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Our Favorite Porsches For Sale This Week: Volume 142

We’ve been compiling some amazing Porsche models on the internet for over five years now, and we’ve seen some pretty astonishing examples pop up now and again. This week we’re ramping up for the 912 Rendezvous on September 11! For that reason, we’re spending this week focusing on the four-cylinder 911. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our « curated » look at the Porsche market. Keep in mind, some of these Porsches could be great collection investments, while others might prove to do more financial harm than good.


Every other week, we feature 5 of our favorite Porsches for sale. That post is sent out to our mailing list of more than 17,000 Porsche owners and fans and is seen by tens of thousands of other readers who visit our site directly. If you’re selling a Porsche on eBay and would like to see it featured here, just shoot us an email with the details and we’ll be back in touch. Otherwise, feel free to check out all the other eBay listings we have on our Porsches for sale pages.

1. 1967 Porsche 912 For Sale

I’m usually wary of vintage Porsches for sale at modern supercar dealerships, as this one is currently (and has been for several months) in inventory at Paramus Lamborghini. Usually it’s a sign that this has been treated mostly as an aesthetic show point, rather than flogged for the incredible driving machine it is. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. This is definitely a pretty car, and there aren’t many things I’d change about it, but caveat emptor, I suppose.

For more pictures, pricing, and information, check out the full listing on eBay

2. 1976 Porsche 912E For Sale

As the owner of an old and tired 912E, I can’t recommend them enough. This one has had a bit of cosmetic work with an RSR front bumper, a whale tail, and some fancy Fuchs. The listing states that the car has had its engine rebuilt to 2.1-liters and now makes use of carburetors, making the E-for-einspritzung not exactly true anymore. It looks like it might be an absolute riot to drive. Go give it a test drive. As good 914s explode in value, this might be the last affordable aircooled driving experience.

For more pictures, pricing, and information, check out the full listing on eBay

3. 1968 Porsche 912 Soft Window Targa For Sale

There is no better feeling available in motoring than that of wind through your hair. This 912 Soft Window Targa delivers that in spades, without sacrificing rollover protection. While the description offers no answers, this appears to be a European car, as it doesn’t have America’s 1968-only side reflectors. In 1968, the SWT was made optional, as the glass back Targas made their debut. If you wanted a soft window, you were mandated into a rear-seat delete, as the company no longer felt good about offering zero protection for rear seat passengers. This is a beautiful and rare example of one of my favorite Porsches of all time. Is it good or worth the money? Check it out for yourself.

For more pictures, pricing, and information, check out the full listing on eBay

4. Fully Restored 1966 Porsche 912 For Sale

Unless you’re in it for the « fun » of the experience, it is almost never worth the money to restore a car yourself. You’re pretty much always better off buying someone else’s restoration, so long as you can confirm that all of the work has been done correctly. If corners haven’t been cut, and the price is fair, you’ll come out ahead. This 912 has the 5-speed transmission, fog lights, and seat headrests, all of which make it a pretty rare bird. Do you need it? I know I do.

For more pictures, pricing, and information, check out the full listing on eBay

5. 1967 Porsche 912 For Sale

This one isn’t particularly rare or special, as there are many 912s like it. That said, I’m a sucker for Sand Beige.


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