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Is The 2020 Porsche 935 More Than A Pretty Face?

Porsche’s current king of the hill, the track-only GT2 RS-based 935, is the kind of thing that dreams are made of. With just 77 units built for worldwide consumption, not many of us will get the opportunity to wring this car’s neck. Especially when you consider the massive price tag that it comes equipped with. The big wing and slicks machine is race ready for a number of series around the world, including the SRO’s GT2 world championship, or just to be used as a rich person’s track toy, or tucked away in a collection never to see the light of day again. The third of those would be the greatest shame of all.

So what makes the 935 so great? Consider, if you will, that the rear wing is a little over 6 feet wide to provide the ultimate downforce. Or that the tail has been lengthened considerably to assist with downforce and aero efficiency as well. Look how much width has been added to the car! That translates to big grippy tires. Sure, it’s a visual throwback to the 935s of old, but it’s pretty damn cool taken on its own, as well.

Here’s a closer look at the 935 to give you a better idea what it looks like inside and out.

And if you’re so inclined to see what the 935 is like in a drag race against a McLaren 720S and a Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro, you can see that in the video below.


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