Jay Leno Gets Acquainted With Bisimoto’s 850-Horsepower ’75 911

It’s funny to think that the M96 in the rear of this car once had a bad cylinder and a melted piston. Bisi Ezerioha, then only experienced with four-cylinder motors, saw an opportunity to resleeve the block, add Traum pistons and a handful of his own handmade internals. Now, the motor is force-fed by Turbonetics turbos, cooled by a Spearco intercooler the size of an ironing table, and outputting 850 horsepower—nearly six times what the ’75 911’s original motor made. As you might imagine, the combination of that powerplant, lightweight body, and restrained styling meets Jay Leno’s lofty standards.

A massive IROC-style wing, a 550 Spyder mirror, and subtle RS flares at the rear give Bisi’s creation a distinctive look.

Affable and informed, Bisi takes Jay through every nut and bolt of this easily recognized hot rod and explains his build ethos in the process. With a 996 motor and a 997 gearbox, this classic car blends « modern technology and an old-school look. » Under that understated exterior, sophisticated AEM engine management manages the boost-by-speed protocol, monitors the water-methanol mix, and controls the drive-by-wire system. Some love the hodgepodge, others don’t; this car’s gotten Bisi kicked out of a few air-cooled-specific events.

Coilovers of his own creation and Magnus Walker’s Fifteen52 Outlaw 001 wheels complete the aggressive appearance. With a high-pitched whistle and a blow-off valve that sounds like a chef sharpening knives, the sound of the motor is just as striking. When you learn that this was Bisi’s first Porsche build, your jaw hits the floor. The man oozes enthusiasm, and his ambition is not that of a mere mortal. When Jay shakes Bisi’s hand at the end, you can tell he’s thoroughly impressed.

For more on the specifics of this unique creation, this video goes into greater depth

Twin Turbonetics 5758 billet turbos produce power in a surprisingly linear fashion. No sudden spike or mule-kick delivery, but an endless wave of manageable thrust.


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