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« We had the pleasure to do a shooting with the Photographer Andreas Selter from Munich, who
has the same passion for the Porsche 911 as we have. He is also the lucky owner of a classic silver Porsche G-Model and so we decided to do a little driveout together… »


© Photos: Andreas Selter // 911 LND, 2017


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993 GT2 Deploys 1,000 Horsepower at Zandvoort

Though the 993 GT2 might be known as a wild fire-breather to most, it seems one Dutchman found it a bit tame for his tastes. This monster, based off a 964 Turbo but turned into a wild 993 Evo replica, is tuned by Belgium’s DUXE to produce obscene grunt and deploy it without a hiccup. Though they’re a bit cagey about releasing the actual figures—this being a competitive racing car and all—it’s reputed to make over 1,000 horsepower in race trim, and that makes it a dragster with the ability to brake and corner.

Those giant Cup brakes are necessary to quell the force-fed engine. Photo credit: DUXE

With the propensity to spit flames, squeak between every gearshift, and some tasteful Martini-esque stripes, Jan van Es’ GT2 can turn heads wherever it goes. It’s a club racer, and doesn’t have to adhere to the strictest of regulations, and that allows it to show off the upsides of such a wild engine.

Part of this Porsche’s appeal can be attributed to the looks and the incredible motor, sure, but it’s more than just a pretty, barely-contained dragster for the road course. Intrax suspension dots all four corners, as do modern GT3 Cup brakes, and at the rear, a rear wing stretching six feet helps plant the rear for some enviable traction. Factor in a sequential gearbox to fully exploit the jet turbines sitting underneath the rear decklid, and this beast can leave even modern RSRs in its wake.

It’s a Porsche that doesn’t invite the driver to attack the corner entry, but rather focus on putting that remarkable power to the pavement and dragging the horizon in. Yet, it still shows plenty of stability in Zandvoort’s high-speed sections, and doesn’t seem like the snappiest of 991s. Considering the firepower it has, that’s an amazing feat of engineering!

Cresting the hill in enviable style. Photo credit: Es Racing

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The Many Porsches Of Radwood 2

In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of the organizers of Radwood and while I regularly contribute to this site, I was encouraged to bring a piece of my car show to FLATSIXES.com. I was way too busy working to make sure the event ran smoothly to take many photographs of my own, but some of my friends have contributed their pictures for you to peruse in this post.

For those who don’t know, Radwood is an 80s and 90s car show that celebrates the lifestyle and totally tubular-ness of the 1980s and 1990s. We started this show back in June, holding our inaugural event at the Brisbane Marina south of San Francisco, and it was such a wild success that we decided to host a second one just 6-months later. « Radwood 2 [Electric Boogaloo] » took place in Anaheim on the second of December.

We had about 360 cars and over 1000 attendees turn up, and it was a raging success. While the only stipulation for the show was that your car be built between 1980 and 1999 (or otherwise have significance to the era, like the VW bus from the American classic ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’, for example), Porsche was the second most represented marque, following BMW. SoCal Yuppies were out in full force. Matt Farah brought his newly purchased Cassis Red 911. Hunziker Design brought a bunch of merch to sell (and their dirty 996 GT3). Fifteen52 brought their super cool 964 (top). So many people dressed in period attire to really get into the spirit.

Click on any image below for a larger version and then just hit the « x » in the top right corner to come back to the post.

The Porsches of Radwood 2

Photos in this gallery provided by Manuel Carrillo III, Keiron Berndt, Dave Rendon (shot on film), and Matt Brown (HushyPushy)

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Watch this Drift-Specific 964 Go Very Sideways

Though it’s not a common sight seeing a Porsche 911 go sideways in such a stylized fashion, this one does look fairly natural doing it.

Tuned by KA-TUN, a Japanese racing outfit, this 964 is meant to slide gracefully at speed. To do so, it sports massive wheel spacers, Bride seats (drifters adore them), the toe and camber settings conducive to oversteer, and a set of blister fenders for both a widened track and the aggressive styling drift machines are known for. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does turn heads. For those not interested in the looks, the action begins fifty seconds into the clip.

This 964 exudes a bit of that Rauh-Welt Begriff style we’re so familiar with. With the choice add-ons, it’s certainly a vibrant Porsche, and it has the soundtrack to match the exuberant driving. It seems to have it all. However, it is handicapped in one respect.

The pendulum effect inherent in every automobile is quite violent in this rear-engined 911. Noticeably, the way this car breaks and regains traction are quite abrupt. More obviously, transitioning from a leftward slide to a rightward slide, somewhat like a feint but also known as a manji in drifting parlance, is not as graceful nor as progressive as with a car with an engine in front. Therefore, the Porsche requires very delicate steering to keep it from spinning when swinging the rear around.

Snappy and sideways, the KA-TUN 964 is a definite crowd pleaser.

Not to say that competitively drifting a 911 is impossible, it’s just that its weight balance isn’t as suited to producing long, smoky, elegant slides as front-engined cars do. « >Tyler McQuarrie took a modified 993 GT2 to Formula D years ago, but he’s since retired the machine for a Camaro. In any event, enjoy this cerulean blue 964 show how 911s really are the versatile sports car for every occasion—including playing the hooligan.


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Wrestling a 660-HP 964 on Six-Year-Old Tires

TPC Racing started their racing outfit in the late eighties; refining the turbocharger systems for the Nissan 300ZXs, Mazda RX7 Twin Turbos, Lotus Turbo Esprits and Consulier GTPs of the IMSA GTU series. That sort of background manifests quite clearly in two aspects of this monstrous « GT2″—the paddleboard-sized intercooler, which looks like it could reverse global warming alone, and the fact that this twin-turbo, 3.6-liter motor produces 660 horsepower at the rear wheels in endurance trim. In fact, this machine was so fast that Randy Pobst and owner/driver Levitas would challenge one another into Turn 1 at Daytona to see who could enter faster. They tied at 207 mph each.

Big turbochargers strain those broad rear slicks through Virginia International Raceway’s tightest bends.

TPC took this machine first to race in club races, and later, the spiritual successor of IMSA GTU: Grand-Am. However, nowadays it spends most of its time hunting down NASCAR machinery under the control of Levitas. Virginia International Raceway, with it’s long straights, high-speed chicanes, and technical sections, sets the perfect scene for a battle between these two powerful racing cars with very different specifications.

The Duel

Despite the fact that the Porsche’s wearing dangerously tired rubber, it slithers and dances in hot pursuit of the big-bore stock car. Despite the forceful and responsive motor sitting behind Levitas, it can’t quite match the sheer grunt of the American iron which edges the stock car away on the straightest sections of the Danville, Virginia course. However, every remotely technical section clearly favors the nimbleness of the Porsche and Levitas’ tidy lines. Not happy to be caught so easily, the man ahead has to resort to unsavory blocking—most dangerously at 2:48—to try and keep Veritas behind. Some people just lack a sense of sportsmanship.

The Car

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