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911 991 GT2 RS Clubsport

Turbo Vs. Naturally Aspirated: GT2 RS Clubsport Takes On GT3 Cup

Separated by 400 pounds and 235 horsepower, the comparison of these two is quite intriguing. When the chassis are fundamentally so similar, how does a little extra girth and a different power delivery alter the performances of two racing 911s?

The environment plays a major role here. For one, the long straights of Road America obviously favor the turbocharged car, but several long corners and sections with abrupt direction changes may give the lightweight Cup car the edge. Either way, we get to see just how the purest, most focused, track-specific 911s vary depending on their form of induction. We’ve seen a heavier GT2 RS go against the Cup, but this time the two entrants sport the same tires and more similar weights.

With those massive air inlets and angular canards, the Clubsport looks as menacing as any car.

For the driver, one of the most experienced wranglers of 911s was called in. Leh Keen, ALMS and Rolex Champion, has won countless races in a GT3 Cup, and thanks to his Porschephile/collector father, he’s hooned a 993 GT2 racing car at one point in his career, too. For the purposes of this comparison, Keen was given several exploratory laps to get to terms with both cars, then given a set of fresh slicks to try and snag the best possible times.

Keen makes a statement with his Pascha racing suit.

While Keen’s steering inputs looks very similar in both cars, it’s obvious that the Clubsport has the ability to spin the rears more easily and the steering post-apex is much busier. Deploying the turbocharged power in slow corners is tricky; we see when the rear steps out violently (5:31) leaving the Turn 8. That said, the Clubsport does a good job of remaining composed while sideways over the curbing. It’s far from an unwieldy beast, and if the car can get pointed the right way soon enough, the grunt does help a lot towards finding the laptime.

Up until that point, the Clubsport had a several-second advantage, but through that little slide and the subsequent, long, and front end-testing Turn 9 (in which the Clubsport appears to understeer more), the lighter, looser Cup starts to claw back slightly.

However, Road America is a fast course which rewards horsepower. With several straights and a decent uphill section between there and the finish line, the turbo power makes itself felt, and Keen crosses the line 3.2 seconds earlier in the turbocharged monster. Quiet, smooth, less crucial on mid-corner momentum, and relatively encouraging to drive, the GT2 RS Clubsport may be the gentleman driver’s ideal racing car.


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GT2 RS Clubsport Provides Sunday Drivers With Cheat Codes

As Porsche’s first track-only 911 with turbos since the 993 GT2, the 991 GT2 RS Clubsport has a lot to prove. Both the 996 and the 997 versions of the GT2 came with the Clubsport option, but both were still street legal and neither received the same level of development over the « base » model. Perhaps that’s for good reason. Those generations were bloodthirsty thugs, while their successor is a much tamer animal. Still a monster, without a doubt, but the 991’s performance is more accessible to the competent driver, and the added downforce and simplicity of PDK shifting simplify the driving experience somewhat. Because this car wouldn’t bite its owners heads off at the slightest mistake, it’s not surprising then that Porsche saw a sizable market for a stripped, slick-shod version of their Nurburgring king.

A full rollcage, forged suspension links, a 115-liter FIA-certified fuel cell, an a Recaro race seat with longitudinal adjustment and padding system offers the driver peace of mind. The extensive aero package—including a carbon underbody—give it stability and inspires confidence at speed. An optimized water sprayer mean the motor’s full 700 horsepower will always be available to the driver; no heat soaking that plagues the roadgoing version and cuts total output after a few hotlaps.

Considering the speed that all that power offers, these are not qualities as much as they are necessities. Especially since the GT2 RS Clubsport is available to any paying member of the public. Fortunately, the car looks almost friendly, and this middle-aged man looks relatively comfortable putting in a respectable lap around Spa Francorchamps in one.

There are no hysterics, no snaps, and no hopping through high-speed corners. Look at how he gingerly navigates Radillon and Eau Rouge and still carries staggering speed. You know the car will offer the seasoned professional more, but there’s an astounding level of performance available to the skilled trackday driver. Though this car’s balance is benign from the start, adjustable traction control, stability management, and anti-lock brakes only make the car more accessible. That’s not a term you often use to describe a 700-horsepower 911.

Even well below the limit, the straightline speed is enough to leave most supercars in the GT2 RS Clubsport’s mirrors. It must be a huge confidence boost to pass cars which are clearly driven at the limit when just pushing six-tenths. With straight-line speed that bests that of some prototypes and makes a 997 GT3 look like an econobox, there aren’t many cars which accelerate like this one. Plus, with a confidence-inspiring chassis, every session with the GT2 RS Clubsport must feel like someone changed the game’s difficulty to easy and turned on a few cheat codes for good measure.


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