


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Watch this GT3 Cup Flip 10 Times at the Nurburgring

Unfortunately for John Shoffner, his last VLN race at the Nurburgring ended before he could collect points. On the bright side, he managed to walk away from this horrific crash without as much as a scratch—a testament to the remarkable sturdiness of the modern GT3 Cup.

Running with J2 Racing for another weekend of the Carrera Cup, his race had been proceeding smoothly until overtaking a slower car on the way to the unforgiving section of track called Flugplatz (which literally translates to « The Flying Place »), where a GT3-spec Nissan went airborne and killed a spectator in 2015. The right-hand bend is very quick, preceded by a steep climb, and without much runoff area. Not surprisingly, it’s the site of many bad accidents.

After the Nissan crash, the hill preempting the corner was flattened considerably to try and keep cars from becoming low-flying aircraft. Instead of going airborne, Shoffner seems to have oversteered slightly into the the grass, where his front wheel caught and forced the car into a roll—only to accelerate its rolling once striking the tire wall.

Without the tire barrier, Shoffer’s car might’ve ended up in the trees.

The tire wall did its job well; dissipating energy and keeping the car within the confines of the track. All went well, and Shoffner walked away without injury. In fact, he commented on the video, noting: « I’m the driver. Nice catch on the vid. Thanks for being there. Any chance I can get some stills from that? BTW – I’m fine, not a scratch, but my face filled with blood from the spins, they were horrific. Everybody- buy a Porsche!!« 

I’m not sure there’s ever been a better advertisement for the marque than that. Buy a Porsche, indeed.


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Watch This Driver Make 13 Passes in One Lap of Carrera Cup GB

French karting champion and former-F4 driver Valentin Hasse-Clot made quite the Carrera Cup GB debut this past weekend. Scything his way through a damp Snetterton, he put on an overtaking masterclass; passing thirteen cars on the first lap alone. With a great understanding of the wet line, no shortage of courage, quick hands, and a superior sense of balance, he eventually worked himself up into second place, and clearly turned the most heads in the grandstands.

Unfortunately, his chutzpah eventually left him high and dry; he slid off the circuit and into the barriers.

Fortunately, he was able to showcase his skills once again

Starting from the back of the pack for the second race of the weekend, Hasse-Clot muscled his way past more experienced competitors in the same unbridled fashion; moving into seventh position by the seventh lap. He remained there for the remainder of the race.

By applying the power with much more certainty, Haase-Clot was able to outdrag equal cars quite easily.

With such strong pace from the start; qualifying two tenths of second from the front row, this young Frenchman holds plenty of potential. Not only is he quick and courageous, but he’s a showman who knows how to stir an audience. Bon courage!


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