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911 991 GT3 Cup

porsche 991 Cup car driven: gentleman racer

Silence. Awful silence. There’s only the sound of my breathing as I sit looking out the windscreen at the track, a track which until a few seconds ago I’d been driving on. There are four black lines, criss-crossing each other, a rubber inscription on the tarmac that highlights my lack of talent.

What had Tom Woollen, technical team manager, Motorsport, said? Floor the clutch, re-start the engine and pull the paddle down for neutral. I do that, the flat-six fires but the spitting sound of the pneumatic shifter isn’t accompanied by any change in the digital display in front of me.

Third is still being shown, and every, ever more desperate tug at the left shifter is signalled not by that number getting lower, but a warning sound that suggests to me ‘expensive’. A Cayman GT4 Clubsport nips by, while I’m sat motionless on the tarmac, mercifully free of the gravel trap at the big left off Vale.

The mid-engined GT4 is the very car that only a few minutes ago I’d been lapping in, approaching the same big stop with impunity, leaning on the brakes until the ABS was cutting in. It was hilariously good fun, it flattering thanks to its fine balance and, if I’m being honest here, the electronic assistance of that ABS and Traction Control. 

The 911 GT3 Cup car I’m sat in now has no such driver assistance, all of which explains my current predicament. Nothing for it but to switch it all off, hope, and start again.

A quick flick of the ignition, a prayer, and re-start the engine with the clutch floored. The digital display in front of me is still showing I’m in third, but my tentative pull of the paddle has it drop to two, then first, then I’m good to go. 

Talent: you need a lot of it to drive in the Carrera Cup. I’ve been lucky enough to have driven a lot of racing cars, but none have intimidated as much as the 911 GT3 Cup car I’m in today.

I’d been warned, not just before I got into it, but for weeks in advance. The 911 GT3 Cup isn’t like most modern racers, it’s a car that demands the very best from its drivers – if you make a mistake you’ll know about it. And I know about it.  

If you’ve not seen the Carrera Cup, then where have you been? The UK’s fastest single-make championship, the 911 GT3 Cup cars are quicker than the British Touring Cars that they follow all around the UK.

Almost as quick as a 911 GT3 R depending on the circuit, Woollen saying at Spa, the Cup’s lack of aero, and hence drag, allied to its 485hp mean it’s only a couple of seconds slower than its more hardcore relation. In the right hands, of course. 

There are Carrera Cup championships all over the world, providing support races to Touring Cars, GT Championships and F1 as the Supercup. If you’re in Asia, America, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Scandinavia you’ll find a championship. Indeed, if you’ve…


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Turbo Vs. Naturally Aspirated: GT2 RS Clubsport Takes On GT3 Cup

Separated by 400 pounds and 235 horsepower, the comparison of these two is quite intriguing. When the chassis are fundamentally so similar, how does a little extra girth and a different power delivery alter the performances of two racing 911s?

The environment plays a major role here. For one, the long straights of Road America obviously favor the turbocharged car, but several long corners and sections with abrupt direction changes may give the lightweight Cup car the edge. Either way, we get to see just how the purest, most focused, track-specific 911s vary depending on their form of induction. We’ve seen a heavier GT2 RS go against the Cup, but this time the two entrants sport the same tires and more similar weights.

With those massive air inlets and angular canards, the Clubsport looks as menacing as any car.

For the driver, one of the most experienced wranglers of 911s was called in. Leh Keen, ALMS and Rolex Champion, has won countless races in a GT3 Cup, and thanks to his Porschephile/collector father, he’s hooned a 993 GT2 racing car at one point in his career, too. For the purposes of this comparison, Keen was given several exploratory laps to get to terms with both cars, then given a set of fresh slicks to try and snag the best possible times.

Keen makes a statement with his Pascha racing suit.

While Keen’s steering inputs looks very similar in both cars, it’s obvious that the Clubsport has the ability to spin the rears more easily and the steering post-apex is much busier. Deploying the turbocharged power in slow corners is tricky; we see when the rear steps out violently (5:31) leaving the Turn 8. That said, the Clubsport does a good job of remaining composed while sideways over the curbing. It’s far from an unwieldy beast, and if the car can get pointed the right way soon enough, the grunt does help a lot towards finding the laptime.

Up until that point, the Clubsport had a several-second advantage, but through that little slide and the subsequent, long, and front end-testing Turn 9 (in which the Clubsport appears to understeer more), the lighter, looser Cup starts to claw back slightly.

However, Road America is a fast course which rewards horsepower. With several straights and a decent uphill section between there and the finish line, the turbo power makes itself felt, and Keen crosses the line 3.2 seconds earlier in the turbocharged monster. Quiet, smooth, less crucial on mid-corner momentum, and relatively encouraging to drive, the GT2 RS Clubsport may be the gentleman driver’s ideal racing car.


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Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

All information about the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup can be found here.


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How Does A GT2 RS Compare To A GT3 Cup Car?

As impressive as the powerful road-going 911 ever is, few would imagine it stacks up so well against a current Cup car. So much more than a dragster, the 700-horsepower GT2 RS hangs on closely to the tail of the 991 Cup, and in some sections, clearly has the upper hand.

The Differences

Now, before we assess the performances of the cars, we should know about the drivers, the track conditions, the weights, and so on.

With plenty of videos demonstrating his exploits in his Manthey-modified Porsches, sebastian vittel has established himself as minor YouTube celebrity with quite a following among HPDE addicts. He can get just about everything out of this car, which is important if he wants to give a comparable performance alongside the professional in the GT3 Cup. French Porsche factory driver, Patrick Pilet, is the winner of the 2018 24 Hours of Nuburgring and the 2004 Carrera Cup France Champion. Clearly, he’s quite handy, and can fully extract all the performance from whatever he drives.

In the footage above, the capable vittel is accompanied by a brave passenger, which ought to bring the overall weight of the GT2 RS to roughly 3,600 pounds. That puts it somewhere around 900 over the svelte GT3 Cup, which brings no passenger, no interior, and no turbochargers along for the ride.

Factor in the shorter gearing, the slick tires, and the better weight distribution, and the GT3 Cup clearly has a lot going for it. In the road car’s defense, its lap was set on a resurfaced track, which is somewhat quicker than when Pilet put in his flyer a couple years ago.

Lap Analysis

Predictably, the GT2 RS has an advantage in a straight line, which there are plenty of at Paul Ricard. However, the Cup is quicker through medium-speed and high-speed bends—most notably at 1:16, when the GT2 RS turns in nearly a second earlier, but is still caught at the exit. From there on, the technical complex filled with tightening corners favor the lighter Cup so much more than vittel isn’t able to make up the difference.

Even though the GT2 RS (left) is traveling nearly 14 mph faster at the end of the straight, the GT3 Cup can nearly close the gap from entry to apex.

Nonetheless, the GT2 RS puts in a remarkably good time of 2.13.10; just six tenths shy of the GT3 Cup, which snags a 2.12.53. Considering the differences in skill and weight, this clip demonstrates just how the GT2 RS really is, to used a tired expression, a racing car for the road. This time, however, it’s not just a marketing line.


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