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928 S4 5.0 – 320 ch [1987 à 1991]

Around the world in a lifted 928 S4

Safari and rally style Porsches are the hottest thing at the moment. From Leh Keen’s 911s to ASFOLT’s 924S, getting a bit more clearance under a Porsche seems like the hippest thing in the world. To our knowledge though, no one has seriously attempted to build a Safari-style 928. With a palpable sense of Gallic imperturbability Philippe Delaporte and his sons built a 928 S4 to circle the globe. These fearless Frenchmen took a road literally less traveled, and used the Silk Road to cross much of the ancient near-East and Asia.

While the video is lacking somewhat in technical details, a few things are obvious- the car has been lifted, and the Cup I wheels are fitted with all-terrain tires. A spare is mounted to the roof, and a second full-size spare is installed in the cargo area. Phillipe notes that they added an 8mm aluminum skid plate along the bottom of the car, and a small bash bar has been added to the front bumper. It all seems quite simple.

Yet this, a Porsche notorious for its complexity and difficulty of maintenance, apparently circled the globe without issue. It never failed to start in mounting snow, and it did its part opening the world to the Frenchmen. When they arrived at the Uzbek border the guard was so agog at the 5-liter engine, they entered the country at full throttle for his benefit. Clearly the Porsche 928 S4 is an instrument of peace, love, and goodwill.

We love seeing a transaxle Porsche used this way. Along with cars like Project Luna, a 944S that covered 240k miles in 258 days, this 928 is a sign that the only limit on a Porsche is the owner’s imagination.


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La Porsche 928 S4 GT de Johnny Hallyday aux enchères : elle n’a pas trouvé preneur

La Maison de ventes aux enchères Aguttes mettait à la vente aux enchères ce dimanche à Paris, la Porsche 928 S4 GT ayant appartenu à Johnny Hallyday. Faute d’un montant de réserve non atteint, le véhicule n’a pas trouvé preneur…


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The 1986 Porsche 928S With A Manual Is The German Muscle Car To Get

This gorgeous blue-skinned shark belongs to Muscle aficionado and personality behind House of Muscle on YouTube, Mr. Mike Musto. Both the car and its owner are about as nice as they come, and it’s quite clear that Zack Klapman and Mike have quite the rapport, being that they worked together for a number of years. When Mike was in Los Angeles with the car, he and Zack went for a drive on video. Their conversation flows like old friends, and the car enjoys being thrashed through the canyon roads. Watch and listen, and you might learn a thing or two about what is perhaps Porsche’s most maligned car.

I have personally driven this 928 with Mike before, and it is as cherry as it looks on camera. Mike bought the car as a clean candidate and had every inch of the mechanicals to make it exactly the car he dreamed of when he was younger in the 1980s. Being the last of the sharp-nosed 928s, it has the old look that he craved. Being a 1986 928S, it has the larger 32-valve 5-liter engine that makes the power Musto wanted.

These are quite rare with a manual transmission, and it completely transforms the 928 driving experience from a lackadaisical lope along to a high speed handshake deal between driver and car. If you can find one in good shape, I highly recommend it.

Mike, as a good Porsche owner should, uses is 928 regularly for high-speed highway runs between San Francisco and Los Angeles. He says it will cruise all day long at speeds exceeding the limit, and that’s just how he likes it.


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