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911 Anniversaire 3.6 – 250 ch [1993 à 1994]

Les 911 « série Anniversaire » sont-elles de bons investissements?

Temps de lecture estimé: 3’15 Nous vivons une période très favorable aux autos de collection, à tel point qu’il semble désormais indispensable, lorsque l’on achète une voiture, d’espérer un retour sur investissement. La frénésie des Classics suivant toujours une pente ascendante, les acheteurs  se tournent aujourd’hui vers des modèles à redécouvrir. Et au rang des … Lire la suite Les 911 « série Anniversaire » sont-elles de bons investissements?


Porsche 911 anniversary editions: a celebration of Porsche

The Porsche 911 has been on some journey. A monumental half-century of production has seen more than 820,000 models leave through the front doors at Zuffenhausen and Weissach and delivered all over the globe.

What’s more, the race cars leave the latter accounting for over 20,000 race victories – and counting, as our new columnists and Porsche racing drivers Nick Tandy, Ben Barker and Josh Webster will tell you.

Among the plethora of racing disciplines that the 911 has conquered – as documented in our feature back in issue 107 – Ferry Porsche’s darling sports car has enjoyed a throng of special variations coming to market along the way, with a host of models propelled into the halcyon realms of popularity soon after.

Porsche 964 30 Jahre

Just cast your mind back over stellar flat-six sports cars like the 911S, Carrera RS and the early 911 Turbo, to name but a few. On top of that, there have been myriad special editions to whet the appetites of even the most eloquent Porsche connoisseurs.

Think the 911 Speedster, 930 LE, 930 SE, 997 GT3 RS 4.0, 997 Sport Classic – the list is endless.

And yet, with such a decorated tapestry lavishing this sports car’s history, Porsche has kept to task in marking this peerless 50th anniversary of production in the best way possible: with a new 911.

Porsche 996 40 Jahre

Much like the 30th anniversary in 1993 and the 40th in 2003, Zuffenhausen has produced a special edition of the current 911 to celebrate another decade of existence.

And so to our photoshoot with the three anniversary 911s, 2,000 feet above sea level in the heart of the Lake District. The temperature has dipped below freezing and the relentless Northern gales are hammering at the otherwise picturesque landscape.

To read more of our evocative anniversary road trip, pick up a copy of Total 911 issue 112, now available for digital download only thanks to its popularity. For more digital-only titles, check out our special generation editions, available now through our iTunes and Android newsstand apps.

Porsche 911 anniversary editions



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