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928 GT

Is the 928 GT the Classic Porsche to Own?

The 928 has never had the sporting credentials of the 911, but is the penultimate variant one of the best classic Porsches to own? Over nearly two decades in production the 928’s output increased from 219 horsepower to 345, and displacement from 4.5 to 5.4 liters. Changes to the model were more than simply adding power. Porsche’s traditional method of evolution rather than revolution meant that the 928 improved year after year. While the widebody GTS, has long been a collector-favorite, is the more subdued GT actually the car to have?

The GT is often forgotten in the 928 hierarchy. The largely-similar S4 was a much stronger seller and was on the market for several years longer than the GT. Unlike the S4, the GT was available only with a manual transmission. This extremely-sporting 928 was also equipped with a computer-controlled limited-slip differential derived from the 959 supercar. Power was also up by 10 horsepower compared to the S4. While 10 horsepower isn’t much, more is always better, right?

According to reviewer JayEmm, a Brit with a James May-like affection for aggressively patterned shirts, the 928 GT may be the classic Porsche to own. With plenty of interior space, a large trunk, and a torquey, flexible V8, is the 928 the ideal classic Porsche for the modern driver?


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