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Carrera S

New Porsche 992: first look

It looks much the same, but there are significant changes. Not least, Porsche has future-proofed the 992 model for hybridisation, using a re-engineered eight-speed PDK transmission from the Panamera that’s got a space in it for an electric motor. It won’t be called into action just yet though, says 911 boss August Achleitner, because he’s not convinced the battery tech is good enough for now, but don’t rule it out for the Gen2 model.

That hybrid preparation also means there’s some space in the body for battery packs, though like the gap in the gearbox they’ll remain unused at the 992’s launch. All Carreras will now be widebodied, with the Carrera S we’ve been in the same width as the GTS. The front axle gains 40mm, while there’s new technology like Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Departure Warning and the option of Night Vision. A march to autonomy? Achleitner says no, saying the 911 will be one of the last cars to do so, adding that at its core it’s a driver’s car.

All the new equipment inevitably adds weight, though the use of aluminium in the body helps mitigate that, Porsche’s engineers targeting a weight the same as the outgoing 991 for the new 992 model. There’s a new standard driving mode, the 992 detecting wet roads and priming the stability with tweaks to the gearbox and the rear wing’s angle of attack. Achleitner says that’s the result of the 911 being a relatively light car on wide tyres – with staggered wheel sizes of 20 and 21 inch, wearing 245/30 ZR20 and 305/30 ZR21 tyres respectively.

The engine remains the same turbocharged 3.0-litre flat-six, with a number of significant revisions. There’s piezo injection, an entirely new intake and exhaust system, re-positioned intercoolers (on top of the engine, 993 Turbo style), while EU cars have an exhaust particulate filter, too. The output is up, 450hp in the Carrera S – the Carrera anticipated to have 385hp or so. In the S, Porsche’s engineers are saying it’ll match the performance of the 997 Turbo, so a sub-4.0 sec 0-62mph time, and a 190+mph top speed.

The slightly slower Carrera will follow the S’s intro, it adding the seven-speed manual to the line-up, while the inevitable Turbo, Turbo S, GT3, and GT3 RS models following, too. Word is the Turbo is punching out 650+hp.

We’ve ridden alongside Achleitner and his team of engineers as the 992 is signed off prior to its November reveal in LA. Be sure to read the full inside story of the new, future-proofed 911 in Total 911 issue 172, out October 31st.


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Porsche 718 Boxster GTS : essai à l’italienne avec le Chef Simone Zanoni

Qui a dit que les Italiens préféraient les Italiennes ? C’est un véritable essai « Art de Vivre à l’italienne » que nous vous proposons de découvrir grâce à notre voyage en Sardaigne. Sur la terre des centenaires et du savoir-faire, à bord de la Porsche 718 Boxster GTS (Grand Tourisme Sport), Simone Zanoni, le talentueux Chef étoilé du restaurant Le Georges, situé à Paris, nous dévoile son amour pour les sportives allemandes. L’Italie a été un symbole de la philosophie Porsche lors de nombreux rallyes. Nous avons choisi l’île de la Sardaigne, contrairement à sa voisine, l’île de beauté, car cette perle de […]


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991.2 Carrera v Carrera T: how does the T improve on the base car?

Lighter, more focused and simple. We like the sound of that here at Total 911, particularly when it comes to cars. We first heard about the Carrera T some months ago and, frankly, we could barely contain our excitement. On first details, it sounded exactly like the Carrera should be, even if the ‘T’ moniker seems a little bit contrived. The specification sounds more like a Clubsport, the T’s Touring badge wrapped up in the contradictions of the car’s lighter, more focussed specification. Still, it fits with the Touring ethos of the GT3 at the other extreme, Porsche’s naming strategy somewhat haphazard presently.

Nomenclature be damned though. The Carrera T’s specification makes for interesting reading. The changes, in typically Porsche fashion, are moderate in isolation, though add them up and they’re convincing enough to make for a differing whole. Like the GTS above the S, then, the Carrera T is a box-ticking exercise in specification that enhances and improves, while cleverly adding a few unique elements that mark it out as distinct.

Porsche’s message with it is ‘Less is more’ and that it’s all about the driving. Certainly its specification addresses concern in some quarters that the 911 leans more towards the GT spectrum in 991.2 guise than ever before. Using the Carrera as its basis, the 3.0-litre turbocharged flat-six develops the same 370hp as the entry-level 911. There’s less weight, the quoted unladen weight being 1,425kg, Porsche saying that’s 20kg less than a similarly specified Carrera.

There is some smoke and mirrors going on here though, the Carrera T’s specification has the Miami Blue car here listed at that 1,425kg, while the specification for the silver Carrera Coupe we’ve brought along to test against it reads 1,430kg. There’s 5kg in it here, then, and even that’s open to debate, as the Carrera T comes equipped here with a PCM module. It does without rear seats though, has the reduced sound deadening too, while the windows from the driver and passenger side ones back are lightweight glass – it, like the rear seat and PCM delete a no-cost option to have as standard.

Spend an hour or two on the configurator, as I have, and you’ll find all the slight differences, specifying a standard Carrera, as much as is possible to the specification of a standard Carrera T will see it surpass the Carrera T’s price tag. Throw in the Carrera T’s unique ‘lightweight’ bits and pieces and it all makes a bit more sense, the German-plated car weighing in at £89,994. That is a creep of £4,368 over its £85,576 list price – thank paint and a few other non-essential niceties like the Carrera T interior pack that adds contrasting silver stitching and door straps, but even then the closest I could get the Carrera specification saw it rise to around £89,000 in comparison.

The car silver Carrera here is close enough, being £84,891, visually, externally it takes a keen-eyed spotter to notice the differences. Twenty-inch wheels are standard, while there’s a painted grey finish to the rear engine slats.

For the full feature, pick up your copy of Total 911 issue 163 in shops now or get it delivered via via myfavouritemagazines.co.uk.


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997 S – 2005

FLAT56 spécialiste Porsche Indépendant vous propose:

-Modèle véhicule : PORSCHE 911 997 S 3.8L 355CV
-Année modèle: 2005
-1ère mise en circulation : 24/06/2005
-km compteur : 65000km

-dernier contrôle technique : OCT 2017
-dernier entretien : Juillet 2017
-Boite de vitesse manuelle

-couleur extérieure origine : basaltschwartz métallisé
-couleur intérieure origine: cuir noir

-Nombre de clés : 2
-Nombre de propriétaires : 3

-Carnet d’origine : oui
-Historique facture : oui

Les + :
-modèle carrera 2S
-pack chrono
-full options : suspension réglable …
-situation administrative conforme
-présence carnet d’entretien origine + factures
-présence étiquettes sur véhicule
-esthétique excellent état int + ext
-comportement conforme sur route
-toit ouvrant
-entretien à jour
-pas de travaux à prévoir

Les – :
-IMS probablement non renforcé => à contrôler à l’occasion (non vérifiable sans démontage), et prévoir fiabilisation au besoin (tarif prestation : 1600€TTC entretien inclus).

N’hésitez pas à consulter notre site internet pour connaitre notre politique de travail.

Acheter chez FLAT56 c’est:
• Etre conseillé sur votre achat en fonction de vos attentes et de votre budget
• Eviter les déplacements inutiles et les désillusions
• Acheter un véhicule qui aura été contrôlé par une équipe de spécialistes
• Acheter à prix justifié


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Porsche 911 : le millionième exemplaire sort de l’usine !

Plus de 50 ans après sa naissance, la référence des sportives vient de franchir un cap historique avec le millionième exemplaire qui vient de sortir des chaînes de montage du site de production de Zuffenhausen. Le chiffre 1 000 000 est encore plus impressionnant lorsqu’il s’agit d’une Porsche. Mais autant informer de suite les collectionneurs qui liraient cet article, la Porsche Carrera S à la teinte « Irish Green », en hommage au premier modèle, n’est pas à vendre. Cette 911 est donc une version Carrera S qui développe 420 ch. Cet autre chiffre semble anecdotique comparativement à celui fêté. L’exemplaire qui arbore le […]


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