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981 Cayman

Watch This Cayman GT4 Hassle A GT3 RS In France

At a fast, frightening circuit, a 981 Cayman GT4’s horsepower deficit ought to keep it from hanging with a well driven 991.2 GT3 RS. However, there are some very quick, challenging corners to negotiate here, which make bravery and commitment almost as useful as raw firepower. As we see, the mid-engine marvel’s incredible agility, when paired with a slightly better driver, is enough to level the playing field at Magny-Cours.

Not that the man in the yellow RS is a slouch, but the Cayman driver, Ricopassion, exudes superior skill and confidence through his measured driving. His perfect heel-toeing, neater lines, and willingness to cut a few angles in quicker corners (1:04) indicate he’s completely on top of his Cayman.

Casually opposite locking at eighty miles per hour—without losing much mid-corner speed—is something which takes a lot of familiarity with the car.

Though the Cayman has stellar traction, its 380 horsepower are enough to induce a little oversteer out of hairpins (3:14), so Rico’s throttle application has to be more progressive there than the RS driver’s. The RS’ low-speed traction, combined with a PDK gearbox, more torque, and another 140 horsepower spread the two quite a ways along the straighter sections of this famous French track.

The Cayman isn’t bringing more outright performance to the battle, so it is confidence through Magny-Cours’ faster bends and braking zones that help reel in the RS repeatedly. Considering the gap the RS achieves along every straight of some length, it’s very impressive how Rico can late-brake himself back into contention. Most notably after they both thread through traffic (2:15), Rico stands on the middle pedal, shifts from fifth to second, and claws back at least ten car lengths.

That late-braking maneuver might’ve put a dent in the RS driver’s confidence.

In the end, it’s the Cayman’s strong brakes, entertaining balance, and incisive nose which make up for the obvious difference in traction and power. Of course, were it not for Rico’s obvious talent and boldness, these qualities in the Cayman’s chassis couldn’t be accessed. In addition to being purely entertaining, this high-speed battle demonstrates that, provided the cars aren’t too different in terms of performance, a driver of superior skill can really make up the difference.


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Thrashing the Cayman S With Porsche Driving Experience

What better way to get a feel for the 981 Cayman S than by thrashing it at Leipzig under the tutelage of a Porsche instructor? Travel and fashion blogger Steve Booker is one fortunate soul who, in attending the Porsche Track Experience, gets to learn the Cayman S with the assistance of a sodden skidpad, some of the world’s best corners, and a talented coach.

Sliding on a skidpad will rapidly sharpen one’s countersteering skills.

It’s not often that novices get to push their cars to the limit on a typical track day, but the Porsche Track Experience is designed to have customers familiar with the complete character of their Porsche; to make them comfortable at the edge of adhesion. As Booker puts it, rather poetically, « By the end of it—it sounds silly—but you’re, like, dancing with it. »

Learning lines, breakaway characteristics, braking distances, and weight transfer are all in a day’s work there. For those considering a performance-oriented Porsche, want to improve their own skills, or are just interested seeing in the potential of one of these cars demonstrated by a trained professional, the Porsche Track Experience is an exhilarating way to spend a weekend.


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