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Is The 2020 Porsche 935 More Than A Pretty Face?

Porsche’s current king of the hill, the track-only GT2 RS-based 935, is the kind of thing that dreams are made of. With just 77 units built for worldwide consumption, not many of us will get the opportunity to wring this car’s neck. Especially when you consider the massive price tag that it comes equipped with. The big wing and slicks machine is race ready for a number of series around the world, including the SRO’s GT2 world championship, or just to be used as a rich person’s track toy, or tucked away in a collection never to see the light of day again. The third of those would be the greatest shame of all.

So what makes the 935 so great? Consider, if you will, that the rear wing is a little over 6 feet wide to provide the ultimate downforce. Or that the tail has been lengthened considerably to assist with downforce and aero efficiency as well. Look how much width has been added to the car! That translates to big grippy tires. Sure, it’s a visual throwback to the 935s of old, but it’s pretty damn cool taken on its own, as well.

Here’s a closer look at the 935 to give you a better idea what it looks like inside and out.

And if you’re so inclined to see what the 935 is like in a drag race against a McLaren 720S and a Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro, you can see that in the video below.


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Porsche’s Coca Cola Classic Liveries Return Petit Le Mans

While not as iconic as the Gulf-liveried 917, the Coca-Cola cars from the 1980s tug at the heartstrings of the dedicated Porschephile. As a part At this year’s final round of the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship at Road America, Porsche’s works 911 RSRs will wear that classic red and white livery made famous though IMSA GTP roughly thirty years ago. Coca-Cola’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, as are Porsche North America, so bringing back some of motorsport history for Petit Le Mans.

“The anniversary season for IMSA comes to an end with a big highlight. It’s fantastic that two such strong brands like Porsche and Coca Cola are working together. We definitely want to continue our shared success story that began in the 1980s. It would be a dream come true if we could secure the title with a top result – especially considering that it will be the last race outing for this version of the Porsche 911 RSR in the IMSA series,” says Pascal Zurlinden, Porsche’s Director of Factory Motorsports.

In the early eighties, Bob Akin’s red and white 935 was a regular front-runner with multiple podiums. Though never winning a race, their consistency was enough to win the IMSA GTP class in 1983. The following year, the same team returned with a 962 decked out in that iconic livery.

The Bob Akin Porsche on its way to victory at the 1986 12 Hours of Sebring.

After so many attempts in the fiercely contested category, Akin finally enjoyed victory in one of his Coke-liveried cars in 1986. Along with Hans Stuck Jr. and Jo Gartner, Akin secured the win 1986’s 12 Hours of Sebring. However, the brilliant red scheme was associated with success long before Akin stood on the top step of the podium.

As this year’s Petit Le Mans is the last race the current iteration of the Porsche 911 RSR is participating in, there’s a fair amount of pressure to do well. With Porsche’s factory team entering the Porsche tackles the season finale as the leader of the manufacturers’ and drivers’ classifications, it would be a special sendoff if their Coke-liveried RSR, covered in confetti, clinches the win.

The stylish livery looks refreshingly simplistic.


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Patrick Long Hustles an 800-Horsepower 935-84 Around Laguna Seca!

Though these three laps were supposed to calm, Patrick Long didn’t get the memo. Either that, or his natural talent was enough to carry him to ~1:31 laps around Laguna Seca during last year’s Rennsport Reunion VI. The unspoken rule at events like these is to take things a little calmer—these cars aren’t cheap—than one might in an IMSA race. Some more cynical observers might call them a high-speed procession. Long had different ideas.

Long, sporting a retro-styled helmet for the event, gets to grips quickly with the 935 after one relatively slow lap. Even when his first flyer begins, traffic hinders his progress and makes his time all the more impressive. After threading through a pack of 935s, he demonstrates his disapproval of the other driver with a telling shake of the head (2:37). For a driver who’s always so diplomatic and measured in his speech, it’s nice to see some real emotion brought out by the heat of battle.

After getting held up through Turn 6, Long shoots this driver an irritated glare.

Still, like a icy cool professional, he proceeds unfazed. Despite the traffic an relatively cold tires, he loses minimal time, puts the 800 horsepower down cleanly,and rows the slightly notchy four-speed so smoothly. Without any major errors, he snags a 1:34 and makes it look simple.

The second lap is even faster. Free from as much traffic, he can ring out the 3.2-liter motor over Laguna’s Turn 1 and give us a great idea of the small nuclear explosion he’s riding on top of. The power delivery is quite abrupt, but the car still puts it down without much any histrionics; only a bit of wheelspin in slower corners like Turn 2 and The Corkscrew. In fact, the most oversteer appears at turn-in—watch how he has to mildly countersteer as he but Long’s quick hands keep the car pointed in the right direction. Only a consummate professional like him can make it look easy.


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Premières courses des Porsche 935 et 911 GT2 RS Clubsport aux 24H de Spa 2019

Deux modèles très spéciaux de GT2 ont célébré leurs débuts en course à l’occasion des 24 Heures de Spa 2019 en Belgique. Avec la Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport et la Porsche 935, un groupe international de 15 pilotes a disputé deux courses de 30 minutes durant deux jours. Vendredi, le Norvégien Egidio Perfetti a …


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Décorations personnalisées pour la nouvelle Porsche 935

La Porsche 935 a été conçue à l’origine pour la course. La deuxième génération de ce modèle a été dévoilée fin 2018 – il ne manquait plus que la décoration idéale : sept versions sont disponibles pour un nombre limité de 77 unités produites. Il existe des voitures de course Porsche que les amateurs de …


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