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UK Porsche 993 road trip across the USA

Sometimes in life you need to jump and have faith things will work out. Having covered many thousands of miles in the States, I’d long wondered what it would be like to drive across this great country in one of my own cars.

One winter’s day last December I booked a couple of flights to Nashville without clearing my six-week travel plans with my colleagues at work. It would also mean my partner, Renée, who I planned to take with me, would face a similar predicament. We decided to take the plunge.

I found very little information to help take my own British-registered, C16 993 Carrera S to the States. Others had asked the question on forums before, only to be ridiculed, the perplexed wondering ‘why?’ It’s not for everyone, and certainly not without risk.

Think about things that could happen: an accident, theft, breakdown. With a rental, you simply call a number and someone else sorts your problem. At worst, you’ll be inconvenienced a day – that was my experience when I wrecked a BMW in Death Valley a few years back. Taking my own car would expose these risks and more, so my appetite for adventure had to match my love of Porsche. 

You can rent a Porsche 911 at LAX, but even booking months in advance you’ll be lucky to get availability, and are limited to collection and drop off at the same location. If you can get one, you’ll pay $1,800 a week for the privilege, and when you return with 8,000 miles added to the odometer there will be an extra $4,000 to pay. This was never my plan, exploring the options a way to justify the end.

Old 911s are great cars for covering distances in. They’re reliable, small, usable and intoxicating to drive. The world has long woken up to how good they are, and they’re in demand, many of us becoming cautious of piling on miles or even getting them wet.

Yet driving them is where the real value will always be. There was something distinctly appealing about shipping the 993, that familiarity of taking a faithful companion along for the trip of a lifetime and the sense of occasion an air-cooled 911 always delivers

The process has taught me it takes organisation, patience and a lot of form filling. There are two main shipping options: a roll-on-roll-off service, or a container, either with just one car or shared with other cars. I did a mixture, RORO outbound and a container inbound.

Costs were £4,000 including collection from Tennessee and transportation by road to Charleston on our return. You need to allow extra time for shipping delays; my car was over a week late arriving, luckily factored into the dates.


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Miniature Make Up Eidolon au 1:43 – Singer DLS Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

Le fabricant japonnais Make Up dévoile sa dernière nouveauté à l’échelle 1:43 dans sa série Eidolon : une miniature de la Singer DLS Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018, fabriquée en résine à la main avec une grande finesse des détails. Make Up reproduit fidèlement la Singer DLS avec la décoration présentée au Goodwood Festival of …


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Essai Porsche 911 Carrera : Access Prime Time

Depuis les années 2000 et la génération 996, la Carrera a moins suscité l’intérêt des acheteurs, plus enclins à se tourner vers des versions “S”, à la carrosserie plus musculeuse et aux performances supérieures. Au point que cette version d’accès est commercialisée ultérieurement et un peu dans l’ombre de la version de 450 ch, apparue en début d’année.

La “petite” reprend la mécanique de la “grosse”, avec des turbos soufflant moins forts, mais une puissance respectable de 385 ch. Côté carrosserie, toutes les versions route sont désormais logées à la même enseigne, les dimensions, en particulier la largeur des ailes, étant identiques. Difficile même, pour l’initié, de faire la différence. Seules les jantes de série, une taille plus petite (19 pouces à l’avant et 20 à l’arrière), permettent de lever le doute.

Une fois parfaitement installé dans cet habitacle ultra moderne aux inspirations de 911 plus anciennes, la mise en route n’offre pas davantage le grand frisson que la Carrera S. Malgré l’échappement sport optionnel (2 628 €), la sonorité reste feutrée. Heureusement, à l’accélération, la tendance s’estompe pour laisser place au son rauque caractéristique. La poussée est impressionnante, en dépit de quelques petites différences avec celle de la S, qui semble plus hargneuse. Chrono en main toutefois, cette version Carrera fait fort : 293 km/h en…


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Porsche Cayenne Coupé : le « SUV 911 » à l’essai

Les SUV sont partout et les constructeurs de prestige n’ont pas loupé ce « virage automobile ». Depuis 2003, Porsche rencontre ainsi le succès avec son Cayenne mais, il a fallu attendre 2019 avant de voir débarquer le Porsche Cayenne Coupé. Alors, le dernier-né de la marque de Zuffenhausen est-il à la hauteur de « l’excellence Porsche » tel […]


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Get Schooled About Porsche’s Special Carrera 2.7 RS

What’s the difference between the Sport and Touring models of the 1973 Carrera 2.7 RS? How did Porsche drop over 200 pounds from the RS to get the M471 model down to fighting fit? What’s the history of Porsche’s special Grand Prix White paint color? Where’s the collector market on these incredible examples of Porsche sporting history? What more could you possibly want to know about the 2.7 RS? You name it, Road Scholars is here to help you navigate the world of Porsche’s first RennSport model.

If there is anyone who might know the answers to all of these questions and more, it’s Cam Ingram from Road Scholars. He’s been surrounded by incredible Porsches like these for his entire life, and has probably driven just about every Porsche ever made. To call him an expert would be under selling it.

In the short video you’ll learn a bit about these crazy cool vintage lovelies. It’s also an opportunity to get up close and personal with a trio of cars that mere mortals don’t normally get to set foot anywhere near. Only 1308 examples of the Touring (M472) and 200 examples of the Sport (M471) were built in 1973, and while the value curve of these has flattened out lately, they’re still incredibly expensive to purchase, own, maintain, and insure. If you have the means, we highly recommend it.


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