911 S 2.2 – 180 ch [1971]

Watch This Classic 911S Inspire Your Next Great Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like going for an early morning drive across the Southern California desert in a vintage aircooled 911. The folks at CPR Classics have the right idea here, as they bomb across the wide open expanses in a 1971 911S. If you’ve never had the glorious experience of desert driving like this, well, what are you doing with your life? Hop in your Porsche and head for the American Southwest, as it’s just spectacular. With a variety of occasionally snowcapped mountaintops dotting the otherwise dry and hot landscape, there are spectacular views in all directions.

It’s spring all across this great nation, and there are tons of amazing vistas to be spotted. If you haven’t been on a cross country road trip in a while, invent a reason to do so. Find a spot on the map about 2000 miles away and head for it. Drive as far as you can in a day, stay in nice hotels, stopping for local cuisine and finding the best back country driving roads, of course. Make a week, a month, a year of it if you must. It’s well worth the time and money spent to travel. Take someone you love. Treat yourself.

Heck, 99% of work can be done from anywhere with internet and a telephone these days, so you could probably even take your work with you to extend the trip another month or so. This video was meant to get people dreaming on a work day, and it absolutely worked for me. Lets all go on a nice Porsche road trip. What do you say?


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