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911 991.2 [2015 – ]

Drag Battle of the Titans: Ruf CTR3 Vs. GT2 RS

It’s interesting to see how far the game has progressed in the last decade. Back in 2008, the small batch of Ruf CTR3s was regarded as having of the wildest makeups in the world of supercars. Shoehorn a custom flat-six engine in the back of a hybrid chassis utilizing 997 Turbo and 987 Cayman bits, stick in a sequential gearbox for good measure, and crank up the boost pressure to the point that most would be terrified of getting anywhere near the throttle pedal. It was a recipe for success, and at the very least, the wild imagination of Alois Ruf shown through with this singular creation which wowed many. Like many Rufs, however, it shied away from major tests and we only knew so much of this mid-engined marvel.

Putting it against a modern GT2 RS in picturesque surroundings might be the best way to showcase the real performance of this elusive supercar. Both make 700 horsepower, though the CTR3 has an additional 103 lb-ft of torque, although that figure is reached 2,000 rpm later in the CTR3’s powerband. Additionally, the 3,086-pounds CTR3 is a good 150 pounds lighter than the GT2 RS. So how does the modern car streak ahead down this runway?

Despite the CTR3 using a sequential gearbox, it’s the PDK in the 991 GT2 RS which shifts far faster. Though selecting a gear in the CTR3 only requires a pull of the gear lever, the owner still depresses the clutch and thus extends the shift time. Manually launching the car takes more guesswork, too; the GT2 RS leaves the line without any fiddling of the clutch or wheelspin.

Additionally, the GT2 RS has its motor sitting over the driven wheels, while the CTR3‘s spaceframe sets its 3.8-liter motor in the middle of the car. While this spaceframe, made from billet aluminum and called « The Birdcage, » is stiff and directs the power to the pavement with minimal fuss, it still cannot turn the power into propulsion as efficiently.

Combine those qualities with the near-electric torque of the GT2 RS, and it’s easy to understand why the modern car is so much quicker in a straight line. There’s a driver variable at play which accounts for some of the disparity in straightline speed, but even with a professional drag racer at the wheel of the CTR3, it’s likely the GT2 RS would still be the first at the horizon.


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En studio : un dernier au revoir à la Porsche 991

C’est la fin d’une époque, Porsche a mis fin à la 7e génération de la Porsche 911 . Au grand regret des amateurs, le dernier modèle qui possédait une déclinaison Speedster est sorti de l’usine en décembre dernier. La naissance de la septième génération (la 991) marquait également le 50e …


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La dernière Porsche 911 type 991 vient de sortir des chaînes

P19 0925L’une des 911 les plus réussies de l’histoire vient de tirer sa révérence. La Porsche 911 type 991 a quitté les chaînes de production après la fin de la fabrication des Speedster.


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porsche 991 speedster road trip


There’s no heated seat. Forgivable in a Speedster, particularly given the likelihood being that most, if not all, will be used on warm, sun-kissed days and fitted with full bucket seats.

Not this car though, as someone’s ticked the box for Adaptive Sports Seats and saved the £333 extra that would have added the possibility to warm them. The winter sun, such as it is in Northumberland, left us an hour or two back, and the digital temperature in the dial in front of me is reading three degrees. It’s dark and cold but, in the absence of the possibility of a toasted butt and back, I’ve come prepared with thermals, a good coat, hat and gloves.

Sensible in mid-winter, but given the Speedster’s cabin is, unlike its Cabriolet relation, lacking in buffeting preventing equipment, even more necessary. The Speedster should feel open too, the hood an occasional item, which GT boss Andreas Preuninger admits they considered not bothering with. I’ll be leaving it down, then, just as it should be. 

We’re in Northumberland because Porsche GB is celebrating its most visceral open-topped cars, the new Speedster joined by its 718 Spyder relation and a Boxster T. The two mid-engined machines are back in the carpark and the other guests preparing for bed. I have other ideas.

Photographer Richard Pardon and I have come up with an idea, stealing the Speedster to make a break for the border. It’s a loose plan, my hometown of Edinburgh our destination, simply because it’s there, the roads between it and us are familiar to me and, well, why not?

There’s a tenuous Speedster link too – the Cannonball restaurant, the last building before our intended Edinburgh Castle destination, is number 356 Castleview, the first of Porsche’s Speedsters, of course, being a 356. That’ll do. Pardon’s convinced and chucks in his cameras, and we point the red, open car north. 

It’s cold but clear when leaving, so an early diversion is in order. Kielder Forest is a few miles away, and it’d be mad not to run through it. It’s a place that’s captivated me since the early days of rushing home from school to watch VHS recordings of Top Gear Rally Report, ‘Killer Kielder’ being the famous stages that more often than not determined the result of the Lombard RAC Rally.

We’re obviously not on the gravel forest and fire roads, instead taking the main route through Kielder Forest Park, turning left off the B6320 Pennine Way, through Hesleyside towards Greystead, before tracking around Kielder Water and towards the Scottish border. Kielder Water might be the largest artificial lake in the UK, and I know it’s over to the left of me, but I can’t see it. Actually, I can’t see much, the reach of the standard bi-Xenon headlights limited in the freakish darkness surrounding us, their reach denied not just by the inky blackness, but the undulating roads that characterise the tarmac around here.

It’s little wonder there’s an observatory located in Kielder, there being next to no light pollution in the woodland park. It’s quiet too, except tonight, as the howl of the 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flat six is breaking the silence…


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Un amateur s’offre une GT3 Touring personnalisée

81293990 10158389731842668 3750072161025392640 oJorge Carnicero est un amateur éclairé de la marque. Après cinquante ans de passion, la Manufacture Porsche Exclusive vient de réaliser son dernier rêve : une GT3 Touring entièrement personnalisée avec quelques clins d’œil à son passé de porschiste.


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