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New 991.2 RSR Spied Testing at Monza—With a New Exhaust Note

A large part of the 911 RSR’s charm is the sound it makes. The sublime climb from a throaty growl to a screaming crescendo is something anyone can appreciate, provided their eardrums are functioning. For that reason, some will be disappointed to hear the Ford GT-esque bark the latest RSR emits from its side-exit exhausts. After a few laps, it becomes more interesting, but its comparatively dull exhaust note leaves something to be desired. In the video below you can see the new model testing alongside two examples of the one that Porsche has been running for two years.

The performance is impressive, however. This evolution of the Porsche GTE/GTLM car is compliant over the curbs and composed exiting Monza’s first hairpin. No wheelspin and remarkable stability at speed can be attributed to some of the visual changes from the previous generation. Lightly widened haunches cover wider rear wheels, a revised rear diffuser helps with more downforce, new larger intakes on the flanks feed a lot more air, and different skirts with integrated side-exit exhausts. It’s likely the diffuser pushed the exhaust away from the rear axle, just like it did the motor, which has been oriented midship in the 991 RSR.

Though the sound might not reverberate as nicely off the trees, the widened body is much prettier than the last.

The new tone is reminiscent of the 996 RSR, and a mild muffling has some wondering whether the new car is turbocharged. However, there aren’t any telltale whistles, flutters, or pops—just a flattened note. It might not be as pleasing to the ear, but it powers a car that is stunningly fast in all types of corners.


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