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Manthey’s Incredible GT2 RS MR Is Faster Around Portimao Than A 918 Spyder

In what might be Chris Harris’ best video yet, he guides us through one of the most incredible road cars ever—one which just beat the Holy Trinity of Hypercars by 2 seconds around one of the world’s most picturesque, most challenging racetracks: Portimao.

The Manthey GT2 RS MR—a name which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue—might be the greatest example of why money ought to be dumped into suspension, tires, and brakes if lap times are the real priority. It helps to have an excess of power from the factory, but these modifications only help the driver better exploit that frightening amount of thrust; Lars Kern describes the car: « It looks like a monster, but it’s not. »

The KW 3-way dampers are similar to the one used on Manthey’s GT3 R racecar, albeit with more spring rate for the heavier GT2 RS. Though not cheap, these iron out small surface imperfections, support the car as speed increases, and with a little less rake, help the car turn in. To be able to feed the wheel continually into the apex, without the rear trying to swap ends in the process, is part of what makes the MR magical.

« You can add lock; trail it in—always a problem in a 911, » Harris elaborates.

Michelin Cup 2 R tires, new brakes, and lighter wheels round out the modifications to the footwork. They make the entire difference slow-speed corners, and the aero tweaks help it in the fast stuff.

The aero mods include tiny canards which meet German TUV regulations, a different underbody floor, and aero curtains in the wheelarches. To balance the gain in front downforce, a gurney flap on the engine lid, different wing endplates, a larger wing at a steeper angle, taller wing supports, and a bigger diffuser adorn the rear. Do you feel these upgrades are worth $103,000?

The effect they have is visible from the footage, though. You can see how agile and planted the car is in the faster bends, where Harris is able to plant his right foot easily. However, when it does break away—as we see at 6:31—the car snaps in a big way. That is what happens when nipping at reasonably big curbs at speed, after all. Harris catches it masterfully, and then lets the cursing fly. At those speeds, it’s completely understandable. Had it been me, I would’ve expelled more than just profanity.

When nipping a tall curb at speed, the RS shows its fangs and snaps on Harris.


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