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991 Turbo S

Our Favorite Porsches On Ebay: Volume 102

We’ve been compiling some amazing Porsche models on eBay for nearly three years now, and we’ve seen some pretty astonishing cars pop up now and again. This week we’re taking a look at Porsche’s history of entry level sports cars. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our curated look at the Porsche market. Keep in mind, some of these Porsches could be great collection investments, while others might prove to do more financial harm than good.


Every other week, we feature 5 of our favorite Porsches on eBay. That post is sent out to our mailing list of more than 17,000 Porsche owners and fans and is seen by 10s of thousands of other readers who visit our site directly. If you’re selling a Porsche on eBay and would like to see it featured here, just shoot us an email with the details and we’ll be back in touch. Otherwise, feel free to check out all the other eBay listings we have on our Porsches for sale pages.

1. 1960 Porsche 356B T5 Coupe Race Car For Sale

Porsche’s little bathtub coupes have always been favorites of ours, and even more so when they’re built up to hit the race track. With a big single-exit exhaust like that, it’s probably seriously loud, too! With even a mildly modified 1.6-liter, this car still requires a bit of momentum-conscious driving to extract the most out of a lap time, which is just how Porsche intended. These cars were giant killers back in their day, and they can still be properly weaponized if you adjust your driving style to fit the car. It’s not perfect, but it would probably make a really good combination weekend driver and occasional track racer.

For more pricing, pictures, and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

2. 1993 Porsche 928 GTS 5-Speed Manual For Sale

With just 44,000 miles on the odometer, this 928 GTS has not been given its full life, and needs a new owner that will take it out for more than an occasional drive. These later rounded-nose 928s are properly awesome grand touring cars, and this one would likely be ready and raring to go on a long cross-country road trip. This one is available for sale in Brooklyn, New York, and we think it would be appropriate to plan a drive to Rennsport Reunion in California this summer. You deserve it, and the Porsche deserves it!

For more pricing, pictures, and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

3. 1974 Porsche 911 Slantnose By Rinspeed For Sale

This one might be ill advised, but I can’t help but love the wild 80s-ification of this poor 1974 911. While the mid-year narrow-body 2.7-liter cars have never really done anything for my tastes, this wholly anachronistic style is infinitely more polarizing. Personally, any slantnose 911 with Gotti wheels is going to be at the top of my list, but some might lament the loss of a clean narrow-body impact bumper car. Having cocaine-induced racer bodywork doesn’t make this a supercar, however, as its original 2.7 is still in the engine compartment with a power-sapping air conditioning compressor hung off the side. Zero-to-sixty by next week?

For more pricing, pictures, and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

4. PTS Signal Green 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupe For Sale

It’s rare that a color is enough to make us fall in love with a Porsche on eBay, but oh mama, this one is so good. A 911 Turbo S is a perfectly great car in any specification with neck-snapping performance and serious long-haul highway comfort, but visually they’re just a little bit on the bland side. This one, however, does away with traditional silvers and whites for a bit of a color wheel punch up. With Signal Green paint, this 911 Turbo S finally has the looks to back up its serious performance. It still has less than 1000 miles on the odometer. Just like that 928, this Porsche desperately needs a lot more miles added to the odometer in short order!

For more pricing, pictures, and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

5. 1989 Porsche 911 M491 Turbo Look Targa For Sale

This Porsche is a serious rarity. In all these years of attending Porsche shows, I can’t recall ever having seen a Turbo Look Targa. I have seen one 1989 Turbo Targa, but never an M491. Allegedly, this 911 is one of 32 ever to be imported to California. Not only that, but this Porsche is painted in a particularly fetching shade of ‘Silver Salmon Metallic’, which somehow exactly fits the car’s personality. This belongs in the collection of someone who will appreciate it, and show off its rarity to the world. Are you that person?

For more pricing, pictures, and information, check out the full listing on eBay.


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Porsche Exclusive reveal special edition Turbo S

Porsche Exclusive, Zuffenhausen’s in-house workshop responsible for building one-off ‘special wishes’ 911s, has revealed it is to build a new 991.2 Turbo S, boasting 610hp and limited to just 500 units worldwide.

The most powerful 911 Turbo S of all time boasts a 27hp increase over the standard factory Turbo S, with maximum torque now up to 750Nm. This is the first limited-run car the special wishes department has produced for worldwide markets since the revered 997 Sport Classic of 2010.

As with any Exclusive-designed car, the Turbo S is most notable for its bespoke design, here boasting Golden Yellow Metallic paint with carbon fibre inserts on the front bonnet, roof, side skirts and side air intakes. Front and rear addenda from the Turbo Aerokit is standard equipment, though the rear PU is slightly tweaked for originality. There’s a new design for the black centre-lock wheels which are lazer traced with Golden Metallic accents. In a first for PCCBs, the mighty six-piston front and four-piston rear callipers are painted in a gloriously understated shade of black.

Inside you’ll find more Exclusive-centric touches including golden contrast stitching across the dashboard, seats and steering wheel, with twin gold stripes in the seat centres also finding their way through the middle of the 911’s famous centrally-mounted tacho. The car’s headrests are replete with ‘Turbo S’ stitching and there’s even a unique PDK gearlever.

As with the current 991.2 Turbo S rolling off the mainstream production line, the 991 also comes with PASM, PDCC, rear axle steering and Sport Chrono pack as standard equipment. For the first time however, customers will also be able to order a chronograph timepiece from Porsche Design “configured in the same design” as their new sports car purchase from Porsche Exclusive.

This special edition Exclusive Turbo S is available from £186,916, with the supporting chronograph an additional £8,700.


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Porsche 991 Turbo S Cabriolet: Turbo on tour

Oh how we all enjoy an impressively good road trip. Just think about it; I’d wager that for most reading this fine magazine, there’s not too much in life that can usurp the idea of slinging some essential luggage into the front of your Porsche 911 and taking on a drive to unfamiliar territory, hitting up some of the most delectable roads on Earth in the process. It is what Butzi’s seminal sports car was built for, after all.

Your editorial team is no different, of course, and you’ll commonly find our excursions through the continent documented in detail among these very pages. A Total 911 road trip usually sees us head east, too, this being the direction you’ll find most of Europe from the magazine’s humble UK offices. However, for our latest venture I’m breaking with tradition and heading to the second most westerly territory in Europe: the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland’s blend of coastal and mountain roads is among the best on the continent to drive, offering plenty of technically challenging routes set among stunning natural topography. Better still, the roads on the Emerald Isle are quiet compared to the oft-driven mountain passes on Europe’s mainland.


Previously in Total 911 we’ve championed the merits of the Wild Atlantic Way, an extraordinary trail of some 1,600 miles that closely follows the jagged extremities of Ireland’s remarkable west coast. This time though, my automotive playground is the Wicklow Mountains, an expansive national park of some 20,483 hectares situated just south-west of the capital, Dublin. The roads are great, the accompanying views beautiful, and there’s plenty of history to unearth from the area, too. Already, this is sounding like the perfect road trip.

My steer for the jaunt across the Irish Sea is a 991.2 Turbo S Cabriolet. In striking Miami blue, my mission is to find out if this all-singing, all-dancing 911 has any real substance to its drive, or if it really is the mobile poseur’s paradise it looks like from the outside. The roads I’m headed for will help settle that dispute in no time.

To read more about the Porsche 991 Turbo S Cabriolet’s road trip around Ireland, pick up Total 911 issue 145 in store today. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it straight to your digital device now.




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Top ten photos from Total 911 issue 134

Total 911 issue 134 is dominated by our first drive of the radical new Porsche 991.2 Carrera (above). However, for those who prefer their neunelfer thrills to be a little more traditional, we’ve also driven the very first impact bumper Porsche 911.

There’s even a guide to the Porsche 356 Speedster, a car that would inspire three generations of open-top 911, and a head-to-head between two extreme SharkWerks GT cars. Here’s our photographic rundown of the latest issue:

Never less than eye-catching, we drive the very first impact bumper Porsche 911, displayed at the 1974 Earls Court Motor Show.

Carving through California's canyons, two very different Porsche GT cars, tuned by SharkWerks, go head-to-head.

A pre-911 Porsche icon gets the ultimate guide treatment in Total 911 issue 134.

Josh takes a thrilling drive to Le Mans in the 991 Turbo S to see if forced induction really can be fun...

We take a look at the life and achievements of Porsche's first CEO, Ernst Fuhrmann.

Get the lowdown from the sales room with our look at prestige car auctions in issue 134.

Canford Classics have gained an impressive reputation in under ten years of trading. We find out how.

The 911 Carrera is dead. Long live the 911 Carrera. We get the lowdown on the new turbocharged neunelfers.

The SharkWerks 997 GT2. Is any reason needed?

To read all of these great features, pick up Total 911 issue 134 in store today. Alternatively, download a copy straight to your digital device now.


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Five most expensive places to buy a brand new Porsche 911

In the UK, if you want to buy a brand new Porsche 991 Turbo S – currently the most expensive hardtop 911 in the range – you will need to sign a cheque for £142,120, a fairly hefty price tag for a car without any options.

Recently though, we received a letter informing us that in Greece a new 991 Turbo S would set you back €331,900. With current Euro exchange rate, that’s an eye-watering £240,049.99.

However, it gets worse for Porsche enthusiasts in other farther reaches of the globe as the list below extols. Here, in ascending order, are the five most expensive places we’ve found to buy a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo S:

5) China = 2,551,000¥, equivalent to £258,480.91
Thanks to a 25 per cent import levy and a tax on high consumption vehicles, Chinese Porsche 911 buyers are forced to pay 1.8 times more than their UK counterparts for the latest Turbo S. 

4) Malaysia = RM 1,750,000, equivalent to £263,823.59
Like China, in order to protect native car manufacturers, import duty is extremely high in Malaysia, meaning that a new Porsche 991 Turbo S is nearly twice the price as in the UK.

3) Singapore = $859,388, equivalent to £392,364.46
On top of other taxes, if you wish to buy a new car in Singapore, you must first obtain a Certificate of Entitlement (which gives you a ten-year right to use the road in that vehicle). The 991 Turbo S falls into Category B, which currently costs $62,140 (£28,369).

2) Denmark = 4,264,609kr, equivalent to £413,310.35
With a 180 per cent tax on all new cars in Denmark (plus a very high first registration fee) the Scandinavian country is by far and away the most expensive place to buy a new Porsche 911.

1) Thailand = 27,700,000฿, equivalent to £497,577.32
While we don’t have the 2015 model year prices yet, a new Porsche 911 Turbo S cost nearly half a million pounds in Thailand. This eye-watering price would make even the sturdiest wallets weep.

Have you found a more expensive place to buy a brand new Porsche 911? Share your findings in the comments below, or join the debate on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.



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