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356 A 1600 Convertible D – 60 ch [1959]

FAST APPRECIATORS: The Porsche 356A Convertible D. Hey, I know, it’s not a Speedster, but it’s half the price….

Feature Story by Wallace Wyss Now you would think for all the publicity it gets, the Speedster is the be-all end-all Fifties street Porsche. It is, especially with a 4 cam Carrera engine. If the Kardex file at Porsche says it has the Carrera engine it was built with, you can count on a $500,000 selling price. But little known is the fact that there was another Porsche that used the same body, and that was the Convertible D.  Only 1,331 Convertible Ds are believed to have been built  between August 1958 and September 1959 so ironically they are more rare than Speedsters. THE SPEEDSTER’S SUCCESSOR The reason it was made was that the Speedster was getting old. Sales were falling off. And Porsche had priced the Speedster so low at $2995 that they weren’t making enough profit. So they made the Convertible D which was called that because their regular coachbuilder, Reutter, was too busy to make the car so they went outside again and hired Drauz company in nearby Heilbronn -the “D” stood for Karosseriewerke Drauz KG. This time the open car had a taller windshield with a stronger frame, higher side posts and a better fit to the top. […]



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