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Les Porsche 918 Spyder et 911 R s’affrontent sur circuit

Quand les deux Porsche les plus rares de ces dernières années se donnent rendez-vous sur un circuit, ce n’est pas pour prendre la pose dans les stands mais bien pour se livrer à un duel sans merci sur la piste.

Is the GT3 Touring Better Than a 911 R? Let’s See How They Compare.

In my eyes, Porsche has been on a roll lately just turning the dial on certain models just a bit. Does the Carrera S need to be turned to 11? Yes, of course, so we have the Carrera GTS. Could the GT3 benefit from being dialed back to 9.5? Again, yes. The new GT3 Touring fills that niche beautifully. When I first saw the GT3 Touring, I was a little put-off by it. A GT3 without a wing almost seems wrong, though that was offset by how much I like the standard interior in the Touring. The Touring shares the GT3’s naturally aspirated engine, and is only available with a 6-speed manual as a nod towards driver involvement rather than all out performance.

Rest assured, it will still perform.

But, it all seems a little too familiar. Didn’t Porsche just make a 911 with the GT3’s naturally aspirated engine, a 6-speed manual, and no giant rear wing? Didn’t the press go nuts over it? Didn’t collectors? Didn’t Chris Harris just compare that car to a Peugeot 205 Rallye? Didn’t Jethro Bovingdon like the new GT3 better than this car?

I’m referring, of course, to the 911 R. Like the GT3 Touring it produces 500 naturally aspirated horsepower. There is no two foot tall rear wing. The cabin of that car is free of alcantara, like the Touring, and the seat centers are cloth. Both models are meant to be road cars first, and track cars second.

Of course, the R features carbon fiber fenders and a carbon fiber hood, as well as a magnesium roof. The Touring does not have these things, and as such it outweighs the R by just under 100 pounds. The Touring does have rear wheel steering and the updated 991.2 chassis, however.

While both cars produce 500 horsepower, the engine in the Touring is substantially updated, with less internal friction for improved efficiency. Reviewers have said that the new engine offers better torque delivery and a punchier midrange than the old engine. I have not yet driven the 911 R or the new GT3, so Porsche will need to send one of each to me so I can support this claim with more authority.

What I’m trying to say, is that while Porsche didn’t make the R obsolete, they may have made a better car, and hopefully one that gets used, rather than squirreled away in private collections as the value rises and rises. With collectors clamboring for the R, which I suspect they will continue to do as it is a very special car, Porsche has made a $143k car that offers virtually all of the same positive attributes.

While the R badge carries significant weight in the Porsche world, weight that is probably inversely proportional to the mass shed by the cars themselves, « Touring » comes with no small amount of clout. The 2.7 RS Touring is still a magnificent piece of Porsche history to recall. While the Lightweight gets more press, the Touring was still a very serious sports car. Tell me, would you kick a classic Touring out of your garage over a couple pounds?

This brings me back to my original quibbles with the Touring. Sure, a 911 GT3 with no rear wing feels wrong at first, but I cannot complain about Porsche offering another non-turbo 911 variant. At $143k, the Touring and the more ostentatious GT3 share a price tag, and Porsche has not indicated that this will be a limited run. This is a very good thing.

While the 911 R was a wonderful expression of the 911’s history, and the current model’s connection to past 911s, its limited run nature pushed prices beyond reason very quickly. Unfortunately, every jump in price means that less and less road is going to pass under their wheels. I think that’s tragic, though the GT3 Touring gives me hope.

While this is probably a pipe dream, I want every GT3 Touring owner to take to heart that they own something extremely special, though not necessarily precious. I want to see Tourings in the wild doing what the name implies. Carve canyons, visit exciting places, and show the world why a 9,000 RPM flat six is something you need in your life.

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Peugeot 205 Rallye vs. Porsche 911R: A Fair Comparison?

I get to drive and photograph some very cool cars for a living, and for that I consider myself very fortunate. In that regard, Chris Harris is a much more fortunate. But, when you’ve experienced as many cars as Mr. Harris, do you become prone to making some absurd comparisons? Simply based on the title this latest video, comparing a 911R to a Peugeot 205, (and not even the top tier GTI 1.6) may be evidence of him losing his way a bit [or, it could simply be click bait]. On balance, however, I think Chris Harris has it exactly right. I love a good hot hatch, and it’s heartening to see one compared as a tool for bringing driving joy to one of the greatest modern 911s.

So yes, in every measurable way the 911R will annihilate the Peugeot. I won’t try to argue that, and it would be a patently ridiculous claim to make. On a track, the 911R will leave the little Peugeot gasping. But when it comes to fun, there is something to be said for needing to wring a car’s neck to experience anything approaching brisk performance. On a winding, back country road, I’d wager a nicely sorted 914 or 356 will give at least as many smiles per mile as the 911R. There is something joyous about taking a car out to redline in the first three gears, and barely exceeding the legal limit, then trying to haul it down and coax the same car into a corner with antiquated brakes and skinny tires. While you can turn the nannies off in the R, the limits are so much higher that it becomes a trickier proposition in the real world.

Before buying Project 944 GTS, my last fun car was actually my first car. It was a lowly Mk. III Volkswagen Golf 2.0L that I owned for about ten years. Yes, I’m talking about the most derided Golf in seven generations. I eventually bought a Saab 9-3 which relieved the Golf of daily driver duties, and the Golf received coilovers, sticky tires, big sway bars, corner balancing and careful finessing of the alignment. It was horribly slow, but after driving countless performance cars since, I still miss it. It was balanced, light, easy to rotate for a front wheel drive car, and is to date the most fun car I’ve ever driven in heavy snow.

None of this is meant to be to the detriment of the 911R. It’s a brilliant machine, possibly only exceeded by the new 911 GT3 6-Speed in the current 911 lineup. If your priorities don’t lean toward out-and-out performance, perhaps it’s worth discussing your favorite slow-car-fast. In your car history, what is your favorite car in terms of driver involvement, not just performance? Let us know in the comments.

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Porsche 911 R Heuer by TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, très impliquée en sport automobile, a présenté au salon de l’automobile de Genève la Porsche 911 R Heuer, une 911 R unique dont la livrée rappelle la combinaison que l’acteur américain Steve Mc Queen portait dans le film Le Mans qui a rendu célèbre à la fameuse montre Monaco. Après le succès des […]

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Geneva 2017: Porsche 911 R by Tag Heuer

One of the eye-catchers of Porsche at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 is this one-off Porsche 911 R by Tag Heuer. Already highly limited as standard, this bespoke one-off 911 R pays hommage to the Tag Heuer watch worn by the racing driver during the filming of Le Mans in 1971. This special creation also […]

Geneva 2017: Porsche 911 R by Tag Heuer

La spéculation autour de la 911 R agace chez Porsche

La spéculation autour de la 911 R commence franchement à irriter du côté du constructeur allemand. Une pièce collector, forcément, prisée par les puristes et très rapidement écoulée. La Porsche 911 R, une auto d’exception mariant flat-six atmosphérique 4.0 l injection directe de la 911 GT3 RS pour 500 ch à 8 250 tr/min et […]

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Steve McQueen Edition Porsche 911 R Auctioned for €515,200

The Steve McQueen Edition Porsche 911 R we recently reported on sold on Wednesday for a price of €515,200. 25% of the price above the R’s reserve (with a minimum of €25.000) will be given to the Gustave Roussy foundation, one of the world’s leading cancer research institutes. This particular car was pretty big on…

Steve McQueen Edition Porsche 911 R Auctioned for €515,200

Unique PTS Porsche 911 R “Steve McQueen” Edition to be Auctioned

Porsche offer a bespoke painting service called “Paint to Sample” which provides customers with a unique opportunity to outfit a a colour entirely unique to their car. It has produced some pretty stunning Porsche models in the past. One of the latest PTS models is a Porsche 911 R “Steve McQueen” Edition. It has been…

Unique PTS Porsche 911 R “Steve McQueen” Edition to be Auctioned

Une Porsche 911 R encore plus unique que spéciale passera sous le marteau

Quand une machine déjà hors normes revêt un caractère plus exceptionnel encore, on peut logiquement s’attendre à un montant d’adjudication du même tonneau… C’est le 8 février prochain que la maison RM Sotheby’s proposera aux enchères l’une des 991 unités de la Porsche 911 R. Celle-ci porte le numéro 967 et revendique 600 petits kilomètres […]

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Actualité : Une Porsche 911 R unique aux enchères RM Sotheby’s

A l’occasion de sa vente organisée le 8 février prochain en marge du Salon Rétromobile, RM Sotheby’s va proposer aux enchères un exemplaire unique de…

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