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911 Speedster 3.6 – 285 ch [1995]

Sales Spotlight: Porsche 993 Speedster

After the disappointing sales of the 964 Speedster, Porsche decided that it wouldn’t officially build a 993 version of the iconic open-top Neunelfer (unless your name was Ferdinand Porsche or Jerry Seinfeld).

Therefore, those wanting a 993 Speedster had to create it themselves. Some, like the car we featured in issue 135, have been finished so well they could be mistaken for factory builds, while others have missed the mark spectacularly.

Ninemeister’s ‘9m93 Speedster S’ builds fall firmly into the former category, as this truly stunning car (one of just four such creations by Colin Belton’s firm) attests. And, what’s more, it could be yours as it’s currently for sale at esteemed specialist, Hexagon Modern Classics.

Fuchs alloy wheel

Starting life as a 993 Carrera Cabriolet, Ninemeister’s Speedster transformation was nothing less than extensive, adding Turbo-look flared rear arches, evoking the spirit of the popular 3.2 Carrera Speedsters of the Eighties.

Belton’s engineering expertise came to the fore here too as, unlike many conversions, Ninemeister strengthened the body shell in order to ensure the 993 Speedster handled as well as a factory Coupe.

Weighing in at under 1,350kg, the Ninemeister 9m93 Speedster S is claimed to be faster accelerating than a standard 993 Carrera, following the ethos of the original 356 Speedster.

Ninemeister 9m93 Speedster S rear

Each Ninemeister Speedster was built bespoke for its original owner, with the 993 version for sale at Hexagon finished in Blazing Orange. Inside the grey leather interior (featuring RS-style door cards) comes with orange piping and, with the car having done just 8,400 miles, appears as new.

Genuine, gloss black, 19-inch Fuchs alloys complete the look while a KW suspension kit with lift ensures that you can cruise down even the bumpiest streets without fearing for this stunning car’s coachwork.

For sale at £199,995, to find out more about this Hexagon Modern Classic’s 993 Speedster, visit their website now.

993 Speedster interior

Seven stunning shots of a super rare Porsche 993 Speedster

We all know that Porsche only ever built two 993 Speedsters, right? And neither of these were official production models. One went to Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche in 1995 as a 60th birthday present while the other was created for comedian, Jerry Seinfeld in 1997.

The lack of a genuine 911 Speedster in Porsche’s 993 line-up has lead many people to convert cars to the iconic open-top style however, none of these builds get any better than the car before you.

A true labour of love by Porsche fanatic, Jäger, this Guards Red Porsche 993 Speedster was created using a host of official factory parts and it looks simply stunning on location on the outskirts of Las Vegas, so much so that we just had to share this super septet of shots.

Guards Red 993 Speedster driving through suburbs

Interior from a Guards Red 993 Speedster

Guards Red 993 Speedster

Top-down shot of a Guards Red 993 Speedster focussing on the rear 'humps' and interior. Shot outside in late afternoon daylight

Alloy wheel from a Guards Red 993 Speedster

Guards Red 993 Speedster

To read the whole story of this Porsche 993 Speedster, pick up Total 911 issue 135 in store today. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it straight to your digital device now.

Porsche Speedsters: 356 to 997 driven

Speedster: undoubtedly the nine coolest letters in the Porsche lexicon. One mention of this legendary Zuffenhausen moniker brings to mind images of the glamour of the Hollywood scene in the Fifties.

First appearing in pre-A 356 form in 1954, the Speedster became intrinsically linked with American car culture and Porsche’s formative years. However, the iconic status garnered by the original car meant that the Porsche Speedster sub-brand soon transcended its early US-based roots.

Over three decades after the last production 356A Speedster shell rolled out of Stuttgart’s Karosseriewerk Reutter, the alternative open-top Porsche was reborn on the 911 Carrera 3.2 platform.


Zuffenhausen’s board had recognised that the company’s heritage needed to be celebrated and ever since, the Speedster has become a limited edition addition to the 911 range.

While it may have been intended for the American market, the decision to reimagine the Speedster aesthetic on certain generations of 911 has seen Stuttgart create some of the most sought after cars in the company’s history.

Now, for the first time, we’ve gathered all four generations back together to chart the Speedster’s storied history and get behind the wheel of the coolest quartet of Porsches ever created.


We start in 1950 when Porsche’s sole US importer, Max Hoffmann, requested a special model of the 356 to appeal to the burgeoning postwar US market. A year later, Porsche presented the aluminium-bodied Type 540 to Hoffmann.

Known as the America Roadster, the car was a commercial failure with only 17 sold when it was released in 1952. It’s $4,600 list price was simply too high to compete with the influx of British and American sports cars that were flooding the market.

With America still accounting for 33 per cent of all 356 sales, though, Hoffmann persisted. The result was the pre-A 356 Speedster, a cut-price, low spec sports car designed with sporting pretensions.

To read our full history and test drive of every production Porsche Speedster, pick up Total 911 issue 129 in store. Alternatively, order your copy online for home delivery, or download it straight to your digital device now.





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