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Is the 981 GTS Peak Modern Porsche?

Turbocharging did not gain the Boxster and Cayman any fans. The models kindly picked up 911 fans’ spare derision when the transaxle cars left production in the mid-1990s, and have carried the torch of poor public perception from their predecessors. Real enthusiasts should only be buying 911s after all, or so the line goes. Despite having something of an optics problem right from the outset the cars have always been built upon an excellent foundation, with enviable driving dynamics and a sonorous, if not always powerful, flat-six.

JayEmm likes to couple clickbait with calm reasoning, which gives him a leg up on most Youtubers. To be clear he is saying the 981 GTS is the only modern Porsche he would buy, not the only one you should buy, and that mostly comes down to Jay not being the biggest 911 fan. The man daily drove an Exige for quite some time, which makes me think he’s made an honest assessment of himself as someone who does not need a back seat.

He rather rightly points out the existence of the 718 Boxster and Cayman’s flat-four gave their six-cylinder immediate predecessors something of a boost on the secondhand market. Buyers who were in for the noise and the character of a Boxster were not easily wowed by the new car, despite it improving on paper in virtually every metric. The sound of the flat-four was too Subaru-like, and the whole package lacked the effortless smoothness of the old mill. The GT3-mimicking GT4 and Spyder seek to change that.

But does that make the 981 the pick of Porsche’s recent past? At present 981 Boxster and Cayman GTS models on classifieds sites are sitting in the high $50k range and even into the low $70k range with modest miles. That sort of pricetag knocks on the door of cars like the 997 Turbo or any number of 991.1 911s. Indeed, that sort of pricetag will by very nice 996 GT3 with some money left over.

That said, where do you stand on JayEmm’s assessment? Is the 981 Boxster GTS the modern Porsche to own?


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Cayman 981 – 2014

– Véhicule 1er propriétaire
– État impeccable
– Voiture belge
– Livrée neuve au Porsche Centre de Gembloux (Kronos) le 11/02/2014
– Carnet d’entretien complet Porsche Centre Gembloux (Kronos)
– Facture d’achat + toutes les factures d’entretiens présentes
– Première peinture, aucun élément repeint !

– Entretien Centre Porsche à :
33.322 Kms 03/2015
61.233 Kms 02/2016
91.921 Kms 10/2016
121.217 Kms 11/2017
Entretien 150.000 Kms effectué avant livraison

– S2 – Rhodium Silver Metalic
– AD – Cuir/Alcantara Noir

– 342 – Sièges chauffants
– 400 – Jantes Boxster S 19′
– 480 – Boîte manuelle à 6 rapports
– 534 – Système d’alarme
– 573 – Climatisation automatique
– 603 – Phares directionnels dynamique
– 636 – Park Distance Control avant et arrière
– 640 – Pack Sport Chrono Plus
– 666 – Module téléphone pour PCM (Bluetooth)
– 674 – Préparation pour VTS (Vehicule Tracking System)
– 680 – Bose Sound System
– 748 – Rétroviseurs extérieurs rabattables électriquement
– 810 – Tapis de sol
– 840 – Volant Sport Design
– P13 – Rétroviseurs anti-éblouissement et détecteur de pluie
– P23 – Porsche Communication Management avec module de navigation (GPS)
– Phares Bi-Xénon
– Lave-Phares
– LED (Phares de jour)
– Etriers de freins Rouges
– VTS (Vehicule Tracking System)
– Allumage automatique des phares

– Livrée avec Contrôle Technique et Car-Pass
– Garantie 1 an

– Uniquement sur rendez-vous
– Only on appointment
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– www.pch-automotive.be

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Special Essex Outlaw gathering with Magnus Walker announced

Save the date, for June 14th 2017 will mark a special evening Porsche meet with Magnus Walker in association with Paul Stephens and Total 911 magazine – and you’re invited.

Hosted at the idyllic Paul Stephens premises at Sudbury Road, Little Maplestead, CO9 2SE, Essex Outlaw promises to be the biggest and best gathering of Porsche metal in the UK’s east, attended by the Urban Outlaw himself. And, on top of the plethora of world class Porsche on display, there will also be the opportunity for enthusiasts to take a look behind the scenes at Paul Stephens and see the PS Works Clubsport, one of the country’s best new Outlaw builds, up close. The event will officially run from 6-9pm, with good food and drink available.

Essex Outlaw will present the last opportunity for UK-based fans to hang out with Magnus before the Urban Outlaw heads home to LA via the world’s most famous 24-hour race. At the Silverstone PEC leg of his book tour last Saturday, in which he was interviewed by Total 911’s editor Lee Sibley in front of a live audience, Magnus told Total911.com: “It’s been great meeting so many people on my book tour here in the UK and I’m super excited to be involved with this final gathering for fellow Porsche enthusiasts before heading to this year’s Le Mans 24. Thanks as always to everybody for your support, let’s get out and drive and see you at Paul Stephens on June 14.”

This special Essex Outlaw event is open to any make of Porsche. To register your interest in the event, email [email protected] with car registration details of the Porsche (or Porsches) you and your group will be attending in – and we’ll see you there!


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Real-time traffic updates for new PCM system

If you’ve ever wished for live traffic updates from your Porsche Communication Management system, your dreams are soon to become reality as, from September, all new Porsches will come with the ability to relay real-time traffic information.

All new vehicles with PCM 3.1 and the “online services” option (that is now available free of charge in Europe) will be able to connect to the new traffic service via a smartphone for no additional charge.

By simply downloading the Aha Radio app to your iPhone or Android device and connecting it to the PCM, live traffic updates will be displayed on the PCM screen in 14 European countries.

Porsche's updated PCM means you should be spend less time doing this...

While the current PCM traffic updates are processed using data from TMC and TMCpro, the new technology uses a much larger database comprised, in part, of GPS data from numerous mobile phones (hence the necessity for the Aha Radio app).

Collected and analysed by INRIX (a specialist technology firm), this data is relayed to the PCM 3.1 almost continuously, with near constant refreshes providing almost instant updates to the traffic situation on routes programmed into your navigation.

These results are clearly displayed on the PCM map, with green routes providing free flowing traffic, amber routes are stop-go and red routes are reserved for traffic jams.

...and more time doing this.

The real-time nature of these traffic updates mean that the dynamic route calculation of the PCM 3.1 will be improved, minimising delays by avoiding traffic hotspots as they develop.

From 2016, Porsche Tequipment will offer a retrofit solution for vehicles fitted with PCM 3.1 and built after November 2012. If the “online services” option is already installed, the update will cost €232.05 (inc VAT).

For PCM 3.1s without “online services”, the retrofit will cost €351.05 (inc VAT) and will include the latest map data. To discuss your options, contact your local Porsche Centre.


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Nouveau Boxster Spyder, nouveau carton plein!

Cayman GT4, 911 GT3 RS, et désormais le Boxster Spyder. Décidément, l’année 2015 restera dans les annales de Porsche comme un grand, très grand crû! Jamais nous n’avions eu la chance de vivre un tel déluge de nouveautés aussi délurées dans une période aussi courte. Devra-t-on s’en plaindre? Certainement pas! … Lire la suite Nouveau Boxster Spyder, nouveau carton plein!

! In Retusche !


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