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Legendary Ohio Porsche Collection ‘Taj Ma Garaj’ Will Be Auctioned Off This Fall

On September 28th of this year, the famed Taj Ma Garaj collection of rare and oddball custom Porsches (and some Volkswagens) will cross under the gavel in a special RM Sotheby’s auction. The auction will contain 30 cars, but perhaps even more interestingly over 350 lots of rare Porsche automobilia! I once attended a PCA event held at the Garaj, and met the man behind the collection, John Dixon. He was a very personable man with a very interesting collection. Sadly, John lost his battle with cancer back in 2013, and the collection has been in limbo ever since.

Taj Ma Garaj Proprietor, John Dixon, Loses Cancer Battle (60)

There are a number of interesting lots in the collection sale listing, including John’s two prized 356s, the « sedan delivery » Taj Ma Garaj Kreuzer (shown above) and the Pre-A 356 Limousine Custom. There are some serious collector items there, too, including a 1957 356A Carrera GT Speedster, and a 1981 924 Carrera GTS. I recall the entire facility being packed front to back with Porsche memorabilia, so if there is something you’ve been looking to add to your collection, like an Arova-Porsche 212 Skibob, or a vertically mounted Porsche helicopter engine, or any number of posters, technical documents, and other ephemera, this is your chance.

The Uniquely Custom Porsche 356s of the Taj Ma Garaj

While the full listing of lots has not been released, RM Sothebys issued a teaser of the first few dozen lots that have been pre-announced to drive interest. You can check those out right here. Start thinking about booking your tickets to majestic Dayton, Ohio to get in on the collector frenzy. My hope is that some of John’s prized cars will continue to be available for others to view on a regular basis. If you’re lucky enough to win one of these lots, it would do well to drive them frequently, show them at multiple events, and maybe take some young impressionable enthusiasts for a ride or something. It would be in keeping with Mr. Dixon’s spirit.

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