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Porsche’s Ten Best Colors Of All Time

Porsche has a habit of selling cars in incredibly interesting colors. From the very beginning they’ve had many interesting shades painted on the shapely fenders of their sports cars. They take risks on colors, risks that other companies are known to shy away from. There are dozens of bright and bold colors that make a Porsche stand out. For some reason, people keep ordering them in silver, white, and grey. In an effort to stem that bland color trend, we’ve assembled our favorite colors from Porsche’s history. And before you say anything, Guards Red is not on the list!

10. Maritime Blue

Porsche 968 Clubsport Maritime Blue At The Beach

Image Source: Silverstone Auctions.com

In all honesty, we could have made this an entire list of Porsche Blues. It came down to a toss up between Midnight Blue, Miami Blue, and Maritime Blue, but this 968 ClubSport with color-matched wheels convinced us to give Maritime the win. Isn’t it just incredible?

9. Macadamia Metallic

Source: eBay

Like Blue, Porsche has a history of incredible Browns. All the way back to the 356C with Togo Brown, Porsche’s sports cars always look great in this earth tone. It’s a subdued way to say you like a sports car with class and sophistication, but it’s not as boring as grey or silver.

8. Rubystone Red

Rubystone Red Porsche 964 In The Mountains

Source: Speedhunters

Rubystone Red is perhaps Porsche’s most bold color of all time. This pink-red-purple combination was somewhat common in the 964 era, but it would do well for Porsche to bring it back to life. Could you imagine this shade on a new Cayman GT4? Great, now I’ll be daydreaming about paint-to-sample color ordering again.

7. Talbot Yellow

Porsche 912E Talbot Yellow In An Empty Warehouse

Source: Bradley C. Brownell

The choice to include TalbotGelb in this list might be a bit biased, because this particular 912E is sitting in my garage right now. I absolutely love this car, and the color painted on it. This color wasn’t used for very long in the mid-1970s, but it is widely regarded as a great color because of it’s cheery and endearing sunflower-esque qualities. My wife calls it ‘cute’, and that’s good enough for me.

6. Basalt Black Metallic

Basalt Black Porsche 918 on the race track

Source: Porsche

Black is generally quite a boring color option, but Basalt is the one exception to that norm. This particular black is very deep and shimmery with plenty of metal flake buried layers down. It’s a gorgeous color that changes every time you look at it, and is somehow not boring at all. From more than ten feet, however, it’ll blend in like most other blacks. It’s enigmatic, and that’s why we love it.

5. Ice Green Metallic

Ice Green Metallic Mid Year 911 in a parking lot

Source: Bradley C. Brownell

This Porshe caught my eye at an autocross a few years ago, and it’s been haunting my dreams ever since. Even sun-faded and losing its clear coat, Ice Green looks phenomenal. It’s a chilly and crystalline color that stays with you. It looks incredible on the narrow-body flanks of this mid-year 911. It’s just different enough to be cool.

4. Terra Cotta

Porsche 912 Custom Painted In Terra Cotta

Source: Bradley C. Brownell

Traditionally a relatively uncommon 356 shade, this little hot rod 912 needed a color to help set it apart from the crowd, and that’s exactly what happened. A Porsche friend of the author owns this car, and it has left a lasting impression. In the foggy shimmer of a Monterey, California morning, this car stuck out like a shimmering oasis among a desert of boring color cars.

3. Cassis Red

This particular Cassis Red 911 was recently purchased by Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire. He got a great deal on the car because this particular color doesn’t photograph well. The ad was passed over again and again because it looked like a washed out dark brown/red combination. He was convinced that he was going to hate the color and would change it as quickly as he could. Once he saw it in person, however, it changed his mind. In some light, this is the best color in the world, and in other light it looks awful. That’s part of the fun.

2. Slate Grey

Source: Eleven Cars

The one exception to our anti-grey stance is Slate Grey. Slate is incredible because, like Basalt Black, it has an amazing depth to it. It’s also the color that was made famous by Steve McQueen’s long-hood 911 driven in the opening few minutes of the film Le Mans. If it’s good enough for the so-called ‘king of cool’, then it’s good enough for this list.

1. Aubergine

You could probably ask us to make a new top-ten Porsche colors list every week, and we’d always change our minds as to what would be included. Porsche has so many great colors. That said, we could make this list a million times, and the only color that would remain constant on the list, the only color that is completely beyond reproach, is Aubergine. We’ve long dreamt of an Aubergine 1973 911 Carrera 2.7 RS, and likely will continue to dream of it anon and always.

What are your favorite colors that we failed to include in this list? Let us know in the comments below which you think are better than this list. We would love to hear your opinion.


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Nico Rosberg Slides a 918 Around Silverstone

« It’s not a road car, it’s a race car. »

You might think that a Formula One World Drivers Champion would find a hypercar a little on the tame side. Perhaps that’s a little hyperbolic, but there’s no denying that a successful career spent in the world’s fastest racing cars must render a full-weight passenger car, on road-legal tires no less, a few rungs down the excitement ladder than most mere mortals would feel.

Which is why his sincere reaction—I’m not aware of any sponsorship deals Rosberg has with the marque—to the 918 is so captivating. The response, the steering feel, and the power delivery all impress the 2016 champion, but the launch really knocks his socks off. If the hybrid acceleration and four-wheel drive enable a fully occupied, 3,600-lb sports car to leave the line like Rosberg’s former F1 steed could, that’s about as high praise as any hypercar can receive.

The look in the German’s face as he launches says it all.

The communicative, rigid chassis clearly impresses the champ, as demonstrated by the opening quote. Within one lap, Rosberg is hucking the 918 into the corner and bending it through the mid-section, braking late, and even dropping wheels in the grass. It’s all quite dramatic; however, the corner exit is always straightforward, easy, and almost clinical. It’s a wonderful demonstration of the playfulness of the car as well as the efficient drivetrain which deploys all that incredible power without much fuss. Who better than Rosberg, a very economical and cerebral driver, than to show off its merits? The two go together perfectly.


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Porsche Cayman GT4 Flogged At The Nurburgring By Pro Driver


Would you hand the keys of your Porsche Cayman GT4 over to a pro driver for a ride-along lap of the Nurburgring? That’s exactly what this intrepid owner did, and he was given the ride of a lifetime. The joy of watching this onboard video is entirely in the owner’s reaction to the driver’s ability to take corners much faster than ever dreamed possible. To make things even more surprising, this was allegedly the driver’s first time in a Porsche GT4, though he currently runs in an SRO-organized European GT4 series, and has run at the Nurburgring regularly.

The video description does not list the driver’s name, but mentioned that he won the N-ring round of the GT4 series recently. With a bit of sleuthing, it seems the series was at that track in mid September of 2017, and the weekend double-header was won swept by the Ekris BMW M4 GT4 of Max Koebolt and Ricardo Van der Ende. The owner of the car was under the impression that his driver was an ex-DTM driver, but neither of these drivers appear to have been involved in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft series. Based on the small sliver of facial view we can see in the video through the rear view mirror, I’d guess this driver to be Mr. Van der Ende. It would appear that at least some of the video poster’s information was lost in translation at some point, so we can’t be sure. In any case, this driver is seriously committed and it’s incredible to watch.

From the beginning of the video you can see the driver takes a little time to warm up to the car, learning the limits by pressing them further with each corner. With a passenger in a street car, negotiating traffic, and running at what he calls 8/10ths, this guy is absolutely slamming this car into the corners, and puts down a respectable 7 minute and 42 second run from ‘bridge’ to ‘gantry’, which isn’t a full lap of the track, but is the standard ‘lap’ during open lapping days. Maybe this guy is a great driver, maybe the Cayman GT4 is an exquisite platform. Maybe it’s both.


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Return To Rennsport With 9:11 Magazine

It’s difficult to tell a compelling story in just a few minutes, but Porsche manages to make that happen with every new issue of the video magazine 9:11. It’s always limited to nine minutes and eleven seconds, making the stories hot and fast. This episode focuses in on Rennsport Reunion, and it is an incredibly awesome series of vignettes. If you’re looking for a good way to spend your next ten minutes, click the play button and get ready for a good time.

The series of videos opens with a retro-look at Rod Emory and his shop as they prepare for Rod’s return to racing at Rennsport Reunion VI. Rod was racing professionally as recently as ten years ago, but has kept focus on building cars for his clients since then. It’s been an interesting experience for him to get back behind the wheel racing in anger. Two cars in one weekend that could not be any different, Rod drives a four-cylinder Elva and a big-turbo 935.

Speaking of 935s, Porsche unveiled a new one, as I’m sure you know. The new GT2 RS-based track monster is ready for battle, and made its surprise debut at Rennsport Reunion. In this video Porsche is eager to show off its curves and the language behind its design in gorgeous snippets.

The most interesting segment, to me, involves Walter Rohrl and a 911 SC rally car. First used in-period for the San Remo event, Walter busted a drive axle and didn’t finish. Porsche restored the car after sitting stagnant for decades, and returned Walter to vintage rally with the SC. Where it busted a drive axle. History repeats itself.

Watch, and enjoy.


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Our Favorite Porsches On Ebay This Week: Volume 124

We’ve been compiling some amazing Porsche models on eBay for three years now, and we’ve seen some pretty astonishing examples pop up now and again. This week we’re focusing on some of the more budget friendly aircooled alternatives. With winter upon us, it’s time to hook yourself up with a new project car and spend some cold nights under a Porsche. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our curated look at the Porsche market. Keep in mind, some of these Porsches could be great collection investments, while others might prove to do more financial harm than good.


Every other week, we feature 5 of our favorite Porsches on eBay. That post is sent out to our mailing list of more than 17,000 Porsche owners and fans and is seen by 10s of thousands of other readers who visit our site directly. If you’re selling a Porsche on eBay and would like to see it featured here, just shoot us an email with the details and we’ll be back in touch. Otherwise, feel free to check out all the other eBay listings we have on our Porsches for sale pages.

1. 1976 Porsche 911S For Sale

I’m not normally one to advise people to purchase mid-year narrow-body 911s, but when they’re painted in beautiful and rare colors and are decently priced it’s hard to disagree that they have their place in the enthusiast community. I love ice green metallic paint, and this car has clearly had a lot of work done to keep it looking and running nice. The engine has been rebuilt recently, which assuages any worries about head stud issues. The exhaust has been replaced with a stainless steel heat exchanger system, which deletes the thermal reactor problems these cars suffered from as new. And it’s got a heavy duty oil cooler for good measure. It’s been converted to carburetors, however, which means it’s not going to pass an emissions check any time soon. And if I bought this, those Boxster wheels would be the first things to go. A good set of cookie cutters would be choice.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

2. 1968 Porsche 912 For Sale

Oh boy, where do we start with this one. If you’re confident in your abilities to do bodywork, this could be a great project car for you. This 912 has allegedly received an engine rebuild and the transmission was checked internally in recent service receipts. That bodes well for the mechanical condition of this car. But that 80s-tastic widebody, quarter panel vents, and rocker covers just all have to be chucked in the trash. Find a nice correct decklid, redo the chrome on the sugar scoop headlight surrounds, and replace the fender flares with correct narrow bodywork and you’re golden. Luckily the interior appears to be pretty nice, too.

With a stated reserve price of $20,000, this 912 will need probably at least another ten to fifteen in body work. Is it worth that when it’s done? Maybe.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

3. 1975 Porsche 914 For Sale

This 914 is a bit rough around the edges, and certainly needs some help to get back to good again, but if you’re willing to put in the elbow grease, it’ll reward you with awesome handling. This car is stated to have a bit of rust in the trunk, which means it has a bit of rust in other places, too. The engine is said to run, but the seller has not made any attempt to drive the car. With luck, you could perhaps drive the car home after a quick once-over. If you have access to a welder and a heaping helping of patience, this charcoal briquette could one day be polished into a diamond. Luckily, its cheap.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

4. 1991 Porsche 911 Cabriolet For Sale

Unlike the others listed thus far, this 911 Cabriolet doesn’t appear to need much of anything. It’s also priced accordingly. 964s have exploded in value lately, and don’t show any signs of stopping. This tiptronic Cabriolet might be one of the last examples under the $40,000 threshold however. If you are looking for a project, you could easily source a manual transmission and perform the swap yourself. It’s a great platform for enthusiasts and weekend warriors, but that tiptronic is definitely not worth dealing with.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.

5. 1969 Porsche 912 Outlaw For Sale

This 912 has already had all of the heavy lifting done. With a 2.4-liter swap, this is probably the easiest and least expensive way to experience long-nose 911 driving pleasure. The work appears to be well done, and the parts used are certainly quality, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. This is a simple and well done outlaw that could be your new canyon carving masterpiece. It’s a very interesting piece of aircooled that will instantly earn you a lot of street cred with the Luftgekuhlt clan for a good bit less than most of them have paid in recent years.

For more pictures, pricing and information, check out the full listing on eBay.


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